White House Muslim

Please let me introduce myself
I am a (wo)man of influence and taste
I've been around since the Ummah began
Sold out many a Muslim's faith

I was around when Mir Jafar let down
Bengal for the East India Company men.
I made sure I went to Downing Street
As they bombed my Afghan brethren

I'm pleased to meet you
I hope you guessed my name
What is that troubling you?
Are you just jealous of my fame?


Hasina's London GirlSummit visit and the Israeli (pre)occupation

All struggles for justice are connected.

As Israel continues to grind Palestinians to death in manners which underline their moral and spiritual disconnection from those victims of European slaughter in WW2, I write about a despot in Dhaka, in London now for a development charade.  Last weekend Central London thronged and beeped in solidarity with Palestine (illustrated beautifully here). I suspect there will be nothing but a whimper upon the arrival of this destructive sociopathic woman and her (shopping) entourage, and this is my whimper.  

Bangladesh: A Situation Report

Sheikh Hasina Wajed is the self-selected PM of a dynamic and detaic country numbering 160 million human souls. I say self-selected because she ran (s)elections on January 5th 2014 which disenfranchised the majority of the country's electorate. Although tolerated by the international community, make no mistake, she is an illegitimate leader. 

In 1905, Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain of Rangpur wrote a short work of science fiction in English called Sultana's Dream, about a country called Ladyland where women ruled the roost, men couldn't even be trusted with embroidery, and the sun and rain were harnessed for human needs. What is being lived in Bangladesh more closely resembles Rokeya's Nightmare.

As far as the vital values of freedom, dignity and hope go, today's Bangladeshis are arguably more captive, humiliated and hopeless than they have been for more than 100 years. Britain funds this captivity, humiliation and hopelessness to the sum of at least £250 million a year, by supporting the lifestyles and egos of Dhaka's upper middle class, its own development professionals and consoling the oppressed in desh with palliative and depoliticising civilising missions.

Global Hypernationalist Mood Music and the Meaninglessness of Development

Maybe you had noticed the nasty case of hypernationalism going round, powerfully polarising and disfiguring the already wounded societies that it preys on, from the rise of the far right across Europe to the ultimate civilisational facepalm that was the Tamarod enabled coup in Egypt. We see it in Israel as we do in Bangladesh,  but whereas Israel's government controls a version that runs on Zionism and lashes out violently at black Jews and Arabs, Bangladesh's Awami League is younger, manipulates the forces of Jionijom and lashes out violently at Urdu speakers, garments workers, Rohingyas and the religious establishment. 

Deshi opposition activists might find the term similar to Chetonase, a recently identified enzyme prevailing among a section of Bangladeshi society which turns decent people's brains and backbones to mush. However, although the ballpark is the same, Jionijom is more like a magnetic field than a condiment. Initially coined in 2007 by an mishearing friend on a long car journey (who was probably fuming at the latest peak in Israeli violence) it is an ideology that build itself on metaphors of race, jealousy and bloodletting. It was probably not intended but is the sum of bad situations, misjudgment and pronounciation.

Hasina's Awami League government fomented an ugly ultra-nationalism last year, through the Shahbag movement, to establish an environment in which it could operate with impunity. As opposition leaders and media were silenced and locked up the government could even commit a massacre ( like on 5-6th May 2013) and get away with  blaming its victims, for now.  When eventually properly investigated, her government's massacre of 5-6th May 2013 in Dhaka will be a stand out crime of the time, and the perpetrators will say 'we did it for development'. 

Remember that this is an establishment which  produced the April 2014 Rana Plaza garments factory disaster, which reopened our eyes to the truth behind the working conditions of women (and men), in the name of 'development'.

The London Girl Summit that Hasina is scheduled to attend is a joint production of the UK government and UNICEF focusing on FGM and child marriage. FGM is not an issue as far as I am aware in Bangladesh, though (subjectively determined) early marriage and (frankly political) forced marriage are. I do not doubt that the UK and Bangladesh governments have the employees, signboard painters and NGOs to talk about and appear to be active on the issues, my concern is whether they have the moral integrity and legitimacy to transform societies for the better. As the UK's development spend has been observed to increasingly line up with its military interests, the ridiculousness of the scene grows exponentially. 

