Neil Kinnock Roars like a dinosaur

The #ChickenCoup against Jeremy Corbyn and company's leadership of the British Labour Party has hit the rocks, and in the words of Novara media, The Eagle Is Stranded.

It was fitting that Corbynjaan stood his ground to deliver an early and thoughtful response to the Chilcot Report on Britain's involvement in the 2003 war and occupation of Iraq (video below). It is hard to imagine a technocratic publication can do justice to 1.2 million dead Iraqi people, but we pray and do what we can. His leadership is something good in this world and long may it continue and catalyse others to realise political transformation. The shadow cabinet are a phalanx of hope against a tide of interconnected colonial entrenchment, neoliberal cloneliness and austerity killing. And its not just the leadership and the public who realise this. Geographer Danny Dorling's recent editorial in the British Medical Journal underlines Corbyn's Remain and Reform approach to the EU referendum about austerity being the problem, not immigration, with bucketfuls of data.

Amongst others things, the #ChickenCoup was intended to limit Chilcot damage to the Blairite pro-war wing of the Labour Party. It was partially effective in this sense, for example Jon Snow's c4 News fluffed up the guest panel consisting of Blairite Charles Falconer, ex general Jackson and a grieving mother of a British soldier killed by Blair's war. It is easy to conclude that journalists have been so caught up in covering Labour's inner turmoil that they took their eyes off the ball.

Game of Leaks
With nothing to lose, somebody, presumably a ChickenCouper, recorded Neil Kinnock, a former party (double loser) leader screaming his head off and thumping a table. The way that the Guardian (embroiled in its own civil war over Corbynjaan) and VICE have disseminated it, I think they hope it will damage Corbyn.
Maybe it will, however, it is also good field data to examine the political cosmology of its author and an 80s throwback to previous failures that haunt a lot of people. A critical analysis of the Kinnock family in British and European politics and their continuing influence on newish members of the PLP is long due but for now note how he's battling his peers: the ghost of Tony Benn, who is dead, and Dennis skinner. He skips over the New Labour project and neoliberalism, and his primary explicit beef with Corbynjaan is to quote someone saying he was weird, and egotistically defending his percentage increase of PLP approval for turning right after losing the 87 election to Thatcher.

