Rudro and the production of Taslima

There's a familiar song in bangla by the late Rudhro Muhammad Shahidullah (d. 1991) known as "Amar Bhitore Baire" or " Bhalo Achi Bhalo Theko". The rendering in the clip below below has really caught me, from the dude's roommate tapping on his laptop in bed in the background, to the sincerity of his voice. I remember hearing the lyrics from cousins during trips to the Bangladesh in the 90s but have only come to think of them and their situatedness very recently.

The poet was an ex husband of the now notorious writer Taslima Nasreen (TN) and some say that this poem was his suicide note to her.

Thats enough to mess anything up.

Then I got thinking about the experiences that deshi society has given TN, the montage of framed action images that have (co)produced her. I wonder where the agency lay, in her or/and in the societal ecosystem around her.

Looking back at this and similar flashpoints the socially protective-reactive line of reasoning has dominated from what i can see. Forces to compound to power of the covering of truth.

A generative-tawhesive line of flight is what i'dlike


Transparency International Bangladesh - National Household Survey 2010

So people are slightly miffed at Transparency International Bangladesh's (TIB) national household survey which fingers the judiciary as a highly corrupt sector, along with land administration, tax and customs, . You can read the breakdown in the executive summary here.

I wonder if TIB had to pay the court to find a technical fault in the plaintiff's application.

TIB has influenced knowledge-making on corruption for a long time. It considers itself a social movement yet in many ways is a case in point of the problems of NGOisation. However, whats interesting is that the findings concerning the judiciary come at a time in which the Government of Bangladesh and others would like to project the integrity of its judiciary.

A few years after the Caretaker Government adventure, its annoyingly clear that corruption is the carte blanch that apathetics use to stop giving a stuff about Bangladesh and what the World Bank uses to discipline and institute micro-surveillance on the Government of Bangladesh. 'Civil' society and the military used corruption as an important plank in their argument for the caretaker government. Quickly corruption becomes a dominating buzzword of disempowerment.

Ranking and surveying perceptions and experience with numbers within a eurocentric framework promoting 'transparency' has an audience of its own. But decolonial corruptionology must have other dimensions, sociological (eg. late Husain Alatas), embodied ethical and imaginal. I'm wondering what it might be.


like you can vote this away!

"If the ruling party is truly sincere about translating its pre-election promises into reality, it would be well-advised not to repeat the wrongs of the previous government including politicisation of different educational institutions along partisan lines and disregard for the rule of law. Otherwise, the people will call it to account come the next general elections, just as they did the previous elected government in the last parliamentary polls. "

Said the New Age, as an ngo report reports that the judiciary is quite corrupt and as the awami government show disregard for basic legal norms, drunk on empowered vengeful rage.

The press thing that the 'axe' of public voting is sufficient to keep a government in check?

Its quite pathetic really, almost as dubious as the military-sushil care taker government's reasoning behind the minus 2 formula.

What needs to happen is for there to be mass disenchantment from the clientelist political parties and new disciplined ideological formations and parties. The intellectual class, who are busy cashing in on private university teaching, consultancy and being dedicated foreign puppets have no credibility any more and need replacement.

Now step away from the NGO and put your hands in the air.


RAB and wikiLeaks

The Rapid Action Battalion was set up by the recent past BNP-led coalition government, because it was thought that the existing forces of the country were unable to deal with law and order problems. Black bandanas, black dogs, girl RAB, black jeeps, black shades. Don't mess... unless you are the state, in which case they will do your bidding.

Crossfire killings occurred in plentitude, but the people - many of them - felt some protection from some of that everyday violence that they are subjected too and have become 'entitled to' expect. Shahidul Alam, a photographic artist did an exhibition of crossfire killings, much to the establishment's chagrin.

As the caretaker governments made way for the current Awami League regime, the organisation can be seen to have become more vulnerable to war on terror distorting field.

Its a disgrace that secular fundamentalists play up the 'islamist menace' in the country ahead of the everyday violence. Every body knows that the lions share of violence is committed by the main parties. As a distraction tool, I can totally see how internal muppets of various political stripings used RAB as a card to cushy up to the state terrorists that are the UK and the US.

So as whiteous indignation follows the Guardian spin of UK coalition support of RAB i do wonder how it has been coached and trained by the bastard forces of these here colonials. RAB is an instrument of the drunken awami league government  and its users now. Just like the human rights bitches for hire we see in Bangladesh, and much of the South, being so managerial in sanctioning who can be human and who cant.

RAB needs to cake a decolonial route, and promote life, not death. The Guardian needs to get over and temper its 'death squad' imagery, however sexy and latin american-CIA assisted it sounds. I suppose they are listening to partial voices from Bangladesh who are happy to decontextualise, amplify extra-judicial killing and silence the great social problem of violent crime and gangsterism.

UK taxpayers getting all hoity toity about the evil crap they sponsor overseas (iraq/afghanistan anyone?!?) seems pretty rich to me.They need to recalibrate.


Merry resistance and a decolonial New Year

Is it from the meat we eat?

Chicken Cottage, please continue,
To imbue, how far I am from true.

That which is lawful and good

That's what we are ordered to eat, and earn. Quranically, repeatedly.

Like in many areas of diasporic ritual practice, we seem to have ourselves convinced of the fiqui side of things, but abandoned the ethics of it. I really want some good meat. Vegetarianism alone is insufficient, I feel it virtuous but liberal abdication. This halal market lock in system needs systematic transformation.

This book on animal welfare by Al Hafiz Al Masri, one time imam of the Woking Mosque is a gem I must get hold of fully. Originally written in 1987, the Islamic Foundation republished it in 2007.

So what of halal (c), is it sufficient?

Its not just about the method of ritual slaughter (which is where a great deal of the whiteous indignation targets it wrath), but the entire end-to-end process including: rearing, husbandry, welfare, slaughter, packing, distribution, retail, disposal and consumption. Modernisation, commodification, urbanisation, migration and economisation seems to have squeezed the spirit our of how we eat.

The Serious Sausage Company  and  Willowbrook Farm are there already. I think the Canadians got there ages ago.

Bi ism Illah, (with)in the names of Allah. Such a beautiful sanctification. Living in the bi.

Wandering around central with some lovers recently I felt angsty at having just attended an intracommunity dialogue with Tariq Ramadan and Shayk Haddad discussing what islah could be, and the ensuing social negotiation of what dinner could be. It was a disembodying experience. MachoMeatPax.

The ummahood feels disembodied and disembowelled. We have been De-ganjed and thrown into megacities where industrial farming and mechanised farming are norms avoidable only with steel and resources. We must resist this detawherance because its causing hypocrisy. Tawherence being integrity between belief and practice.

The literal truth and the the logic of our embodied practice link (un)ethical consumption to perpetuation of (in)justice to ensuing human behaviour.



