So whats new Huh?

Well i spose i should start by being really greatful. Allah sorted it so my dreamy and ummahtic research is going to be fueled.

been dossing quite freely this week, perhaps a little to freely. need to get some discipline if i am to can this project in tim.

i hope this casual work one doesnt endup like the last 'work interlude'. the boss seems good natured, well mannered and actually interested in what i can do, which is a good sign. Only scarey thing is when people flatter you...beware

Things in Bangladesh are really kicking off now, Oppositions activists were bombed during a rally in Dhaka while protesting against getting bombed during a protest against 'tewowist phundamentawist, communal, corrupt, war cwiminal'

Many senior leaders were seriously harmed, but the Awami league Boss got home safely. The student wing of the party has gone beserk and are angrily setting fire to things averywhere. The leadership of the party hasnt wasted any time in pointing fingures and calling for the government to resign and call early elections.

Government needs to get a handle on the security situation in the country. This is humiliating for everyone.

world has gone mad, but we new that a long time ago. everyone has a stake and some political capital in violence. Lets hope this brings out the best in people and that the crimes can be dealt with in a just and swift manner.

Innalillahi wa innailayhi rajiun (Whatever comes from God, returns to him)

A vicous, atheist and rude bdeshi 'intellectual' died in his sleep earlier this week, I hope he sought forgiveness before his departure from this realm. His family were pushing the idea of his burial in a place of islamic and national prominence, Dhaka University mosque with Nazrul Islam the National Poet Thich was amusing because of his repeadet abuse of the Prophets and Islam in general through statements and writings during his life. the University said 'piss owf', but in more diplomatic and rational terms. I am sure his 'School of thinkers' will no doubt be miffed at his family's showing of residual muslim character. kinda defeats their cause, but i wonder if they saw such irony at all.

heres to depolarising Bangladeshi society!