This is the Guardian's sanitised transcript...
God knows, everybody here, no matter how old or how young, should understand the lessons. And never repeat that again. But there are some who, for whatever reason, are incapable of the instruction of reality. So they better wake up.
I don’t know what case is being made by saying that – and I quote - ‘Jeremy had the biggest majority in history’ – he didn’t. In 1988 - in a different electoral system, admittedly – my majority against Tony Benn was 88.6%. Tony got 11.4%, with the assistance of Dennis [Skinner], of course, and the assistance of Jeremy Corbyn, of course. No talk of unity or loyalty could suppress their enthusiasm. [Loud applause] [Bit of a self and PLP centered approach which failed in 1992]
In the constituency parties, that in 1981 had overwhelmingly voted for Tony’s leadership candidature, the result was Kinnock 82%, Benn 18%. Why? Because the constituency parties, the rank and file, had decided they’d had enough of posturing and hectoring and they wanted to give the Labour party a real chance of securing advance and power. And we gained 3.1m votes because of those people. [There is another analysis of Kinnock's turn right]
Now then, we can take further instruction from modern history, the way in which, in the supermarket, people said: ‘I want to vote Labour, but I can’t vote for Ed Miliband’. I heard it, oh yes I heard it. Apply the supermarket test for Jeremy Corbyn and see what answer you get.[which supermarket?]
We know what answer we’re getting on the doorstep. Yes I’ve been around raising money like you Dennis [Skinner], for many, many, many years – I think it’s probably a bit more than a million. I’ve been around raising money and I go on the doorstep and I talk to people. I quote one person, just one, out of hundreds in Cardiff three weeks ago. Well, he complained about Jeremy and I said, ‘Honestly, his heart’s in the right place, he wants to help people, he wants to help people like you.’ He’s a working-class guy, a fitter on what remains of the docks. And he said: ‘I know he’s saying it, because he thinks we’re easy. We’re not bloody easy. We’re not listening, especially since he’s weird.’ [Weird? is that it?]
Now that is unfortunate. But you know. Everybody in this room knows, canvassing in the Welsh elections, in the Scottish elections, in the local elections, in the referendum – you know that is what you’re getting from people who yearn to vote Labour but are inhibited by the fact that Jeremy is still our leader. [Scotland sailed a long time ago and tbf  you dont have any substantial evidence. want to acknowledge your people's role in undermining him]
Let’s face the facts. So here’s some very, very, very recent history. I could explore it more but I’m not going to take everybody’s time with this speech.
Nobody has ever said, Dennis, that this parliamentary party considers itself or should be considered to be more important than the rank and file, whether they paid three quid or whether they’ve given their lives to this movement [Not true, there's plenty of hostility to newbies, like being referred to as dogs]. Whether they’ve threatened their managers, whether they’ve ruined their careers through their commitment to this movement [perhaps you risked stuff once, but the folks you've patronised haven't risked or fought for anything recently]. Nobody has said, ever, however recent or long-established members’ party membership is, that we are superior. [Well now that you've made it clear...]
More history [but presumably not about your own failures]. Perhaps this is a time to a remind. In 1906 and then in the constitution of 1918, in Clause 1 they laid down that it would be the purpose of the Labour party to establish and retain, in parliament and in the country, a political Labour party. Everybody’s happy. [At this point Kinnock is asked to finish.] I’m finishing now in a moment – well, I’m finishing the speech in a moment. [Loud applause]
In 1918, in the shadow of the Russian Revolution, they made a deliberate, conscious, ideological choice, that they would not pursue the syndicalist road, that they would not pursue the revolutionary road – it was a real choice in those days. They would pursue the parliamentary road to socialism. [and in the event of the PLP being colonised by neoliberalism?]
It is why, in all of the subsequent constitutions, we had a provision that requires the leader of the Labour party – that used to be, as Dennis will recall, to be elected only by the PLP. We worked like hell – Dennis, myself and many others – to change that to make sure that the rank and file would have a direct voice, that trade unions would be part of it, councils would be part of it, activists would be part of it, so we got one member one vote. [now you are going to negate what you've just said]
Because we are a democratic socialist party, committed to a parliamentary road to power, it is vital, essential, irreplaceable, that the leader of this party has substantial – at least substantial, if not majority – support from those who go to the country and seek election to become lawmakers, the way chosen by the people who established the Labour party. [doesn't factor for Blairite hollowing out of PLP]
Now remember history, remember that history, remember the people that joined the party are joining a party committed to the parliamentary road [Corbyns a revolutionary? come on] and that makes it crucial to have a leader that enjoys the support of the parliamentary Labour party.
A final, final point. Steve Reed made a very fine contribution. There will be no split! There will be no retreat! Dammit this is our party! I’ve been in it for 60 years, I’m not leaving it to anybody! [Bakwas over]


The Liberidinal Economy of Human Whites and Weights

 Reporting islamophobic and racial offenses,
Are the currency of the Liberidinal Economy.
Our parents salved far deeper wounds than these.
He said, to the chimes of the Fasting Bell

Commodify the structure of your oppression,
For somebody else's database, and dismissal.
But don't forget to whiten it up, for good measure.
Said Mama and the good cop to the libtard horn section of the bremoaning snorus.

This is practical suggestion
Not simply decolonial dismissal.
Our pain receptors are networked after all.
Just overloaded with current bums.

Ohms aren't my favourite unit of resistance to Power.

So take that zulm, geopoetically,
Pull back,
And fire your nuron cannons into the eyes of white supremacy.

See you at Eid.


#KeepCorbyn : Demonstrate on Monday 26th May, 6 pm, Parliament Square

We live in interesting times.

Tomorrow (Monday 27th July) at 6pm in Parliament Square, Momentum have called for an emergency action expressing solidarity and confidence in Jeremy Corbyn's leadership. Corbyn - and what his rise means - is a vital trajectory of hope in this increasingly despairing society.

A ray of hope that the media and Labour Right establishments are committed to stamping out.

With the shocking results ( .csv) of last Thursday's EU referendum still being ingested, and a spike in right-wing violence and intimidation of eastern European and non-white people, Tony Blair's political children in the Parliamentary Labour Party  have decided that now is the best time to try a coup.

It is pretty sickening, but hopefully demonstrates the truth of the matter.

The Chilcot Report into the UK decision to  go to war on Iraq is due in little over a week, we can think of Tony Blair' Labour bots as accessories to his acts of national destruction and ISIS creation. Coloniality and imperialism overseas is connected to the political game afoot here today, and we can no because the technocrats.


