tittle tattle

i habhe a keyboard problem, a dodjy 'bhee' key...
few more days in desh then return to london, where all is not particularly jolly. real shame, what a bunch of arseholes! hard to beliebhe as well. many of the places attacked were host to muslim concentrated communities and placees i know and remeber well, aldgate, edgeware road.....

People here are really pleasantly concerned for the enironment facing muslims in britain. Really enlibhening to here and partake in alternatibhe theory building/analysis of whats going on. problem s, that i keep habhing to repeat, is that it doesnt really matter what really happened, we habhe to adapt to the official picture linking people and causes, as there isnt exactly an alternatibhe, credible crime inbhestigation network on the case, and the muslim communites are quite ulnerable in a number of ways at this time. maybe im too cynical?

the presses and national goebhrnments and bhested interest groups are all constructing a self serbhing narratibhs at the moment its hard to get any insght throught the print and electronic media.......which is why im now looking at blogs.....and decided to make this post.... i had a little misplaced faith in the police (doh!) until a trigger happy copper filled a brazilian electricians head full of bullets (7 in the head one in the shoulder, point blank?!?!). how many other instances of abuse habhe gone unreported? its impossible to tell from here.

Clearly institutions are in a learning phase and all young muslim looking men are suspects. its hard for me to sympathise too much with the police and intelligence and political establishments. such ridiculous pressure originates in the worldbhiew, policy and actibhities of gobhernment abroad. skirting obher this truth is beating about the bush, and they are beating around the bush. Muslim Community organisations habhe issue plenty of condemnations and are patiently dialogueing with dumbo journalists and the worried public. they werent built for ummahtic policing though,....and i guess we'll see a lot more 'state sponsored muslim leadership/control initiatibhes'. im just taking into the air, i habhe no specific answers...especially without my trusty 'bhee' key! spefific anxieties

-getting blown up by one of these things
-my neighbours and friends fearing muslims.
-these crimes being used as a pretext to further 'justify' unjust actions upon the weak by the strong.
-being physically set upon by angry indigenous folk
-getting battered by police
-information about me, or those that i lobhe circulating, distorting, transferring and being misused by state authorities.
-the longerterm impressions that Islam and Muslim will now habhe on the brit social memory
-the distraction and diffusion of muslim effort bythe fetishisation of the terrorism lark.
its the people i worry about pawns in the process, far more interesting, but most bhulnerable.

at the end of the day london is much safer than dhaka or most other cities.


"Surely with eery hardship there is ease; with ebhery hardship there is surely ease."
Ayah 5-6, Surah 94, Quran

work has more or less gone well. real warm cooperation, adbhice, wisdom reciebhed from research people here. the research trip to field went well, did a bunch of practice interbhiews, messed around with maps, and local memories of displacement.....felt right a right per documenting misery, but those who had the patience with me (ebheryone) were really forthcoming. inshAllah i hae completed eerything i set out to do, ebhen if i wish to habhe gone on some more trips around the country.

Family has been don like, will miss being surrounded and inundated with phonecalls (confounded mobiles!) desiring my location, purpose, company and state of filledness of stomach and internal food processing equipment.

oooo dindins. (i hope that a picture has been posted, sunset from a boat)