I wonder what the women and children victims of the regime, who live in its fearful shadow and have been denied life, family, justice and audience make of the situation.

Kutupalong: Bangladesh's very own Gaza, of sorts

South American Football Appreciation and Palestine are issues of virtual national unity in Bangladesh, uniting the most rabid Shahbager and ICS member under one banner, if not manner. Somebody pointed out that is was because Palestine was a safe issue, and its true, there is no reputational risk, let alone actual danger in verbally railing against injustices committed by Israel.

The continuing crimes of Jionijom soaked Bengali Nationalism however are not such popular issues. In Bangladesh and in deshi-ancestored communities overseas. Recently, A A Gill, the right-wing London Times food-critic wrote a heartful article on the Rohingyas trapped in appalling conditions for decades in the Kutupalong Camp in Bangladesh. The attitudes of the government officials spoken to is sickening and the clampdown on protests regarding poor conditions ruthless.  The case of Urdu speakers being burned alive  and the fate met by Hefazot e Islam only confirms an uncomfortable truth about the leges we have to stand on.

Decolonial Duas for Desh and Palestine.


Azadi Mubarak Talha

Last night the good news arrived of Talha Ahsan's freedom and Babar Ahmad's near freedom. Decolonial duas to all who remain unjustly incarcerated over all time and space. 

Talha is a scholarly poet from Tooting, who suffers Aspergers syndrome, and had been unjustly held by the UK and US governments since 19th July 2006. He entered into a plea bargaining arrangement and was sentenced to time served by a Federal District Judge Janet Hall in Connecticut. Plea bargaining is the only choice for innocent people with the Supergun of a Superpower threatening you with Supermax prison. It is a corrupting legal instrument by which the state covers its arse, and the victim agrees to admit something that the state wants them too, in exchange for freedom.

"In my view," the judge said, "jihad does not equal terrorism. In a perversion of what Islam teaches, terrorists have misappropriated the concept of jihad from its true meaning – struggle. But jihad is not what happened on 9/11."

Kudos to Janet Hall, who did not take the prosecution at face value, and to the defense team Sheehan and Reeve. A shaking spear to the cruel bastards who did this to Talha and his family. This whole ordeal has been an exercise in state terror that has largely worked, to scare Muslim people away from challenging activism and even speaking up in defense of their inalienable rights. I say largely because the campaigns; family, community and otherwise, have built important courageous and creative muscle, across justice struggles and internationally..

Sadly, Talha and Babar's troubles aren't over, as they return to a Britain that securocrats and civil illibertarians have turned into a bit of a pigsty for Muslims who don't play footsie. Not only will they have to live with the 'terrorism conviction' stigma, but sh!tstirrers are eager to make capital out of them, from the government, the press and the extremism industry, and cause further hassles and political imobilisation.

They haven't even touched down in the UK, and already we have seen the BBC 's Home Office's Dominic Casciani framing an awful 'noble savage' narrative around the story for middle England, featuring none other than selfish self publicist sellout Usama Hasan near enough inviting Babar to join the Quilliam Foundation. After the TrojanHoax, which bears many of their fingerprints, Quilliam must be feeling a little gutted that Micheal Gove got shuffled away and a key source of their funding dried up. Meanwhile Home Secretary Theresa May remains at large and unrepentant for her role in this sorry affair.

As the victims try to recover a new normal and dignity, there are many more victims to work justice for, Shaker Amer (Guantanamo, still), Mahdi Hashi ( Manhatten) and Moazzam Begg (Belmarsh), to name a few, not to mention redress for these immoral detentions and state kidnappings.

Below, young Marium Begg, the daughter of the detained justice struggler Moazzam Begg speaks movingly about her memories of the father, the two times he was taken from her and leaves us with the following wisdom.
So yes, sometimes knowing too much can be a curse (reference to Moazzam's last tweet before arrest). But my message to you is, know too much, gain knowledge ... because yes they will come for you, and I promise ... that they will come for you and come for the people you know and the people you love. And when they do, you need to know more about them than they could ever know about you.


