A new day, a new Word - Nuron

Nuron (for normal people)
alt spelling,
Nooron (salafi spelling)

Think noor(light-arabic)-photon(idealised light wave/particle)-neuron(brain signal carrier)

Unit of inspiriation, an element of enlightenment.
Experts are unable to pin down the exact nature of these entities, mighty shame that.
They don't however expect that they are physical, and everyone agrees that they originate from the Almighty's Infinite Mercy.
Unfortunately, this has not stopped some rather sad and misguided people from arguing that Nurons are just social constructs, or prevented the construction of intellectually wastefull particle accelerators and education systems.

Common questions that Muslims ask can be explained by Nuron theory. Nobody can yet tell if its any good.

Q - Why am i so thick?
A - You havent been in reception of any Nurons. Could be a problem with the local geography or your antenna.

Q - Why is Muslim civilisation not having a good time?
A - Generally, we live in ignocracies ( Hussein Alattas, 1974) and hate eachother too much, this inhibits Nuron transmission and exploitation. Personally, we can be quite arrogant and closed minded and too certain about things of which we have no experience.

Q - My Aunty Josie, she's gone bompletely bonkers, babbling on like a woman possessed about a crafty new knitting pattern that undermines the fundamental laws of Physics.
A - She got hit by a Nuron.

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