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Dr Zakir Naik: Preacher of hate? You're having a laugh?

So the 'preachers of hate' weapon is now being used on Dr Zakir Naik. He has been banned from visiting the UK and giving lectures.

Theresa May is very badly advised/stupid/plain evil. I', not sure which just yet.

Dying to appear 'tough on terror', they want to be seen to be doing something. So following a well known recipe: add some decontextual 'quotes' together to demonstrate that the man isnt a secular liberal, scream with righteous indignation, stir with power and disrupt a large set of comunity events this summer. Events people have made efforts to put together.

We need to fight back on these things, so that this is not a costless injustice at the very least. I am glad that the good doctor is legally challenging the 'decision'. He is lucky, many others dont have the resources to contest such calculated insults.

Slurring Muslims is everyday business. Immobilising their thought and disrupting their organsiation are policies in evidence.

The 'preachers of hate' weapon is not because of the reasons given by the state, but because Zakir Naik has power. The ability to be listened to and respected by hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the uk.


Viva Palestina!

The ever increasing arsehole footprint of the Israeli State never ceases to amaze me. They kill Arabs daily, now they have killed more of the friends of the Palestinians.

Unless you have spent the whole day gardening, or watching the bbc, you might figure I am talking of the Israeli murder of 10-20 Palestinian solidarity heroes/aid deliverers. There were protests accross the UK today, and I had the opportunity to attend the London one. We were heartened by the good spontaneous turnout, responsibility and mixed origins of protesters.

The Arab League continues to resemble a row of zeroes.

I see leadership from Rais Erdogan of Turkey. Of the national leaders, I see initiative in his hands, and Allah help him and his society helps the situation. We are with you. Duas for Palestine, the convoy and its loved ones, as ever.

A minor demo inventory
Jews for Justice- Its kosher to boycott israeli goods.
College students who surely should have been revising for their exams
Heavily pregnant lady who walked all the way from whitehall to high street kensington.
Slowly driving car with guitarist on top.
And Turks.

Attaturk's face on the flags suggest to me that there are newer allies to the cause.

In international waters, which is where the State Piracy occurred, the law of the ship flag operates. As one of the speakers pointed out today, this suggests that legally the Israeli personel who pulled the triggers/ordered the operation should be extradited and tried under Turkish law.

I am also wondering where the Turkish Navy is at this point. For reference, Zaman is a good way into the Turkish press.

Several actions are being planned, across organisations and communities. See Stop The War for more info. Feet-on-the-ground demonstrations are an important part of any movement, especially this one. I encourage people to make time to participate in activities to support them and take care to implement good demo practices.

That is, to use every available opportunity to forge unity, continuity and trust within the protest ecology. We must weave together with protestors who we dont know, we will develop new tools and watch out for spoilers.