United by Palestine?

United by Palestine
Divided by nothing.
A temporary We
Like those Eids
We be stuffing.

Rohingya, Mohajir
Repatriate, Exclude
Burn alive and stagnate them.
Whilst playing International News.

Dear Shibir
Even Shahbag
United in football
And the desire for Palestinian freedom


Bangladeshi fighting for the PLO and the Politics of their Work Placement.

Al-Akhbar has published a fascinating article from Yazan al Saadi about Bangladeshi fighters for the Palestinian cause in the 1980s. Lord reward them for their sincerity, and free the people of Bangladesh and Palestine from their quagmires.

Volunteers from Bangladesh fighting with Palestinians in Beirut, Lebanon 1982.
(Photo: Magnum Photos-Chris Steele Perkins)
This post introduces a supplementary, and in some ways different, narrative for at least some of the fighters, and why they were in Lebanon. The Text below is translated from the memoirs of Maitur Rahman Rentu, who was a close aide to the Awami League Leader, Sheikh Hasina,  at the time. His memoirs were banned in Bangladesh as he published them towards the end of the Awami Leagues last period in office. They were bootlegged and many say played an important role in the BNPs 2001 victory.

Motiur Rahman Rentu's Amar Fashi Chai was a brave intervention from a Awami League loyalist who had enough.
The author passed away in Paris in 2003.
The portrait is of a party under the much younger leadership of Sheikh Hasina that wanted to overthrow the Bangladesh government but needed military training. It is hard to imagine the Awami League party so weak.


Some of those who started a war under the leadership of Kader (Bagha) Siddiqui in protest against the killing of Bangabandhu Shaikh Mujibur Rahman on August 15, 1975 met Shaikh Hasina, daughter of Bangabandhu, at her house at Road 32 in Dhanmandi sometime in the first week of January 1982. They proposed a plan to capture Dhaka Cantonment, which was accepted with great pleasure by Shaikh Hasina The plan was: “A group of 25 to 30 thousand committed persons are to be given political education and military training. They would capture Dhaka Cantonment by lauching a commando type attack.” The capture of Dhaka Cantonment meant the capture of state power in Bangladesh. Shaikh Hlasina instructed that this plan should be implemented by all possible means.

Work started about preparation of political workers for the purpose of capturing the cantonment and giving them military training. The workers were to be recruited secretly. One paid special attention to the mind-set, thoughts and personal qualities of these workers. In a short period of time a large group of workers were recruited and trained. Out of these workers a batch was specially selected for military training.

After imparting political education to these recruits, a batch was selected for military training. But problem arose as to where a place for military training would be found and wherefrom arms would be available Military training was not so easy as political training. For military training, at first a safe open area is needed, where the trainees will learn the use of arms through safe arms exercises. During7 l’s great liberation war we used Indian territory for such training. But it is not possible now. Only a few years back India had driven away Kader Siddiqui’s forces from their soil. For military training there was no chance of using Indian soil. Sundarban or Hill-Tracts were also not safe for military training. In the world outside we had no friend. Afganistan was in the control of the staunch fundamentalists. There we have no place. There was no response from the Soviet Union (Russia). In the circumstances Lebanon and the P.L.O. (Palestine Liberation Organization) came up for consideration. Secret communication was established with P.L.O. 
Representative in Dhaka, Mr. Ahmed A. Razek. A few meetings were held secretly with Mr. A.A. Razek at the P.L.O. Embassy in Gulshan. Mr. Razek was told candidly that we wanted military training and in return we would give whatever he wanted. Ahmed A Razek asked for one month’s time.  
After a month, again a meeting was held with Ahmed Razek. It was decided that P.L.O. would be giving us military training in the soil of Lebanon. In return, we shall have to fight against the lsraelis on behalf of the P.L.O. We agreed. When our first batch would arrive Lebanon they would be given military training and sent to the battlefield straight way to fight the Israeli on behalf of the P.L.O. The first batch would go to Lebanon. After the training of the second batch they would go to war and the first batch would be sent back to Bangladesh. It means, one batch of ours will always fight on behalf of the P.L.O.