Unfair trials

Won't be fair.
At all.

I hope it wont be too humiliating to the innocent.
Be they those of the accused who are innocent or the emotionally exploited.

I wonder if there is anywhere they could be held that was fair and competant and encompassing of Pakistani and Indian actors?
Maybe the Hague?or would that be surrendering unto the rules and institutional integrity of pale males?

Shahriar Kabir certainly would think so.
Though I feel he is a crazy individual who undermines his Nirmulised cause.

Sometimes I wonder if a Bangladesh in 2051 might be in a better socio-judicial position to hold trials.
However even if the country was more secure with its self-narrative there would be problems with precise evidence, people alive enough to prosecute.

List making, a very bureuocratic process of identification and prioritisation.
Indeed the Volunteers' Collaboration and the Alliance of Liberation have that in common.

An unfair war crimes trial is not in my political aqeedah.
How useful are methods when there is no trust?

Systematic near historical analysis, spatialised, accomodative of different experiences and knowledges. Triangulating isnads.  Distillation and repudiation of common manifest error. Numeracy and precision.
Forensic DNA linking of defeated armies, all is possible if there is trust.

The World Bank and the Climate Change Adaptation Fund

At the recent COP-16 climate talks in Mexico, the western powers (Europe, Japan and US) made their World Bank trustee of the Adaptation fund. Apparently a status to be reviewed in 2011. http://unfccc.int/cooperation_and_support/financial_mechanism/adaptation_fund/items/3659.php
(Not having access to  a TV wasnt a problem because democracy now! covered i the fortnight long conference quite well)

The World Bank is a profit seeking, local expertise decimating, unimaginative Bretton Woods institution that probably should have been kicked into last century. They get things very wrong with great frequency and their consultants absorb much of any proported financial benefit that proport to supply.

Much work needs to be done in exposing the bank's total inadequacy for the job. Its hard because there are more people working for the Bank, than against. Let alone for its superscession.

On the other hand leaders of many of the desperate at-risk countries are going to be running with open arms at this new apparent cash cow. Cash which has strings. Efforts need to be made so they negotiate most powerfully in their society's interests and promote their own ways of knowing instead of the ways that got us into this problem in the first place.

The common sense that must be broken is that which says that the countries on the periphery and semi-periphery do not and cannot have the social-political and technological capacity to adapt to the impacts of Climate Change.

This common sense inhibits the development of a truly multiversity of soci-technical  profusion and promotes certain pretty alienating ways of doing technology.

Outsource eyes, play,  mind and hand. Bring in the consultants, bypass local expertise. replay argument about limited local capacity.


a wikileak on bangladesh

Now that the Guardian, uk 'gatekeepers' for the drip release of the leaks has released one random  comm from Bangladesh. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/us-embassy-cables-documents/106051

here's a bit.

5. (C) The U.S. and UK could help India by pressing Bangladesh to open its economy and trade, Kumar suggested. Companies such as Tata, which have made efforts to enter the Bangladeshi manufacturing market, are reporting to Kumar that the CTG is impeding its entry into Bangladesh. Kumar said he has met with representatives of the Asian Development Bank, who have been positive regarding the potential for infrastructure projects in the region, but in terms of assisting with India-Bangladesh trade have only suggested some smaller connectivity projects.

1983 more to go.



The Jody McIntyre interview - BBCs disgrace, plain for the fair of mind to see.

This footage shows Jody McIntyre, a student with cerebal palsy being dragged from his wheelchair by police during the fees protests of last week. which had the newly tory right thinking public up in arms against the students.

The absolutely outrageous bbc presenter then accuses of thowing concret blocks at police.

Incredible how the bbc has become fox, pretty much over night


The Friends of Design: The Pilgrimage

This is the first single off their debut eponymous album. see www.fernmind.com for lyrics, tafsir, purchasing details.


Victory for coalition double-glazing salesmen " no up front cost, you'll be better off, offset your

So thats it? £9000 per year to study in the UK. Only half of the lib-dems rebelled in the end., with several foetal and ethnic minocrity tories jamming up the commons to impress their leader.

A horse reportedly threw off its policeman rider outside, horsemen were being deployed against students and pupils in the 'containment zone'. How fitratic.

Some of the protesters have crossed limits, and the bbc is appearing more and more like Fox News presenting and amplifying the student menace with slavish repetition.

Keep calm and carry on, the logic of cuts. We deserve these reductions in services of course, because of the deficit, which has nothing to do with the bankers.

Looking at the commodification thinking and cuts logic unfolding in this parliamentary (non)debate and the climate negotiations you get the sense that the future generations are being sold down several rivers.


wikileaks spin

Interesting how the usual suspects are spinning the wikileaks drip feed, and also how similarly paypal and amazon are jumping to obey the donkey's bray of US state terror.

'Clearly the Arabs are with us on any further violence we inflict on Iran'
'Clearly China's only got lowly financial interests in geopolitics'
'Isnt Israel just great?'

In the words of Ismail Patel, "You belly dancing Arab leaders"

Its like a game of American whispers. But who really cares?


Civil War amongst Muslims in uk due to prevent malarkey: hmmm

Shayk Micheal Mumisa writes in the Independent. Sectarianism hasnt really been a problem ive faced in life, but at certain levels of institutions I guess it hurts. Its sad, really sad how many organisations have taken prevent money. Its harmed them and made me feel distant from them, even if i love them.

I guess old tensions have created the conditions for opportunistic extremism pointing. The salafis have suffered injustices from the lips of 'Sufis'. A vivid example of extremism pointing was the shooting of Abdul Kahar, someone had a grudge, and decided that it would be a good idea to translate the grudge with the logic of the twisted west's war on 'terror'.

Maybe the Prevent programme and the imaginary war against terror has been purifying for the ummah. We see who dances to imperialism's tune and we discard them from our future. We also see who is brave enough to look at the issues from our own frames of reference with autonomy and oomph. History has been made.

Sectarianism hasnt been a part of my life perhaps because im Bengali and Sunni, we have little history with barelvi/deobandi fault lines, nor a particularly clear shia/sunni identity politics. Of course we have our own specifically stupid fault lines which are routinely massaged with salt by blue meanies. But religiously its not really affected me as I've grown up in a polycultural reality and aim for intra ummahtic interoperation and formal institutional evasion.

I am heartened by the growing realisation amongst the Islamically Moved of today that financial inducements from the state will not earn you any kudos or legitimacy within the ummahstructure, nor will they essentiall achieve anything.


Cancun Climate negotiations

The 16th Conference Of the Parties (COP-16) will unfolde over the next two weeks and give us an idea of the changes in tactics, power and possibly thinking amongst actors and actresses on climate change issues.

