[New Word] Ohingsha

(i) Negation of envy and jealousy.
(ii) Post Gandhian political movement to break the socially and spiritually degenerative characteristics of Bangladeshi Moronarchy


Stop (im)Press: The Ummah Code hath been discoverethed

Thirty-two, or there abouts, is the number of solar years that it takes for the lunar calender to complete one circuit.

This year's Ramadan burns the summer holiday period, apparently we have had an Arab Spring and we fast with hope and scope. Just like in 1979, for the Iranians, or Laylatul Qadr, 1947, 14th night/15th August,  for the Indians. (Reach to 1915 and we have the Late Ottoman / Armenian Mayhem hmmm)

Thirty-two is an interesting Ummahtic Time Period. If we pile on and superpose these images i wonder what we could understand. Maybe how we dance to the music of celestial bodies.

Thirty-two years is a good period with which to prod our collective selves for reflections of qualitative change. Deeds and taqwa through higher objective struggle, deen, life, dignity, intellect and property.

  1. How close are we to its core? What is the depth of atheisation?
  2. How are we treating creation? How are our lives unfolding?
  3. How does the Musalman earn and produce honour these days? How prevalant is humiliation and disgrace?
  4. How have our peronal and social intelligences refined and honed? Is religious education getter more or less stupifying?
  5. Are our assets safe from eachother? How secure are we form material poverty?


natural resource exploitation in bangladesh

The Awami government has been selling the country short to Conoco-Phillips it would seem.
theres been some spirited lefty protest going on thats getting beaten by the cops a lot.

Shahidul Alam's blog covers it
Theres a neat video fo a Dhaka Uni-based action, an interview with Rahnuma Ahmed

My hopes are that its not just political ID politics and that a broader base of people come outaffirming a pro indigenous technological development mood music, epistamic movement and disobedience.

We must superscede the anarchic street protest methodology that the awami league had deployed since before 1970, and the archaic student tribal showing -off politics that blow things out of proportion every now and again (most recently during the military caretaker government.)

Bangla bhai, Bangla bhai
Tui MNCderke marteparo nai?


Anti Drones Campaign


Drone Wars UK aims to be a source of information on the growing use of armed drones. As we are based in the UK we will focus on the use of British drones but also include information about armed drones in general.

The Drones Campaign Network in the UK is calling for a week of action to protest the growing use of armed drones from 3rd – 9th October.  The week will be part of the international ‘Keep Space for Peace Week’, which this year is focusing on the use of drones

World Bank and Climate Change Adaptation Financing

Whats a joke that this agency should have anything to do with the future.

The World Development Movement has a report on Climate Loan sharks, which i suppose is good for them, but doesnt delink the Majority world from the mode of thinking, modern development, politics, consumption and science that have cause such pain in the world.

This pain is not just communicated by Global Weirding of Climate Change, but this general post colonial capitulation and floundering that we see.

*salutes bolivia again*