P.L.O. would bear expenses of our travel to Lebanon and return to Dhaka. P.L.O. would pay salaries to those of us who would fight for P.L.O.

From time to time all aspects of the plan were intimated to Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina and her advice was taken. In pursuance of the decision of the meeting with P.L.O. first batch was sent to Lebanon in the last week of May, 1982.

After receiving training the first batch started fighting for the P.L.O. in the Israeli border. The second batch was prepared to go to Lebanon. At that time Israel made an attack and occupied Lebanon. All of our fighters became captives in the hands of Israelis. Our plan failed. Parents
and relatives of all of our fighters started crying for them. Mujib’s daughter Sheikh Hasina conveniently forgot everything. She remained passive and silent. She never uttered any word about our sons. After this with much difficulty, through Pakistan Red Cross our fighters who were captives in the hands of the Israelis were brought back to the country. 
If you want to look into the lives of the corrupt psychopaths that run Bangladesh today in their formative political phase (1980-1996) this source is a useful point of entry. From the UK point of view, it expands our understanding the role and relationships of Sheikh Rehana and her family (which includes prospective Labour MP for Hampstead and Kilburn Tulip Siddiq) in the party, its decisions and possessions.


Tackling Ramadamentia this year

On 27th June 2014, the UK government published a video of Prime Minister David Cameron delivering a Big Brother Big Society sermon to his Muslim subjects. Its production and implications provides an interesting case study of how Muslims are easily coerced and of how Islam is being sold down the river by the slimy political wannabes who make it and other awful neoliberalistani transactions possible, especially during Ramadan.

Mister Cameron in full flow.
In this web-only video, the PM celebrates the values of charity, contemplation and community, as his government has put a securocrat in charge of the Charity Commissionextradited poet Talha Ahsan to torturous conditions in a US Supermax prison, and viciously attacked communities in Birmingham and East London,

With imperialistic and ahistorical splendour,  Dave began by extolling those selling  (red) poppies for Remembrance Day and dwelling on the Muslim colonial subjects killed fighting with the British Empire in WW1, as if they had a free choice in the matter, and as if the First World War wasn't a criminally stupid waste of lives and resources worthy of condemnation 100 solar cycles on.

If we excavate our histories of liberation, we find a very different decolonial memory of the conflict. The Silk Letter Movement, of leading Islamic scholars of India Maulana Mahmudul Hasan to kick the British out of India  was recently commemorated by the Government of India for its revolutionary contribution to India's freedom. This movement sought to throw off the colonial yolk and connect with the Ottomans, but was scuppered by the Emir of Makkah.

While governments like Bangladesh's slaughter members of this movement in the streets with impunity,
 India's government commemorates their emancipatory contributions with stamps like this.

Back to the prime minster's sermon and Dave gave his support to the Department for Communities and Local Government's Big Iftar project where Ramadan and the FIFA World Cup are conjoined,  feasts put on and barriers broken down. This is all standard community NGO speak, but in case you were unaware, it is feared that 250 000 people have been displaced from their homes by the World Cup in Brazil and the 'infrastructural work' it has 'made viable'.

Neighbourly intimacy (in the UK not Brazil) gets a look in too in one choice paragraph reproduced below for a good decolonial kicking.
Neighbourhoods will get the chance to enjoy traditional cuisine while watching World Cup matches on big screens. There will be a Big Iftar event on the banks of the River Thames and ‘flash mob’ iftars which could spring up in any park or high street in the country.
The 'harmless fun' of watching football and feasting is probably not a problem for the Ramadan values of consumer-oriented people, but I believe that the injustice is two-fold, at least and that it should provoke at least a moment for people who reflect and consider what to do. Not only is the coupling of football and iftari-as-food, socially unjust to Brazilians suffering the World Cup but its subordinating of the socio-spiritual dynamic of iftari to curry provision. Remember Vindaloo?

Imagine your favourite Happy House Muslims and agents in this video, 

Another corporate appropriation of flashmob

Government pronouncements make and rewrite history and public worth. They are excellent fossil fuels. The Chronicles of the Big Iftar, it is written, began last year and promise to grow three fold. You see the insular Muslims of Britain could only share iftari  with other people as a rearguard response to the murder of the British soldier Lee Rigby - as if to suggest that the best way of Preventing Violent Eurocentrism is to throw a samosa at it, and that Islamophobic Zombies may only be slowed by rivers of ghee.

