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Be Good to Yourself,
We washed the dates
In hepatitis A infected feaces
Yet all you can talk about is that particular Bastard state,
Not your own


All The Prime Minister's Men: AJE light up Sheikh Hasina's Tentacles of State Terror

Media coverage of Bangladesh is generally appalling for a number of reasons that aren't particularly empowering to retell, so I was happy to learn that the Al Jazeera Investigations team were releasing something which promised justice-making learning juice.

So many have been killed, injured, disappeared, bereaved, terrified, pauperised, stolen from and misled at this point that anything is welcome. I will comment on the programme as it unfolds into this world but for now please watch it for some insight into the devilish regime holding the futures of 160 million souls at gunpoint.

The mantras deployed by the powerful to make this go away are interesting to follow.

Government's rebuttal (1st Feb)

Blames Jamaat off the bat and goes at David Bergman for the actual crime of disputing Bangladesh war death numerology in a completely different document. Bangladesh is secular democratic development miracle, how dare you embarrass us in front of our development funders, property investment opportunities, gun runners and alternative citizenship providers.

Military rebuttal (3rd Feb)

Highlights include admitting poor due diligence and exposing their UN Peacekeeping gravy train.

Awami League next Generation critique of the documentary (5th Feb)

General Aziz's one time collaborator-turned-whistleblower 'Sami' makes his story known to the Bergman & Khalil News Company (7th Feb)

At least someone with a platform in Dhaka is seeing clearly and hasn't been terrified into a lobotomising stupor (10th Feb)

Prime Minister Hasina's Foreign Affairs Adviser Gowher Rizvi interviewed on DW (10th Feb)

Kanak Sarwar's very illuminating interview with writer retd Capt Shahidul Islam below ( Bangla) (15 Feb) A Must Watch

The unfortunate folks in charge of comms at Bangladesh Army HQ issue a fuller vituperative response  ( 16 Feb)


[New Word] Mixtrust

Realisation that these malevolent incompetent bastards are deadly, but there is much khayr in the mix, and that over-dismissal is deadly too.


[New Word] Gelatinated

That feeling when there's something you won't be able to have the pleasure of consuming, in this life.


Embarking upon a (Bengal) Famine Remembrance Month

More than 71 years ago millions of souls in Bengal were starved to death, past skin and bones. I do not believe that we collectively know and honour their humiliation and suffering in our spiritual, educational, creative and political lives. 

Racist colonial indifference and impoverishment of our ancestor's lives from the British Occupation, pettier power games, commercial interests and ecological issues collided to produce the greatest regional loss of life in considerable time. Many of the powerful structures and patterns at work during that Bengal Famine live on - the utter disregard for our people's lives displayed by government machines, corporate profiteering and the fear and close memory of destitution that have shaped features in our upbringings.

As the coronavirus threatens the lives of elders with closer personal access to those times, political despair grows deeper and the threats of human accelerated Climate destabilisation continue to manifest, the golden thread of our transformative process must be to build new and productive learning capacities and dispositions. 

White British Remembrances of war dead perform a role in the reproduction of a certain self image. My reflection isn't to call for the inclusion of colonially indentured fighters in that self-image but to address the wounds and scar tissues of colonial savagery, always.

So, at every staging ground on our journey, of formal education or otherwise, let us open our books and hearts at the Bengal Famine page of 1943


[New Word] ASlashing

A method by which a wide alliance of capital and colonial actors ensures political, economic and racial supremacy over you and those who dare challenge its unassailability.

See also, The Trope-a-Dope Technique


Covid Adaptation I

If over the next weeks and months we seek and commit to adapting the way we live and learn we will be safer.

Building practical social infrastructure
People around the world have been rendered disorganised and controllable by government lockdown politics. But we must find ways of organising and developing new methods of doing things together and relating.

HomeSchooling training
Most of us didn't tool ourselves up for this, but there are lots of resources and opportunities to share, sharpen and design in this space. There will be a discontinuity to the academic rhythm this year, prepare for it and use it to glide our learning relationships into a better place and mitigate the humanity deficit of most online provision.

Keep a diary about every interaction you have with public authorities, about your own experiments and experiences. It will be vital reflective leaning personally and record.  e.g. In the UK, what are your schools telling you, what has your experience of 111, the GP , housing authorities and others been like?

Vitamin D
Yes, big doses.  It wont wash away racism or move you to a bigger house, but its cheap and there are lots of benefits to it.