You can follow the bureautics here if you like.

I'm concerned about how new financing methods for adaptation would enable/disable decolonial technological transformation. I'm interested in how knowledge will advance through multiversal investigation on the big social, physical, philosophical and political aspects of all that in Climate Change.


Support the protesting students.

Support the protests of a generation denied the fruits of their parents labour. they are their mother,s labour, they who grew near to maturity with a target of university, and the target moved.

Apparently there are better things to spend GDP on than education. My freind got kettled with what was essentially a bunch of school kids. NS write up is here

"No plan B" say the worthless VCs.
What are you, a bunch of CEO's? You aren't, because if your were you'd show some testicles.

"If they got jobs they wouldnt need to worry" says a greying man in a car.

"Oh well they are dumbing everything down in the name of access, we cant afford that. Only people like me should have the means to go to university. "e are self made meritocrats", say those who most resemble me.
  • Fight this trend in the most tenacious and creative ways.
  • Educate pre uni kids in the alternative uni paths in other countries (ireland, asia, europe)
Future protesters would do well to find ways of demonstrating that cant be subverted by kettling. Better internal communication, self organising (of course :-P ). Kettling pretty much ruined the flow and interconnection of the G20 protests in 2008. Now its back.

but the people kettled are the future nonetheless


City of Fear

A dispatches documentary which aired on Channel 4 last night.

Its a view of the bereaved victims of suicide bombings in Islamabad in recent years, including one ar the Islamic University. Shows the english speaking police meeting and talking to cameras which felt unusual, but it is Islamabad, the admin capital.

Anybody remember Karachi cops?

Such a documentary would not have been aired in Pakistan, but was tailored for the UK audience. Struck me how the scale of the problem is so different in Pak. I'm used to hearing twisted BS in the UK and secularist opportunist idiocy in Desh amplifying and blamestorming. Lots of heat and no light.

The UK, and the west in general simply use the violent threat as a legitimation tool, ploughing large amounts of resources into a peripheral physical threat. However, cities of Pakistan, mosques, universities, international 'development' institutions etc. face these threats continually.

This reality really puts whiteously indignant complaints about Pakistan and TWAT into perspective.

The situation and experience frames the fanatic problem differently. Duas to folks figuring out what is going on, avoiding the self serving logics churned out by the extremism policy industry and its clients.

And acting to complete a vision of a country that promised so much more.


Panorama by John Ware - British Schools, Muslim Rules

The development of autonomous and awesome Islamic educational facility is important. Translating a dream into an institutional reality is difficult though. Confounding factors for UK experimentation and consolidation include some important internal, external and boundary issues. Last night's Panorama/Policy Exchange Report/Govism gives a good picture of the external posture.

It was like riding a poorly conceived rollercoaster through a car crash.

The concept appeared to be to string together wierd exceptions to 'prove' a general rule and propel idiotic Policy Exchangism into policy and public conciousness to justify a new Due Diligence Unit in the Department for Education, castrate/frustrate Islamic institutional possibilities and assert a peculiar idea of 'narrative of british patriotism' into educational reproduction.

In late 2010 how much rehashed, soap operatic footage can you broadcast on Panorama and maintain journalistic credibility? Some of the stuff John Ware cut and pasted together was 8 years old!  I am not a particular fan of Shayk Haytham Haddad, but the randomly edited snippet shown of him from the internet, used to denigrate a primary school in ilford (he spoke at one of their fundraising dinners) was really telling. The method known as 'guilt-by-interpolating-levels-of interdependancy-that-dont-stand-up-to-scrutiny-but-prey-on-peoples-ability-to-forget-and-be-superficial'.

This particular specimen 'recruits' a young saudi to go 'under cover' to find some books for his brother. In another act of credibility raising, he drives to Liecester, parks outside an institution, pervily captures lots of footage of young niqabis and goes on the internet to check a fatwa website. jeepers.

How can you talk segregation and fail to mention the power differentials. Why do so many Muslim parents feel that white british institutions are so exclusivist and unresponsive? Is it a mistaken perception?

BTW. Who goes to saudi run supplementary schools anyway?

Internally i feel its sad at how idealistic and intellectually able folks end up bogged down in administration and conservative forces when they start working in Islamic Schools.


Imam Razi and Akhlaqi Londoni

Went to an introduction to tafsir course in the weekend. One of the scholars that came up was Imam Razi, a Persian Muffassir. His arabic text is here if that helps.

Anyway, a translation of his works on ethics has been scanned and posted up on that wonderful repository Muslim Philosophy. I am looking forward to going through it, a friend just returned Aklaqi Nasiri, which was amazing.

I once had an ambition to commission/produce an Akhlaqi Londoni, a substantial and systematic socio-spiritual tome of practical ethics in the here and now. Its like noah's ark out there. Creative, generative guidelines for principled dealings with Allah, people and the world. Its what Tariq Ramadan calls for quite repeatedly but its difficult to embody. Embodiment in practice is how we've proceeded traditionally. I wonder if anyone out there is doing it and writing it.

I wonder how the contents page would read.


Moronarchy in the Desh

Hasina Wajed, the PM, kicked Khaleda Zia, the ex-PM, out of the cantonment house and has planned to distribute surrounding plots to the families of those killed by the BDR Mutineers.

Its one of those things that makes you want to eat your own face.

The opposition is pretty weak right now, this might put some emotional energy back into them, what with the evictee's tears and the general indignity of it all. But its not exactly government toppling, let alond government supersceding.

which leads me on to the need for further and active withdrawal of social support for the three main parties in bangladesh and concentration of alternate political strategies.



Is the realm of learning and action focussed on evolving sacred built environments. Sacred environments in secular hegemonies, hostile and depleted, unabluted. Environments where the institutional dream is pinned in a corner by officialdom and our own present limits.

Masjidology is at the confluence of the religious, social and physical. It is not defined in architecture. Everyday and practical matters of shoe storage, wudhutech, parking and zoning are part of this great activity. And the bonds between people are more important than the bricks and mortar or the external beauty of the structure.

The body is after all a husk.

Masjid, a place of prostration, where human pride is pressed upon the ground in humility. The whole world is a masjid.

Markaz, madrassa, imambara, musafirkhana, khanqah, maktab, and new others we havent experienced yet. Masjidology is sensitive to institutional diversity and creativity.


mock climate change trial by bangladeshi development industry

The Daily Darkness Reports:

Another climate change contrivance
Some pornographic technocratic theatrix

Complete with sustainable livelihood cabal
And carefully handpicked subaltern ganj pals

Awami beholden unimportant british mp
Token affirmative action alabi api

Appeal to whitey internationalist imagination
Sucking the teat of mother disinvention.

Behold this disgrace and gherao these poor fools
Misleading gatekeepers essentially mules.