In the interests of (sn)objectivity, it is worth considering the positives in this scenario, and who they are positive for (caterers, attention seekers, Big Society pushers, box-tickers, paknocrats, house muslims). Human circles may become wider, but maybe they wont,  maybe they will only feel wider and the folks involved are already involved with each other, maybe whatever the benefits, the problem is that its essentially still powerful interests fundamentally shadow puppeteering Muslims. Which isnt as cool as the real thing.

"What is thy bidding my master"
"Suffocate their ummahtic creativity this Ramadan"

We must take care to differentiate those manipulating in a conscious fashion and everyone else, because worker bees dislike being likened to puppets, and we all value our selves.

Nevertheless, I guess this banks the coffin shut, and that the flashmob iftar, with or without the homeless people, has been co-opted for musalmanagement purposes. It has been badged and injected with government and house Muslim mentality and released into the general population. What began as misfits poohpoohing hierarchical and patronising relations has been reterritorialised by government agendas, and voluntarily enabled from the white supremacists within the Muslim community.

Innalillahi wa innailayhi rajiun.

So what?

The implications of the above are that folks interested in disentangling their deeds and taqwa from the service of imperialism, consumerism and white power this Ramadan must try harder than ever. This month as always expands the conditions of possibility like no other in the Ummah. As our deed fields are so unique to our personal circumstances, it is these which we need to understand better before committing time, fellowship, creativity  and material resources.

To be able to decode utterances better is key to avoid being played for a fool or a tool or a mule,  from Allah and the Prophets through to official and non official public relations speak, advertising, organised guilt tripping and social media.

There are multitudes of children of Thatcher and Blair abusing our ummastructures of trust cultivated over generations for a cheap publicity stunt or position play. I am not just speaking about the overmentioned Quilliam Foundation, or the responsible parts of the disappointing Islamic Society of Britain and its over-graduates, whose amazing ideas Inspire Inc. the hell out of us on an annual basis ( See 2012 edition of twinning Ramadan with the Olympics). Nor am i talking about large corporate charities who go beserk and character assassinationy when their photo opportunity seeking executives get caught out slowing the reception of relief to distressed Somalis.

Perhaps it is inherent to wider Muslim organisation in a time of hypercapitalism, characterised by our uncritical and irresponsible image management, facebook narcassism and dimness.

Ramadan has rolled into our collective lives, along with corporate fundrazing. For Islamicate charities this month is peak time. Like a date tree in the morning, there is no better time to tap that sweet nectar.

We are SMSed that the UK government will match fund our donations by an organisation that forbids its fundraising employees from helping anybody else. Through our letter boxes come notices that 'Their freedom... starts with us'.

What actually to these organisations do with all the money, who pulls their strings, do they really know whats going on, how depoliticising are they of their staff and smiling beneficiaries? how ruthless are they in parroting their institutional donor's mantra? Aren't there other organic networks of trust and care one can irrigate?

Isn't it all just getting a bit STOPKONY2012?


Film Trailer: Why can't I be Sushi?

Hoda Yayha Elsoudani's forthcoming saunter though the Sunni-Shii interface looks like it's going to be awesome and I hope it does really well. I think it's going to be Tawhesive (definition). Two cute little girl geniuses ask all sorts of people about the most long running bifurcation within the Muslim Ummah. It is an amazing schism really, because none of us were at Kerbala when the irreversible went down, but is solidifies at times and cloggs up the hope pipes.

Powerful centrifugal forces from within and without continue to work hard to scupper Muslim people's enheightenment, perhaps nowhere more-so than in Syraq over which we here in Londonistan have little real purchase.

The Iraq war protests were the first time that I noticed any significant political difference within UK Muslims on geopolitics at street protests and at university. Folks, moved by Saddam's victimisation of the Shii community and their political power, went quite pro-US intervention.

