Bangladesh justice system on war trial

The kangaroo court of the bangladesh war crimes trials is showing its unjust side these days. The defence team of one of the Jamaat leaders accused, ex-MP Delwar Hossain Sayeedi, didn't even get copies of the prosecuting witness statements made against him.

Its like trial by delinquent children.

I wish these so-called justice makers would pull their socks up and that the accused would say his piece clearly for us all to hear. I know that he and the rest of his party see this all as a charade and believe noone will give their side of the story a fair hearing, as they have made their minds up through years of awami brainwash, epistemicide and bad jamati leadership on the issue.

A little epistemic disobedience would definately undermine this show trial.

I recall how whenever Janab Sayedee would come to the uk to talk to deshi muslims, the 1971 industrialists would go ape shit. He seems like powerful speaker, not my style but can move people.

I think he should have a go and tell it how he sees it, answering the specific accusations and testinomies ranged at him. It would be cathartic. However my inkling is that the jamaat block are playing defence.

In the past he's challenged his accusers to prove their allegations. its an open challenge issues through all sorts of media. The continual and unrelenting demonisation from the 1971 industry really gets on his wick, as evident in this clip.

But now the accusations are officialised and detailed around his alleged actions in Pirojpur Sadar and Zia Nagar upazila. Its the whole pre-Sarmila Bose kitchen sink actually, 30 000 people reported to have been killed and buried in mass graves, looting, torture, arson, genocide and rape. 

A fair trial seems beyound the non governing organisation which is the GoB.


Remember the Garden, for the sake of Allah

Is the title of a talk delivered by the late Haji Ayman Ahwal last year,

Sadly (for us) he passed on from this world last week and was buried in Birmingham, where he spent the last 7-8 years amongst a community he loved a lot and which clearly loved him greatly.

His upriverproject blog contains a rich presentation of the struggle to protect forest and life in Aceh.

Closer to home, but with exactly the same ethic, the Clean Madina project (below) was an amazing intervention, Jihad on Litter in Brumistan!


Hajja Aisha Bewley on the importance of Quran in Ramadhan

This speaker is the author of a great many quality translations of islamic literature, from the Quran itself to ibn Arabi.  Currently gettign my head aroung Ibn Arabi on the Secrets of fasting.

Translated by Aisha Bewley, Edited by Laleh Bakhtiyar, Foreward by Seyyed Hossein Nasr.