Stabbing for Justice in Iraq

I do honestly wonder when it was that Anwar al Awlaki transformed from public islamic scholar into 'preacher of hate' and 'AQs spiritual leader in yemen'. Following the train of whiteous indignation doesn't really help. I want to know what flipped his switch or is this a category error. You see he is not in my cross hairs, my hairs do not meet in a cross. Yet I am cross.

One cannot take imperial labelling at face value, either. I pity the jury that has to made head or tail of these matters. Their every judgement will probably be unjust and wrong. I think some of the answers to these questions will be found in the heads of white people interpreting 4 lions and in the closed environments of jury deliberations of certain criminal cases.

Which is why the case of the Stephen Timms MP stabber is interesting. As well as being a sad and pathetic waste of talent, it defies the gender/discipline/race characterisation of the 'al kaida inspired'. That is assuming that listening to al awlaki on youtube is 'self radicalising'.

Where does her responsibility start and end? Anwar al awlaki is held responsibly for this specific act as a youtube video was viewed.

Roshanara C is going to spend a lot of time in jail. British MPs who aided and abetted the destruction of iraq will spend no jail time. They are shielded from accountability and justice by moronic force fields that I cant quite fathom.

Arguments, if you could call them arguments, of 'We didnt know it would end up like this' bleed into arguments of 'Saddam was worse' and 'How is this helping iraq?'

Meanwhile, theres an interesting Turkish film out in a couple of days.


Bengal famine 1943: Churchill's role

Churchill's Secret War by Madhusree Mukerjee (2010)

Is a tome that I am anxious to get my hands on, concerning Churchill's role in the colonially produced atrocity that killed off an estimated three million Bengali people during the 2nd world war. There also the not so small matter of the role of Churchill, the power holder and the rascist mediating the political negotiations for post british India and Pakistan. In the post book analysis, and british counter attack, some interesting questions are raised over the actual benefit of Churchill's existence.

The Famine and other matters lead me to beleive that the British ego and people have been fed a valourised picture of Britain's actions and significance in World War 2.

Here are some resources:

Outlook India article

Independent (London) Review
Hindu (India) Review
Max Hasting's Review in Sunday Times
BBC India Coverage

Dharti ke lal, film by Khwaja Ahmed Abbas (1946)
Ashani Sanket, film by Satyajit Ray (1973)

Making the hidden story of the East India Company visible.

If you are deshi, interested in history and serious engagement with the present and possible futures of our communities, you may have heard of the activities of The Brick Lane Circle over the past years (if not decades). Its a tawhesive (unifying) platform attracting academics, activists and people of pretty much all ideological, ethnic and generational hues to qualitatively deepen eachother's perspectives on issues relating to Bangladesh and Bangladeshi people in the UK.

It is a precious and autonomous institutional resource which would be nice to see translated elsewhere.

Recently BLC's Battle of Plassey Young People's Project published a neat book of essays by young deshis in the UK. a new website building on this resource is based here.


MCB Soundings: Beyond Race and Multiculturalism?

A recent special issue of Prospect magazine pre-echoed Angela Merkels recent monocultural remarks and raised the flag of multiculturalism is dead and that munira-culturalism is the future.

Some academics, activists and artists have mused on the issues here. It's a growing resource to access some non-scripted reflection in the midst of the ignorance-led, homogenising and emotionally capitalist public discourse of 'post-multicultiralism' that we find ourselves surrounded by in the UK.

Making Land in Bangladesh

The Urir Char land reclamation project has risen in priority and reduced in financial and political costs over recent decades. New Age covers it here.

May we learn from it in social ways
May it herald new ways of becoming
And Nurture national, local technological mojo.
May there be no water logging
May they refrain from calling it something awami like

This Eid you decide...


Tower Hamlets Mayoral Election Result

Crybabies who squeal 'Islamofascism' to curry favour with allies who mean no good should not be allowed to prosper. You, Native Informant, yes you, you should win a prize. Look at the monster you have fed in the white is right backlash. Accept your loss, move on.

Alleged election game irregularities aside. We need to ensure that stupid schisms in Bangladesh politics do not penetrate our generation of political culture. We have great political traditions, but not of recent generations, lets skip it please. The Secularist-Islamist polarity is a useless one which doesnt need to exist, it empowers the imaginationless and the cynical exploiters of the spoils system that is Bangladeshi Moronarchy. It is redundant for us, yet continues to reproduce itself in us in a small borough of Tower Hamlets, and by extension the Glorious Sylhatians of Britain. I am glad that this incursion seems to have lost the latest electoral negotiation.

In desh, they (political and intellectual classes) havent really gotten very far in developing beyond year jiro jionijom, military nationalism and a motheaten limited islamism 1.0. Its developmentia I think, and our failings.

We've gotten really good at nose counting forms of political mobilisation since the early 2000s, but this needs to be re(de)fined. Rudeboyness fused with conservosocialism is eclectic, but not beautiful.


Transformative islah

It was ummatography in fallible human action. Ex-isocers with longitude, creating a space for intra-community dialogue, with Tariq Ramadan and Haytham Haddad the two discussants and the Greek tortoise trying his best to best them into clarity.

It was generally a light touch grounded sahaba massive type audience, evenly split between the genders with the boys on the hairier side. A very different crowd from the Oxford event where Tariq Ramadan was twinned with Hamza Yusuf.

Will add to this post later when I am not sitting in the dark, but it was an odd experience for me, meeting old acquaintances, remembering thought patterns that possibly predominate in the real community and generally being frustrated with where everyone is at. TR makes more sense in this situation. CRG even more so.

Was proud that these guys are community funded, good for their sustainability and iA the fulfillment of their desired goals.


A Directive to the Diasporas of Dinia from the Dadi land

What happened to you kids?

We have a few matters to relate to you,

for continuity and memory

We notice you becoming a liability

Ethnic minocrity, through white mimicry

And money

Wet those roots,

Cultivate green shoots

Obliterate all ivy

This is not a race to bigger houses and cars

and golf.


a declaration of war against the present age

Fashionista Flood Relief Crap

You know how sometimes you can bump into people that you forgot existed? well I have had one of those moments and it makes me sick to remember.

All hail Fashionista Flood Relief

Brown Shallowness and Developmentia rolled into one. But in a mediocre lame kind of way that is characteristic of the time and place we find ourselves in.

Never mind I tell myself, an irrelevance. Today Rais Erdogan was there REALLY embodying solidarity and people-to-people assistance.



Shariati as a rousing whistle

I don't know what will happen when I die;
Of what use will be the ground wherein I lie.
If a potter could make something of this clay,
Then this is what I would sincerely pray -
That my throat become a whistle for a child,
Mischievous, rebellious and wild,

Who would blow it without ceasing, with such zest
That he'd rouse the sleeping people from their rest;
Who would fill my throat again with his own breath,
And end the awful silence of my death.