I imagine this often happens when your back is up against the wall and there seems like there is no escape. In the 70s Bengali Nationalists supplicated to India to deliver them from Pakistan before and after the military crackdown. In the 80s, Mojahedin e Khalq marched into Post Revolution Iran from Iraq. One man's opportunism is another man's something else, and this is common and probably systematic, ummahtic complexity problem in times of collective weakness.

Fast forward a decade, with Syria in civil war, obese petrosheikhs playing silly buggers, the Iraqi regime's victimisation of Sunnis and the fearsome ISIS storyline, and its not unusual for misunderstandings and power plays to compound and sour the mental faculties and limit the growth of relations between brothers.

As well as empathy, I think there is a lot that Sunnis can learn from the Shii experience of being in minority, especially the khums (20% gains tax), which we could use to pool resources for a more autonomy, organisational and intellectual capital. Ali Shariati is an inspiring figure too.

Syraq hosts ~55 million souls, Bangladesh ~155  million souls: Upon all be peace

I am prone to situating myself in Bangladesh, which has a cosmopolitan Muslim heritage, and a primary national culture cleavage is pitched around 1971 as Kerbala. In desh, its the secular liberal Muslims who slaughter other Muslims in the street, dehumanise them, and make money out of their despair.

Like Sabir Mustafa Head of the Bengali World Service at the BBC, and the despicable fuck, who covered up the extent, nature and depravity of Bangladesh government's massacre of unarmed civilian protesters last year, then dressed the victims up like terrorists. Reflecting on how the journalistic, political and security forces of Bangladeshi establishment have murdered,  terrorised and mentally stunted the people in Bangladesh, and of hearing of how ISIS summarily executed so many of their former tormentors in the Iraqi security forces, is quite an emotional roller coaster. As a month of nonsecular training and transformation approaches, what counter-sectarian moves might we make to remove the vital threat without becoming it?

The Sushiness of Bengal Muslim heritage is multivalent. Although Mir Jafar, the great traitor who ushered in British corporate-militant ascendancy in South Asia was Shii, so was Sirajudawla, the young ruler that he betrayed. A lot of funds went into the development of  Shii Islamic institutions in Najaf from Sunni tenant farmers via their Shii rulers in the past.  Syed Amir Ali's 'A Short History of the Saracens' and 'The Spirit of Islam' are still key texts for people with a cerebral Muslim self, more than 100 years after their writing. It is fresh too, limited by what Jamaat e Islami has to offer, and unimpressed with quietist vanilla Islams, young, brave and talented people are exploring the Shii traditions.

The resources and traditions of Islamic people are so rich, I hope that people in desh can help each other find the keys to treasury.... before the Boys of Bangladesh find and twist the fiqh they were looking for...


Muhajir from Muhajir

Oh you whose foremothers were moved
To hope another world was possible
Ahl al Muhajirin
From British India's colonial frying pan
Into Bangladesh's funeral pyre.

They say that brahmos abolished sati
Nay, we revive that practice for you
Widows of Our Muslim political past.
How dare you occupy our lebensraum.

We showed you last Shababarat
Courtesy of the finest Awami crazies.
Like we showed you in the 93,
When the BNP sold the land beneath you.

The question on our hips is,
Whether bengalie nationalism is
the stupidest
most euthanistic
ideology of all our time?

If so,
how long will its tenants
and petty landlords
live and die in its gangrenous ghetto?


Bigger better brighter bolder bullshit now

From the bards at Seize The Day

I see they got a bigger bullshit now
I'd better get a better bullshit now
Give me a brighter bolder bullshit now
We've got a greener brand of bullshit

I'm not gullible you won't catch me
Getting had by an adman's fantasy
Of a supermodel in a talking car
With a nicotine nipple and a chocolate bra

As a jingle fingers through my soul
and I'm twitching to a rhythm that I don't control
Itching for a fix down the old arcade
Where I spent all the money that I just got paid

Bigger Better Brighter Bolder bullshit now

Am I an animal, so programmable,
A pavlov dog in a revolving door?
Or a human spirit that has got no limit
And I ain't gonna double for a dunce no more

Say that I won't but I probably will
'Cos they've got my number and they're ringing it still
Singing "Heal the hunger in your soul"
With a brand new filling for a brand new hole

And it's all for my freedom of choice
That a thousand satellites got one voice
For a TV shopper who remotely votes
Channel hopping in the cabin of a sinking boat

Titanic, what's the panic bullshit now?