[New Word] Bremoaner

One who pines over the privileges, marginal or substantial, formerly provided to them by the Afro Asian Exclusion Zone. AKA EU


EU Referendum

For a few months now we have been pondering the costs, benefits and horizons of the UK leaving the EU. My tendency is to cross the remain box, not out of support for enwhitenment values, or the white supremacy that the project represents, but because an empowered Govinator would wreak havoc on Muslims, minorities and the marginalised in the UK, not to mention everything and everyone else. I have some time for Corybnjaan and Varoufakis' respective transformation and transparency proposals, and think in terms of post-Newtonion politics of assemblage, alliance and multiplication with folks on the mainland. There is also the matter of convenience and uncertainty on close ones.

Fundamentally, this referendum is not an epistemological referendum on Eurocentricity, thats not what the Euroskeptic wing of the Tory party have been pushing for all these years.

Perhaps the Benazir effect and Halography of last week's political establishment false flag? assassination of innocent MP Jo Cox will prove an important factor to galvanise and clinch it for the cringeworthy Remain campaign this Thursday. It is hard to know how much disgust will have influenced turnout and decisions and difficult to have much faith in pollsters given their failures last year and propensity to poll superficially, pushily and counter democratically.

In any case Shaytan  is laughing his head off.


#SacredEarth2016 through the Ramadanoscope

The Earthquake ( Chapter 99)

When the earth is shaken with her shaking,
and the earth yield's up her burdens,
and humanity says, "What ails her?'
That Day she shall convey her chronicles;
for thy Lord inspired her.
That Day humankind shall issue forth upon diverse paths to witness their deeds.
So whosoever does a mote's weight of good shall see it.
And whosoever does a mote's weight of evil shall see it.

Here, the Qur'an speaks about the Day of Judgement and Accountability, detailing the Earth herself as an ultra high resolution, female, divinely inspired, live, witness of human deeds. Personally this is an epic chapter to me. Muslims prostrate their heads upon her surface more than 40 times every day, in recognition of the vertical relationship between humanity and The Most High. In another sense, it is an expression of solidarity and horizontal relations with the rest of creation.

12 June 2016 was "Sacred Earth Day of Prayer and Action for People and the Planet", a mobilisation of more-than-material ecological remembrance and embodiment #sacredearth2016. A coalition of religious formations, catalysed mainly by OurVoices, the idea is to compel power holders to commit to deeper global climate safety by building a practical and moral movement.  Over one hundred official events were scheduled all over the world which makes my heart smile.

Sacred Earth Day marked 6 months since the UN Climate Change talks in Paris, and arguably more inspiringly Yeb Sano and company's People's Pilgrimage. It has been about a year since the Roman Catholic Pope Francis published his AWESOME treatise on Socio-Climatic Justice, and the moving Multifaith Convergence on Rome organised by the Greenfaith team that connected Christianities, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim environmentally curious, conscious and activisty types.

Yes, developmentia, coloniality and NGOisation are real, but that cannot overwhelm the sincerity and beauty of bringing action-orientated spirituality's together in convergence for climate justice.

The Ramadanoscope

As it is the month of Qur'anic revelation, Ramadan, there is another ocean of meaning through which Muslims and friends can access the Sacred Earth, without intermediaries or gatekeepers, calendars or colanders. All over the globe we attempt to organise our individual, and communal lives to attain greater piety through acts of devotion, particularly fasting. Though the daylight food cessation element gets a lot of the airplay, it is the spiritual struggle, of attaining excellence in behaviour and journeying through the Qur'an, that is the fundamental purpose of this month.

O you who believe!
Fasting is prescribed for you, 
as it was prescribed for those before you, 
That you may learn piety. (Chapter 2 Verse 183)

Islamic scholars have written about this month's movement for centuries, here's Maulana Rumi on the spiritual richness and empowerment of fasting.

There’s hidden sweetness in the stomach’s emptiness.
We are lutes, no more, no less. 

If the soundbox is stuffed full of anything, no music.
If the brain and belly are burning clean with fasting, 
every moment a new song comes out of the fire.
The fog clears, and new energy makes you
run up the steps in front of you.

Be emptier and cry like reed instruments cry.
Emptier, write secrets with the reed pen.
When you’re full of food and drink, 
Satan sits where your spirit should, 
an ugly metal statue in place of the Kaaba. 
When you fast,
good habits gather like friends who want to help.

