Duas for Benghazi and the Ansar

I am fearful for the resistance in Libya, that their autonomy maybe too temporary. They may will be overwhelmed by Qaddafi's forces, a particularly nasty branch of which is SAS trained. Its hard to get any fine grained knowledge on the matter. Bahrain too. I pray that the Noble Ansar and Mujahidin are finding ways of doing their thing, on all planes and fronts, with light and metal and that the notorious Khamis brigade becomes inoperable as its members and leaders shoot bent, stand up and cross over.

For those of us on the sidelines Sandala have circulated a recording of this dua, follow its words on the pdf whilst listening.

The Prayer of the Oppressed (mp3 audio)
"This highly potent du’a by the renowned Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Nasir (d. 1674), was recited across Morocco and inspired resistance to the French occupation. So powerful was it as a rallying ...cry of the resistance that the French president issued an order banning its recitation from the mosques. It is appropriate to the present state of the ‘Umma.' "
English translation and arabic (pdf) 
O You to Whose mercy one flees!
You in Whom the one in need and distress seeks refuge!
O Master, You Whose pardon is near!
O You Who help all who call on Him!
We seek Your help, O You who help the weak!
You are enough for us, O Lord!

Alien's kidnapped my imam and meddled with his mind

Is how many people feel about the Usama Hasan saga. For others its been a time for political capitalism and whiteous indignation. For me I think a lot of organisation's lost the 'fear' that speaking in support of his safety would 'Quilliamise' them in Muslim eyes.

On the matter of Evolution, I temporarily conclude that neither Harun Yayha, Nuh Keller, Usama Hasan nor Taner Eidis approaches are satisfactory or nourishing.

On the mosque politics, the paradigms of Mubarak and Abu Bakr(ra) under siege have been invoked by various sides, like a coplicated game of celebrity trump cards.

As the Millat grows - radially - we can expect more conflict and would be wise to design technologies of humility and deescalation, inculcate the adab of ikhtilaugh and nurture interest in the truth, not the power.

 Dissentary is a problem, as well as gangsterisation.


Climate Bribe Money

Basically over the next months and years the big power are going to be bribing smaller, climate vulnerable countries with adaptation goodies in order to institute a carbon regime of their choosing and timing on the world for all time.

They will extoll the virtues of the carbon market, a 4 degree global burn, patronising technological transplant solutions to impacts and most funnily of all, have the World Bank to administer it all.

Now which short termist developmentia ridded Southern country could disagree to that?

I guess we shall see.

Bolivia have a good stance, based on Mother Earth Rights, They trialled this last December at Cancun. We need a Southern bloc to unite to tackle this appropriation of nature.


Its rewarding and it makes me happy

When I hear or see a charity/voluntary/development worker wax on about how rewarding their developmentia is, |I seriously want to clobber them on the head. I won't make a gendered facility statement but will observe this, the disease is effecting ostensibly Islamic organisations full of the clueless who have come to adopt this self-satisfied narrative.

Imamic emission

A list of voicings concerning the production of ummahtic stupidity surrounding tawhid mosque,  muslim perspectives on evolution and Shayk Usama Hasan.

"Why don't you educated people keep your science in the university? This is a mosque."
"Don't go creating fitna over here!"
"Are you saying that the Prophet Adam's came from apes?"
"Let him speak, I want to hear hear if he's a kaafir myself!"
"These fuckers irritate me so much, I actually have sympathy for the EDL."
"Bro Usama, I am behind you. If there is someone that issues you a death threat, give me his name, I will come there myself and YANK HIS BEARD OUT WITH MY OWN HANDS! "
"[He] should be commended, hes doing what we never did, put[ting] his balls on the line"
Indeed there is faya between the kuns. And the Trustees are on faya

Threedom in north africa

The brotherhoods of secular liberals, socialists and political Islams jump for joy with transnationality and delusion. The former are particularly strong, especially in the wests, in their immediate interpretation and reterritorialisation of the temporary autonomous zones produced by these most interesting times.

Fidel Castro writes in, dissapointingly to some, about the Imperialists plan for Libyan Oil, saying that this is just a prelude to invasion.

Hamid Dabashi talks of new geographies of liberation

I guess nobody anywhere knows how this will pan out