Dr. Ali Shariati (trans: Bartlett)


The Quran, it is a producer of meaning.

If you have some time, 100 minutes or so, and a hunger for unsheathing the meaning of the Quran, take some time out to listen to these two lectures on The Quran in its Historical Context by the Late Nasr Abu Zayd and Dr. Soroush at Notre Dame (some us university) last Spring.

Its exiled Egyptian rationalist meets post revolutionary Iranian philosopher. Only in the US, not Istanbul.

there is a good Dr Soroush English language resource library online.

Also have been gettign into the thought of Ali Shariati, who at first estimations looks to embody much Ganj Spirit and epitomise cultural J. Very perplexing ideas of Tawhid , Shirk and Hijra though.


(arse)Holbrooke asks Moni for troops in Afghanistan, the bloody cheek!

The US Occupation forces of Afghanistan have requested troops from Bangladesh to cover their arses while the US leaves.

The foreign minister promises more talks, the oppositions advise against and the Taliban issue a warning (dunno if its really them, or just some US 'intelligence' website picked up by the Daily Star).

The hand it over to 'Islamic Countries' withdrawal strategy narks me off for a number of reasons.

The invasion of Afghanistan was wrong and hasnt been apologised for. The regressive part of the West has done what it does best, messed things up in a vain attempt to reproduce itself in every nation. Human rights is a bloody two faced lie of an excuse and occupation is NOT an appropriate means to prosecute a transnational criminal investigation.

Will this Bangladesh government try to curry favour with the US by collaborating with them in some heinous way? I hope not, because it cannot generate any essential value.

I read the end bit of the Daily Star article where partisan hack Shahriar Kabir talks of tying up loose ends from the Afghan jihad in Bangladesh. Then I imagine between the lines. Secular social forces from Bangladesh do not presently welcome open collaboration from allies overseas to prosecute their common agendas, it loses them local credibility, their preference is other means, including:
  • developmentia,
  • intelligence support,
  • assassination, and
  • defamation.


Anatomy of a Rudeboy

Fried chicken, football and (degenerate) hip hop do not a rudeboy make.
However they are easily identifyable features of:
  • eating
  • tribal idling, and
  • cultural sub-literacy

De rudeboyification is a challenge of our times. lest our communities be defined by Ch(av)asians, innit girls as well as Brown Sahebs.

Imagining a Quit Afghanistan Movement

Having rained down hot metal and 'rights-based approaches' on the people of Afghanistan, the occupying powers mull over how to blunder onwards. Uncounted occupees have been killed, and a few occupiers too, their obituaries and causes well documented, qualified and quantified for the nationalism industry back home.

I wonder how the political initiative could be seized from these dinosaurs. And momentum built to draw an indelible, jagged decolonial line through the arrogant ideas, personalities and institutions through the Empire's Millenium Destruction Goals.


Acounting for the reproduction and amplification of bias, and proportioning responsibility in the courts of the irresponsible

Now find me a method amidst this great madness
To calibrate our misgoverned and exploited senses,
Lay seige to immoral established defenses,
By dispensing justice through progressive tenses


Against the NGOisation of Ummahtic Mojo

Its inspiring and heart warming that social engagement is on the increase. However, I feel so is development delusionalism amongst our people. I probably share it.

Just like we do not need to prove ourselves not to be paedophiles and register on naff 'mentoring schemes' to be effective brothers and sisters to our youth, we do not need to create development industry NGOs to affect transformation in our societies, at home and abroad.

We can construct alternative, superior arrangements for Islah. We are.

Some reasons to seek alternative means to development industry NGOs.
  • They depoliticise people and problems, stifling the development of powerful, internally fueled socially valued positive change.
  • Subverting the development of an effective state with their sticky plaster/intravenous drip approach they legitimise hegemonic homogenising secular liberal ideology through an NGOised class of people. Without foreign funds they wouldnt have the ability to do operate.
  • They most often appeal to values drawn from imperial global frameworks and the unjust status quo, not necessarily local history, dignity and aspiration.
  • Are essentially distractions from whats real and lend their adherents a dangerous sense of righteousness and practicality.
  • Erode the basic human skill of social discernment, the ability to identify whats wrong and respond with heart, tongue and hand, without need for an intermediary.
  • Create power complexes which are in turn unjust, unearned and uncontestable.
  • Have played a critical role in the establishment of a multibillion dollar industry that perpetuates the problems it publically seeks to address.
  • Work contained in corporatised, managed projects is often inflexible to local reality, "Plough your field with this lollipop brother".

Some reasons to not be so harsh on NGOs and their people
  • It is difficult to imagine how to act collectively outside them.
  • They provide facility girls with opportunities they might not otherwise have.
  • 'They do a lot of good work'.
  • They employ a lot of people, including graduates, who otherwise might be un(der) employed.
  • Many do good work and its important to be able to tell.
  • Getting involved with the state is LONG.
  • We may not have the symbolic power, trust and connections to pursue alternative means.
  • They are drenched in an intoxicating vocabulary of virtue.
  • Large ambitions of decolonisation, autonomy and systemic supersession are not always shared by people who unpretentiously want to 'do good'.


Tarawih with the Trees

It was a chilly night, but a great night in Mile End Park. We gathered between Burdett Road and Canal Road, north of the the path crossing the park and the canal, a little south of the grassy bridge over Mile End Road. Behind that eatery formerly known as Halalianos.

Londonistan was pre-occupied: with being familial, fundraising for a visionary new mosque for Cambridge, flood victims, Iftaring in other Parks, Tarawihing in the Built Environment and commemorating the death of Imam Ali (ra).

Yet a Jamat gathered for this 'Tarawih with the Trees'.
Allahumma accept our devotions and annihilate our pretentions.

The trees framed our space, a mihrab fit for Revelation. Horse chestnuts decorated the floor. It was as if we were wrapped in a semi-permeable membrane of His creativity, ruptured by the sounds and dancing lights from the roads and drunken Muslim youth of East London.

Our Imam's drew from The Cow, The Inevitable and the Last Chapter. And we gave thanks for His blessings, prayed for his forgiveness and called on His names on a night of possible Power, without amplification or fuss.

We think we were able to find some Taqwa amongst these Trees and hoped to meet again to continue our journey, most probably on Friday.

Tarawih with the Trees is one collective worship act in a series, around the theme of Fasting not Feasting.