Fasting is Solomon’s ring. 
Don’t give in to some illusion and lose your power,
but even if you have, if you’ve lost all will and control,
they come back when you fast, like soldiers appearing
out of the ground, pennants flying above them.
A table descends to your tents, Jesus’ table.
Expect to see it, when you fast, this table
spread with other food, better than the broth of cabbages.

By Jelaluddin Rumi

This year the poet Daniel Hayy-Moore returned to his Lord, his work is published in books and featured in text and spoken form on www.ecstaticexchange.com and Ramadan is a major theme and inspiration for his poetry.

First Night of Ramadan

A single stone is thrown in

and the canyon resounds with the
hallelujahs of angels

A single breath contains the
known and unknown universes

Back behind edgeless
space are motions that

vibrate the heart

Back behind ancient mountains and
historical intricacies

a shadow gives way to Light that has a
door in it to

let us through

We take no step that
doesn’t bring us nearer

One sip and the oceans disappear

One glance and the skies
bend closer to hear our


One heart-wrench elegant elevation
and we’re on a

plateau tossing a stone in the dark
that never stops echoing

Being the words

The social sphere is an integral to enabling and sustaining transformations, and thats what the relatively small official Muslim participation in Sacred Earth 2016 is getting at.  For example, yesterday in Zinj, Bahrain, women gathered to launch their own Sacred Earth initiative and toolkit to drive ecoakhlaq ( practical ecological ethics) back into local Ramadan practices of consumption and waste reduction. Meanwhile, Indonesians have been organising large Zero Waste Green Iftars sunset breakfasts), which sounds like a lot of washing up. Back in the UK of A and the NGO MADE have a short blog post that touches on coffee, vegetarianism, drinking tap water, gardening and eating greens.

Its hardly the green and golden age of eco Islam out there, for all number of unsatisfying reasons. However a lot of people have their ears open and dialogue is widening. There are some real jewels if you spend some time panning, for example a series of 20+ programmes from Iqraa TV channel called Repairing the Earth by Rhamis Kent.

Fasting not Feasting was a series of practical reminders, like Flashmob Iftars and Tarawih prayers with Trees,  that continues to run through Ramadan life, pushing a socio-ecological solidarity and counter-consumer culture. Its 2010 website is still online and hosts resources that you might find a use for in family and community life.
Outdoor praying and Iftar picnics are becoming more common in the diasporic west, for pro Creation Relations reasons as well as racist ones (yes that's you Davis).  And as a consequence, the opportunities to connect and commit to Islamic and civic eco-political-ethical trajectories will multiply.  On the other hand, sole focus on personal and community resource austerity measures and lifestyle issues risks that eco Islam becomes yet another depoliticisation in our Age of Preventitude. I've seen a lot of this in the NGO discourse.

But, by connecting the spheres with decolonial tunnelling, accepting that climate change is fundamentally a problem of coloniality, I believe we can maintain integrity between our teachings, historical communities and futures. Just like they do in the People's Republic of Duriana.

Save the Dates

There are a few advanced notice events worth considering for the diary, thanks to various Muslim Scounts groups there is an action-packed  'Iftar under the Stars' in Luton next Saturday ( 18th) and in Chingford a week after that( 25th). A few weeks after Eid sees the return of the Willowbrook Arts and Music Festival (23/24th July).


Wandering through your Beautiful Names, I call on You Al Mani', The Preventer of Harm, to make the pathways to protecting people easy for us, whether that is indigenous delta engineering in Bangladesh, social protection policies or the realisation of the rights of migrants and refugees. I call on You Al Matin, The Powerful, to empower the oppressed to voice and make their way in this world. I call on You Al Jabbar, The Compeller, to open the hearts and minds of climate tyrants, witting or unwitting, to realising a decolonial climate justice. Oh Al Musawwir, The Shaper of Beauty, assemble the courageous into an excellent movement, across your creation to restore balance, dignity and justice. Oh Ar Rashid, The Righteous Teacher, teach us how to speak with animals and plants, give our sciences life not neoliberal death.


White Supremacy at the core of British Green Politics

I love Caroline Lucas, especially for her sincere support of detainee and extraditee poet Talha Ahsan during his ordeal through the British and US injustice systems.  Yesterday she announced she would be running for co-leadership of the Green Party with Jonathan Bartley. I feel a bit annoyed that the new green leadership election looks cringey and predetermined from where I'm standing.