Dietary Transformation
Hard but battling every comorbidity has multiple benefits and the biggest wars are in the head.  I am told that Type 2 Diabetes is possible to reverse, especially if you are early on. Obviously this is even harder with older people. eg. Substituting brown rice for white rice. Shifting from south asian diet to mediterranean one.

Improving cleaning regimes
Far UVC is showing promise in becoming a relatively safe anti covid light source. Indoor Air quality improvers and instrumentation are particularly advanced in Asian cities and quite available.

Compensating the imperilled.
Every cleaner, deliverer,  driver, child minder, carer and tenant should be accorded increasing pay ( decreasing rent) , rahmah , protection and respect.

Just distribution of adaptation load.
A lot of these things could end up increasing the load on women, but that should be preempted. In the sense of the most marginalised having the biggest adaptation load, this is sadly the truth, but it can be mitigated by creative collectivism which is what community-wide adaptation is and why point 1 is where it is.


Ummahspectral Adaptation through Covidtude

Looking the wrong way down the colonial gun barrel, we can report that .... STOP oPRESS, White Supremacy Capitalism is deadly. Some must unravel that story in statistically significant detail just so we might have good sport watching white wingers try to wash them away with recommendations of socially distanced cod liver oil wrestling.

Unsafe in the knowledge that public, private and academic authorities will look out for themselves, we find ourselves in even greater need of a distributed and autonomous ummahstructures of dialogical learning and transformation. It is hard with complex life load to keep our ears, minds and hands open to changing threats, possibilities and even basic information. But that needs to happen anyway so best commit.

Oh Knower of Subtleties, Truly Majestic, Fashioner of Form and Everlasting, raise the victims of this disaster, console the mourning and teach us.


Covid-tude Resources Page

This is a resource page to help (me, maybe you?) navigate the knowledge ecology out there, synthesise and enact the best guidance, hidayat.

So many people are losing loved ones, falling ill themselves and we are generally being shielded/manipulated/harmed by non-neutral actors and structures responding to the emergence of this bewildering, deadly virus, in an already busy hazardscape.

It is like a huge involuntary Adaptation case study in the presence of collective grief, only its RealTime and cloaked in codes, uncertainties and contingencies.

Heart goes out to people in tough accommodation situations, the displaced, poor, elderly, at risk and all combinations. One particular Puzzle is adjusting policy and practices to enable the safety of multigenerational  (at least three generations) families in cramped accommodation.  Self isolation policy is murabbicidal for people in this group.

As well as regular disinfecting, good ventilation and extreme family self discipline we need well thought through and flexible options as well as enabling conditions for swift innovation.

Some questions
Why is the pricing of 'halal' (not tayeb) meat so high on the agenda of people?
What home adaptations are possible to make self isolation possible in such circumstances?
How many grandparent-children-grandchildren situations of crampedness are there in the country?
How might private and state sectors collaborate for rehousing solutions?
How adaptable are we going to be through this?
How are and how will coronitude combine with preventitude and climitude?
How have we contributed to our own non-adaptability and vulnerability?

Learning Resources
Dr John Campbell is an really wise educator who launches videos quite frequently that are accessible and informative in a multigenerational way.
3Blue1Brown is an epic youtube channel about physics and maths, which has prepared a very enchanting visual 'treat' called Simulating an epidemic.

Modelling Studies that have hit the news
Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID- 19 mortality and healthcare demand  from the Imperial College COVID 19 Response Team
Fundamental principles of epidemic spread highlight the immediate need for large-scale serological surveys to assess the stage of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, Laurenco et al AKA the Oxford One

Technical "fixes"

UVC light is lethal to viruses like Covid-19, but its harmful for untrained humans to handle and specific testing has a long way to go. UV light has a history as a germicide and a modern day air purifiers using this technique can be found if you can find and afford them (scale of cost hundreds of £). Emerging REHVA guidance suggests they may be of some use in breathing areas, but the industrial airconditioning lobby would say that right? In any case, public authorities, banks and hospital are using UVC lamps to disinfect public transport.

Socio-technical wisdoms
Sheila Jasanoff interview on Science Will Not Come on a White Horse With a Solution

Institutional Resources
UK Coronavirus Death Map from  Health Service Journal
World Health Organisation
Society of Critical Care Medicine
Oxford COVID 19 Evidence Service
REHVA COVID 19 Guidance - Federation of European Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Associations
CIBSE Journal - Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers


[New Word] Wancle

That brand of entitled humour rooted in anti auntyness, devaluation of their spirit, labour and a confidence that another Wancle will laugh.