[New Word] Yaarmy

There is a feedback loop amongst some of my brothers,

The country is dominated by the army, I will not invest in politics. I can rely on the competance of the army. The country is dominated by the army, I will not invest in politics. I can rely on the competance of the army. The country is dominated by the army, I will not invest in politics. I can rely on the competance of the army. The country is dominated by the army, I will not invest in politics. I can rely on the competance of the army. The country is dominated by the army, I will not invest in politics. I can rely on the competance of the army. The country is dominated by the army, I will not invest in politics. I can rely on the competance of the army. The country is dominated by the army, I will not invest in politics. I can rely on the competance of the army. The country is dominated by the army, I will not invest in politics. I can rely on the competance of the army.


[New Word] Egotesticle

When we lock ourselves into a train of thought that goes like this

( ( ( ((((((((((ccoo...................

Naturally there are also Egovaries, but those are another matter that this keyboard cant express.


Ansar 2.0

Ramadan has begun.
Welcome, so glad you could make it.
We head towards Planet Taqwa, from wherever we might be.
Care to suggest a heading?

Asian weather systems are behaving in a bizzare fashion, subjecting its societies to conditions which are waaay out of the ordinary. Extreme flooding has displaced an estimated 10% of Pakistan's population, heatwaves and fires cloaking Moscow for days in a 40 degree BBQ and drought in Bangladesh severly impacting agriculture.

One big qustion that I wish I knew the answer to but havent recieved a decent answer for is.

You are from Pakistan and slightly clued up about it, about postcolonialism, developmentia, politics of aid, TWAT politics, Ummahtic mojo et al, so what do you recommend we do for the sisters and brothers afflicted in Pakistan?

DEC donations, else personal networks of khedmat. Duas.

Emergencies often cause people to throw all tentatively held principles out of the window and opt for the most seemingly actionable. Hence the radical pan asian arts movement holding a fundraising film night in ramadhan.

Yet what would be better?

We know that The Man is all over our money networks and every transfer out of whitey approved channels runs the risk of being impounded. US drones are targetting flood victims while their sister vehicles 'help' the pakistan military conduct relief ops. The Pakistan Taliban urges the rejection of USAID, while Sloane Ranger Apa uses allegories of dying men and 'get in there before the taliban to'.

Allah protect them. Make us adequate Ansar.


The Masses against the Glasses

"The masses wont get it", the friend responded, as I flung some pretty awesome/kooky ummahtic material upon her eyes. I wriggle, "Why must masses be the ones who are 'targeted' and constitute the quality controllers of Cultural J?".

These are the same assumed quality controllers who have co-created, as religious consumer groups, the syncretic cocktail of Londonistani tendancies so far. Lets give the public credit. These objections aren't real, they are figments of our unimaginations fashioned through experiences with folks who have been institutionalised in a certain way.

So lets keep it real, as we say so often. For the Haunting Masses.

Who remembers the Self-Salafizing Sepoys and the Personal Piety Police? Or the Hate-hungry Hizbi Havildars and the (wait for it) Indefatigable Injured Ikhwanis? Well thankyou, you are all in my head now. Be my guests, but I have to invite many more. Who knows you might even get along.


Poernomo Gallery

Linking you to the art of Soerodipoero 'Paul' Poernomo. A Javanese Muslim who chained himself to a Post Office building in the centre of Melbourne in the early 70s and fasted for 40 days and nights to raise awareness of the starvation in Bangladesh.


Book Banning Festival in Bangladesh

We are dealing with the Defence and Promotion of deen, life, progeny, dignity, intellect and property. Not human rights incorporated, freedom of speech wont feed my children, just brings heart disease and bootleg clothing.

The Matter at hand
The late founder of Jamat e Islami and writer Syed Abu Ala Maududi's publications are coming in for a new kind of attack from the Government of Bangladesh these days. It has banned his books from libraries, officially 'for Islam' and 'against extremism'. Actually it was for a couple of other strategic and tactical reasons: political vendetta, geopolitical sock puppetry and ideological opposition.

It is a ridicuous proposition. Blaming Maududi for any particular category of violent criminality in Bangladesh is like blaming Peter Gabriel for the technocratic commodification of multiple musical traditions for the white (sorry) ear that is 'World Music'. As the late awesome sociologist of the resurging world Syed Husain Alatas might have put it, 'somewhere along the line, a fool had left the imprint of their brain.'

I have a few meals of consider upon hearing this news.

1) The wealth, health and beauty of Islamic thought and practice across South Asia, or Dinia, but specifically Bangladesh.


2) What on earth these Awami Leaguers and supporters are playing at. The meals are two because the banning group, unfortunately, is not really interested in the first meal. It seems, officially at least, genetically incapable of talking to the first meal.

Googling around I found several kinds of responses online. They represent the circuits of people who use internet technologies rather than anything particularly intelligent and penetrative. The press in Bangladesh is under pretty strong government disciplining on these matters, but lets wait a couple of days before writing it of as completely in the pocket. This Dawn editorial is the most sensible response ive heard (yet).

On a rather salafi forum some of the more naive people brought up some of Maududi's pronouncements on Dajjal to shoo him away from their professed claim to authenticity. Is there a word to combine cute and cruel?

A rather poisonous brownsaheb blog claimed this a historic first for any government and ranted politically and selectively to promote the general ethos of the move, whilst qualifying ever so slightly that the move was wrong according to orthodox secular liberal doctrines.

A pakistani military wannabe forum of testosterony south asian willy-wavers hosted a much wider range of views, pretty loopy but interestingly covering quite a lot of bases.

Deshi blogs are unsympathetic to Maududi. Their access to him, Political Islam and Jamat-e-Islami through history is through the discursive traditions of war crimes, Bangladeshi foundationalism, student warfare and near historical construction/editing of curricula, culture and creativity.

Its all 'exciting' to listen to, perhaps even pornographic, but doesnt really address meal 1,which i recomend non-secularist deshi ummahtantrics focus on. Indeed the real blandness of the second meal points to meal 1

Enough with the firefighting.


The french lower self lowers itself, liberal sercularist counterparts in the UK applaud the chance to hate on niqabis


'I am not defending the ban, but I agree with the sentiments behind it. ' was the general vibe.

Very strange, never realised how dogmatic, emotional and irrational these self proclaimed defenders of 'Enlightenment Incorporated' could be.

Salutations to Bobby Sayyid for having a go!



In the rush to talk to government the umbrella organisation seems to have skipped over something far more interesting than talking to technocratic white men, that is weaving the ummatic mosaic together. What I mean is that basic stuff which you'd have thought forged the basis of an Ummahtic MoU.

The shared university experience has gone some way as to recosmopolitanising the musalman, but onlyamongst the few who got there.

Guys, find the way and the time, despite working life.

Dokhol time in Bangladesh

Having projected itself as a secular-cum-liberal-cum-subservient-cum-nominally-lefty political party to the powers of the West for a number of year and as the bulwark against 'Islamic fundamentalism' in Bangladesh, the Awami League now has unbridled state power and is reproducing itself with it in every way that it can imagine. Airports, bridges, public bodies, lynch mobs, campus mobs and illegal occupations (dokhol) of property that would make a Zionist blush. It is brutish, thuggish and will respect/tolerate no opposition.