Co-Leader? FFS?!?!?

Bartley is an interesting running mate, not least for the nonsecular possibilities he conveys, but also his ahem ... experience working on John Major's conservative party election campaign fresh out of LSE. However, his whiteness is limiting to what the Green Party can achieve over the next 5 years and says what it is on the tin.

Fundamentally, the world's ecological crisis has a lot to do with white supremacy, and so race and decoloniality are more than decorative issues, they are integral to transformation. Clearly many of the people peopling the party don't really get it, from 'The Surge', to the Tower Hamlets group's silence during the coup on Lutfur while the BME group launched its manifesto from Bricklane, to their failure to select a non white person high up in their GLA list.

So why are they not an enwhitled bunch of neoMalthusianites again?

All Power to Decolonial Dawah.


What's in a name? Beyond Political Black

In the UK situation, Politically Black (PB) has come to be known as a term to cover the struggle of non-white racial groups to racial inequality. I used to think it was harmless enough, so long as folks delivered, but Afro Pessimism knows better. Politically Black is a sediment of an earlier consensus. I wish that I had been a closer witness the inception of this error which is propagating through life, art and politics and confusing matters.

Politically Black deletes the blackness of those who actually suffer anti-blackness. It complicates specific articulation and mobilisation against anti-blackness, an elemental form of oppression and grants weird licences to non black people to empower white supremacy's politics of containment.

Like the meeting of West India Dock Road and East India Dock Road, to become Commercial Road and the artery into the City of London, our histories are materially contributory to the white supremacy project. Yet there is a diversity to the nature and location of our colonial wounds,  decolonial brotherhood means assisting with each other's healing, sharpening and blossoming processes, not obstructing.  [The Three Pillars of White Supremacy is a useful way of beginning to thinking about this: Slavery/Capitalism, Genocide/Colonialism and Orientalism/War.]

So, at a moral level, it should be easy to divest political commitment from a term such as political black.

Following the good news of the election of the new president of the NUS (which has got supporters of Israel and white supremacists foaming at the mouth) there is the opportunity to reflect on and recraft our mental and political structure for the future. Just like after the West Indies cricket team of the 70s and 80s, there was actually no need to invest so much effort in cricket.

Political Black was one of those messy tactical compromises for a slightly earlier white supremacy. We are stronger together, but Politically Black is not The End of History, and the wrong binding agent is not durable under both external pressure and internal growth. It is no disrespect to the love and work of the more middle aged, nor the fiery younglings, to replace the term.

Colonially Wounded Communities (CWCs) must resist being white-mailed by acceptability politics and prevented from speaking the name of white supremacy to its prime beneficiaries, nor reminding them of the colonial realities of why we are here.

At the very least, people of decolonial commitment must never be traitor-shamed by Politically Black Enforcers, nor muffled by a Closed Eared Leaderships.


Undying Benefactor be generous

Lightened up and t shirtified
White supremacist Neoliberalism strikes again with ironic splendour.
A Queer universal chord
Struck across developmentshire
From core to semiperiphery,
Universal exclusivity.
Tormenting the other men and women put in their graves, pyres and asylums
By this regime of epic homocide.
We mourn and mark
With prayer and resolve.
For all souls and hopes
In His way.
Keep those selfies for Benazir.
Ustad of hypocrisy
Laughs his head off.
"What do you know about justice?"
The death of two shall outweigh that of the hundreds thought massacred in Dhaka just three years ago at Shapla Chottor .
Two human bodies over hundreds invisible subhuman bodies
Monitoring & Evaluation report
Their value
multiplied by white
to the power three.
Upper middle class,
foreign embassy staff,
Ustad of misdirecting rage
Laughing his head off again,
begins to fill in a very important
Socio-spiritual Impact Self Assessment form.
And abandons his tools to their fate.


Murders in Bangladesh, conditions of danger.

The fact of violence and death on the streets of Bangladesh is sadly not new.  Adolescents, opposition activists and business people regularly disappeared, killed and their bodies not registered on the white archive of pain. With the power to represent being as it is, an argument is being arranged whereby the sole victims of violence crime in the country are minorities, religious, atheist and sexual.

It is a greasy and sleazily maintained narrative, fed by scoundrels in internal and external corporate news agencies. What they should be doing is owning up to producing the current conditions of oppression, confusion and fear, and seeking to make amends, not visa applications.