Slave or citizen, same old shit again
Got a lot of what I never used to need
While all I'm cherishing is perishing
Fed to the fetish of a great white greed

Greed in the boardroom bigger than god
Using the woman as a wink and nod
And a prod to the herd that are driving by
"You can have my body if you buy my lie"

Somebody in this neighbourhood
Ought to take those billboards out for good
Ought to run them dealers out of town
Ought to take back the power and hand it around

Start planning for an insurrection now

I'm not a terrorist, maybe an anarchist,
A nice bloke, doesn't wanna hurt no one,
But if we don't stop it then our kids are gonna cop it
And how we gonna pay 'em for the damage we done?

I say 'we', what do I mean?
Just a lot of little people in a big machine
Just a lot of little links in a global chain
Where we want more pleasure so we make more pain

And it seems like nobody's in control
Just money making money and it's got no soul
And it's got no power but the power we give
When we doubt that without it we could live

Imagine - it's easy if you try

I'm an idealist - also a realist
I know it's difficult to kick that drug
But if we get clever and we give it up together
What a great endeavour when we pull that plug

I'm sick and tired of all the bullshit now
I think we're running out of bullshit now
I've had enough of all the bullshit



Watch now as every Salafi organisation
Becomes the Quilliam Foundation
As white power demands
Disciplines and threatens
to institutionally disarm.

Saudi, a Labia,
Engourged with black gold
Petroindustrial prostitute
To the colonial present
With an amateur fetish,
For fucking things up even more.

King Faisal's remains
are turning in their grave.

Check your twitter and read,
Some sociopaths wrapped in a flag
To cover their negritude and inadequacy
To provide every securocrat
With a compelling business case
To do as they please.

The Miley Cyrusification of the Mujahideen
Completed, one selfie at a time.
Wrapped up in false governance plan,
A parody of Four Lions.

I don't really believe the govt media ISIS hype.
After all these same people
Covered up the massacre in Dhaka, last year.
Selective human rights industrialism
From people armed to the teeth.

The Mujahid remains an honourific and lofty role,
No matter what you are alleged to have done, or do.
Or how stupid, misled or evil you might be.

Remember Yilmaz?
The Danish trainer,
Is that skilled sweet man still alive?
I remember late President Mashkadov,
And who undermined, sullied and killed that struggle?
The 90s seems so long ago now.

The Euphrates remains constricted,
By Saddam's Dams.
You have your southern chums
By their balls,
What was it that poor Moursi said?
'We will defend the Aswan dam with our blood.'
This is no upgrade,
Not even decolonial lemonade
So what is your plan

Watch the fucking British State
And its minions on Fleet Street
Ooze rivers of whiteous indignation.
They who completed Syria's murder of Dr Isa Abdur Rahman.
Now demand condemnothon in perpetuity
Compensating with airtime
Proportional to how high you'll jump.

A penny for the Guy?
Take a bow RaDickle Middle Way, QWillyam and company,
You have succeeded in making things worse.

Did your Key Performance Indickators go like this?

  • Number of apparent scholars delegitimised?
  • Coefficient of suffocation?
  • Extent of toolboyhood
  • Coefficient of wardrobe expansion?
  • Miles misled per testicle
  • Mistrust multiplied
  • Humans humiliated
  • Sequins of sufism supplied
  • Litres of liberalism lubricated.
  • Centimetres of salafism supersceded
Or maybe we could use carbon,
You've burned an awful lot of jet fuel.

So the racist, genocidal and terrorist powers,
Who empowered Saddam
Then starved Iraqis to death,
To protect obese Kuwaitis and Saudis,
Buried them in the sand,
raped them (just bad apples of course)
Piled up their bodies, selfied, defingered, burned and pummelled
With uranium till they gave birth to dear disfigured babies
Have the fucking gall
To demand you condemn ISIS
Like performing monkeys.

Shove that banana back up their sphincters.