This force can dominate Bangladesh because,
  • the competition is inadequate.
  • the public are gullible.
  • democratic practice has brought the worst out in the people.
  • the national mythology is locked into a perpetually degrading loop.
  • it takes a national re genesis event to stamp a new political imprint on the country.
  • many of the people who should be imagining better and beyond the secular boundary are otherwise occupied, dead or buried.

Where to start?

The Awami league government in bangladesh has prepared a kangaroo court for some of its political enemies from Jamat Islami Bangladesh. Great emotional weaponry and evidence propagation has preceded these official actions.


A great deal of criminal activity was committed during the three/four way war for Bangladesh.

I say three/four way because you have sovereignty splitting at some stage and multiple official actors.

Firstly, pro liberation forces of Bangladeshi/Bangalee minus Bengali identity.
Secondly, there are the Pakistan forces
Thirdly, the Indian forces helping proto-Bangladesh
Fourthly, the pro-Pakistani forces within late east Pakistan and early Bangladesh.

Group 1 is now after the remnants of Group 4. Group 1 declares its interest is in War Crimes and Justice. Group 1 associates all non-secular views and subalternate national mythologies to stem genetically from Group 4. Group 1 is really quite mental and insecure.

So even as a political orphan, one cannot ignore or disown Group 1's warped view on war crimes. It is a stick to beat political opposition and is closely coupled to the programming of seculrijm/Jionijm into Bangali Nationalism. Red flag, Bull.

Yet, there are a growing number of people from Bangladesh, with access to non official sources and narratives of 71 times who do not see a macro nobility in the events of the most recent national genesis and do not give up and submit to the shubidabadiness that is deshi political praxis. Lord protect you from the poison of your brothers.
Power to you!


Telling the whole story

Interesting collective Third Text: Black Umbrella. A previous generation's effort to develop beyond eurocentricity, specifically in the field of art and visual culture. If every you were after something to read...


Dr Zakir Naik: Preacher of hate? You're having a laugh?

So the 'preachers of hate' weapon is now being used on Dr Zakir Naik. He has been banned from visiting the UK and giving lectures.

Theresa May is very badly advised/stupid/plain evil. I', not sure which just yet.

Dying to appear 'tough on terror', they want to be seen to be doing something. So following a well known recipe: add some decontextual 'quotes' together to demonstrate that the man isnt a secular liberal, scream with righteous indignation, stir with power and disrupt a large set of comunity events this summer. Events people have made efforts to put together.

We need to fight back on these things, so that this is not a costless injustice at the very least. I am glad that the good doctor is legally challenging the 'decision'. He is lucky, many others dont have the resources to contest such calculated insults.

Slurring Muslims is everyday business. Immobilising their thought and disrupting their organsiation are policies in evidence.

The 'preachers of hate' weapon is not because of the reasons given by the state, but because Zakir Naik has power. The ability to be listened to and respected by hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the uk.


Viva Palestina!

The ever increasing arsehole footprint of the Israeli State never ceases to amaze me. They kill Arabs daily, now they have killed more of the friends of the Palestinians.

Unless you have spent the whole day gardening, or watching the bbc, you might figure I am talking of the Israeli murder of 10-20 Palestinian solidarity heroes/aid deliverers. There were protests accross the UK today, and I had the opportunity to attend the London one. We were heartened by the good spontaneous turnout, responsibility and mixed origins of protesters.

The Arab League continues to resemble a row of zeroes.

I see leadership from Rais Erdogan of Turkey. Of the national leaders, I see initiative in his hands, and Allah help him and his society helps the situation. We are with you. Duas for Palestine, the convoy and its loved ones, as ever.

A minor demo inventory
Jews for Justice- Its kosher to boycott israeli goods.
College students who surely should have been revising for their exams
Heavily pregnant lady who walked all the way from whitehall to high street kensington.
Slowly driving car with guitarist on top.
And Turks.

Attaturk's face on the flags suggest to me that there are newer allies to the cause.

In international waters, which is where the State Piracy occurred, the law of the ship flag operates. As one of the speakers pointed out today, this suggests that legally the Israeli personel who pulled the triggers/ordered the operation should be extradited and tried under Turkish law.

I am also wondering where the Turkish Navy is at this point. For reference, Zaman is a good way into the Turkish press.

Several actions are being planned, across organisations and communities. See Stop The War for more info. Feet-on-the-ground demonstrations are an important part of any movement, especially this one. I encourage people to make time to participate in activities to support them and take care to implement good demo practices.

That is, to use every available opportunity to forge unity, continuity and trust within the protest ecology. We must weave together with protestors who we dont know, we will develop new tools and watch out for spoilers.


Glad Tidings

Its been ages since I've had the luck to witness an Islamic event of consequence.

Then like buses, two come along in a row. Thankyou Allah.

It is quite tricky to create the space where proceedings aren't framed by hegemonic agendas and where the conversation is indeed internal (on our terms) and inclusive.

The reasons why such events are rare seem to include:

The action of gatekeepers, who control the access of the UK Muslims to Scholars and are more than a little insecure about the sustainability of their intermediariness. Endowed with the advantage of simply being around before such gatekeepers are perhaps best bypassed with nuronic nerves, social technique and Ummahtic mojo. In successfully puling of a bypass manoeuvre, the believer's can taste the fruit and recognise its flavour.

Because sometimes you forget.

Another reason why this space is rare is the action of government, who coopt meanings, figures and narratives with a clumsy kind of arrogance and capital.


Dam Tibet

News story on Chinese hydro electric plans for Tsang Po (China) - Brahmaputra (India) - Jamuna (Bangladesh)

This is setting up a gruesome hegemon hegemon on ganj interation.

The Deshi wonders what the impacts could be. How would flow from upstream be affected over the seasons? Would there be any benefits from reduced sediment transport (like less erosion)? What about the people displaced by construction? and the fish...


Awami Manipulation of Bethnal Green and Bro

The seat of Bethnal Green and Bro interests me more than most others. Never lived there, but it feels close to home.

That 5000 new voters appeared on the election roll before the election is being investigated, might just have been an effective voter drive ey? On top of this, or behind it, the foreign Minister of Bangladesh, Dipu Moni implored her party's youth wing, the Jubo League (including 40 year olds!) to ensure that Labour won at any cost. In Bangladesh we sigh at the shady foreign interests behind each of our elections. This slight reversal causes smiling.

There was no despatches programme on the matter at all. And I thought Gilligan and co actually cared about the Labour Party in East London.

As so many of the candidates were brown, the white working classes were nowhere as worked up by the events than the deshis. Respect and lib dems probably split the non-labour deshis vote. However, a simple vote addition still wouldn't put them in the lead. Ajmal Masroor (L-D) won more votes than Abjol Miah (R). Greens didn't do so well, and Tower Hamlets is due an elected Mayor soon.

Its a pity Respect hasn't unfolded like a row of blossoming cherry trees, its not a surprise either. But there's a Bangladeshi-heritaged female MP in the 'mother of all parliaments' you know.

Long Live The Ganj!

UK Security Minister chats to (UK) Muslims through Islam Channel

There's a very strange youtube video, featuring the new Tory Minister for Security being interviewed by a very posh sounding chap, in what seem like her offices, for the Islam Channel.

The choice of channel is remarkable. The station suffered constant vilification during the previous regime. Journalists and politicians used to play Boycott Tennis and RadicaLinkage weaving at their Global Peace and Unity events. Not that I personally cared. Better without them I say. For this reason, I wonder how Islam channel came to carry the Minister's message? Who asked who? Did the channel have other options? What did viewers make of it? How much of it was true?

To get more of a flavour, listen to how she addresses israeli security policy platforms. Complicating isnt it? check out the 'Britain can learn from Israel' headline on the googlewhack and the building resilient communities vision.

With her Islam Channel statement the minister intended to create a new relationship between her work and UK Muslims and exert more than a bit of power. Its been a while since someone of her capability was in government addressing 'Securitising Muslim' issues, anyone remember Hazel Blears? Apparently current policies and their operations are going to be reviewed, and the security function of government community engagement will be separated from other ones. I wonder what that means...

The word 'operations' came up quite a bit, an artefact of the minister's previous roles in the diplomatic and intelligence communities, as well as the hi-tech military industrial complex.
Another baroness, Baroness Warsi came up in the context of a tick box, she's Muslim and she's female you know.

Sorry that should have been the other way around. Feminism first, then Matronisation.

This particular minister has probably come across quite a lot of 'privileged information', so should we trust her expertise? Whenever I've prodded pseudo powerful people about these matters, they always play the 'If you had read what I had read' argument. She certainly wields a great deal of symbolic capital in the establishment. But what about amongst us?

On the face of it there is some cause for optimism. Policies and operationalisation of policy are to be reviewed. Stop and search, pre-trial detentions etc and wait for it .... PREVENT.

PREVENT is interesting, depressing, revealing and inshAllah the worst is over. It is sad to see how cheaply folks will run for the money and be diverted from addressing the Ummahtic. Folks who should know better keep falling into an imposed guilt for some reason, for not aspiring towards liberal secular triumphalism. Scholars keep getting parachuted in on the advice of gatekeepers and meddled with. Lovely brothers and sisters keep going on foreign office jollies to legitimise military occupations. Organisations are created and nurtured for the specific purpose of policing the Ummah here and stifling its enhancement, cutting its relations and suffocating its politics. Its effective name is CO-OPT, filed under Intellectual Corruption along with NGOisation and Developmentia.

To prevent and subvert PREVENT/PVE and RAND type incursions from deforming Islam, rather Muslim subjectivity, again and again we might need...

A Potent Social Potion.
One part Tablighi Jamat - uncooptable
One part Suffragette - Forward
One part A-Team - Active
One part Royal Society - Learned, with Mastery


[New word] Electospasm

And into a bland political field enters a new flavour, Banana. I'm drawn to him because he appears to have calibrated Britains place in the world quite well.

The opinion poll-tipped journalists of this land have lost it completely.

An electospasm is an eruption of flattery and fakery alongside some nested, vested commmenterati farty nonsense, and a thorough waste of ink to boot! It is known to accompany decmocratic rituals.

I wonder if its intention is innoculation and distraction.

Fatima Bhutto and the National Portrait Gallery

So i went for a hear and a see.

I liked 'we need to liberate ourselves from dynastical politics'



Video of land being eaten in Bangladesh

BBC report on riverbank erosion in Bangladesh (labelled climate change for some reason i cant fathom(though yes i know why(its climate/poverty porn))).

In the short report the viewer witnesses a chronic, historic hazard in Bangladesh. Simon Reeves hears how the river in question had eaten up 500 yards into a village over the past fortnight. I imagine that the events are quite recent, because as the rivers fill from their dry season states, erosion resumes. Its impacts are felt deeply by those displaced (often multiply), and for generations. They include: the disintegrating of local society, political marginalisation/exploitation of the populace, insecurity, loss of land, home and livelihood.

The Muhajers are so many and the Ansars are so few.

Social-environmental relations for the people of places like Bangladesh are not a post-materialist lifestyle choice. Switching off your lights does not enable/assist/remediate the conditions and capabilities of the impacted. If the predictions are accurate, Climate Change impacts will further increase the numbers of environmental refugees. The river-erosion scenario gives us a glimpse into continual community displacement prompted by removal of land from the national living room.

So what can we do?
  • Articulate well honed dua wishlists.
  • Visit the Erosion Zones when in desh.
  • Give displacees a 'break' when you meet them.
  • Distribute sadaqa and zakat that way.
  • Invest in local light industry.
  • Support local educational and religious institutions.
  • Help to shift livelihoods away from a land base.
  • Rehabilitate the Bangladesh Water Development Board.
  • Enable local talents to intellectually and practically range against the problem, with majesty, maths, measurements, models, morals and mojo.
  • Disable the useless NGOs and find more gainful employment for affected graduates.
  • Discourage 'elite depletion', from erosion zones and national scientific institutions.
  • Take measures to restore the dignity of those already impacted.
  • Annihilate those politicians who will use the scenario to consolidate their begging bowl features.



My stepbrother wants to pull my brother's pants down for shadda applause
I find it an indignity.

It happens from time to time.

God forbid people learn of us primarily through these mediated channels.

Its worthy of the highest Sunnarchic Award,

Tahir al Qadri, Despatches, bRudeBoys

Shayk al Islam,say what?
Those arent sufi juices you're drinking are they?
Perhaps the Sycophantasy has got to you.

Never let a bro kiss your ring, good doctor.
The Tailor would say your garment is dragging below your ankles.

Ummahtic suspenders
to make us immune
from the enfooled amongst us
being used much like spoons.


chilcot confessional therapy

Sanitised webstreamed technocratic eyewash
Panel full of the wrong establishment sycophants
Was that a War Studies Professor?
Are you having a laugh?
No mention of unimperialising uk foreign policy
I wonder what robin cook's testimony would have been
Had he not died 'on a walk in the hills'
HM Government will you learn your lesson?
You are increasingly marginal in the general scheme of things
Soil not your underpants in affairs you cannot comprehend or improve.
Beg forgiveness, provide your victims with a just restitution and behave.