Retrofiting an Old mould: Iftar projections

In Ramadhan there is a tradition amongst Muslims, especially those in more stable accomodation and neighbourhoods. This is the distribution of iftar to neighbours and freinds. Its an amazing institution and something we are only too happy to work within.

However, I'm coming from a place where I need to give you, my guest, heart disease to show you my love, and you need to give me, your host, diabetes to return the favour. Hardly a coherent fellowship of heard, mind and body.

So, why not alter the contents to healthy well sourced creative items and extend the ummah love to near neighbours and others.

May we be purveyors of fine affectionary.


Resources on Our Olympic Times

Dissent has been eloquent and forthcoming from left, right and liberal directions. From the inept private Olympic security firm (G4S) that likes to run detention centres for Palestinian children by the Israeli Apartheid Wall, to the missiles installed on East London Housing, from the brand policing that makes you want to puke to the disturbing sound of the London Mayors stupid voice blathering at you on every mode of public transport, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was a huge joke about how superficial we are.

Recommended readings and viewings below:

The Occupied Times interviews the Official ProtestersTM of the Olympic GamesTM

The German Der Speigel lets rip

Seamus Milne examines the lock-down

East Londoners march against missiles in their neighbourhood

Even the Daily Mail does exasperated quite well

Laurie Penny steps up

Simon Jenkins muses over the idea of an Olympic audit

Prof Mike Raco on Privatisation and Depoliticisation

Cassette boy gives us our dear Mayor's welcome to the Olympics

Meanwhile last weekend more than a few Affirmative Action Alibis were carrying the torch for neoliberal crapitalism, the SpaceHijackers were having fun

and Tariq Ramadan was posting his Ramadan Chronicles


Fasting not Feasting Campaign for 1433

Fasting not Feasting (FnF) can be seen as a mobilising principle to help embody the spirit of Ramadan, which exists to mark the human reception of His Speech, the Qur'an. For a growing number of Muslims in the UK, and other countries, its a kinda-under-the-radar communal campaign for transformation and piety in Ramadan, against gluttony and consumerism.

Resisting injustice, whether from corporate, governmental or organisational capture, and charitivity is important here, as we encourage each other to sharpen the skills and reach of everyday Islamic practices. We do not await hierarchical instructions. Tarawi prayers amongst trees and Flashmob Iftaris are likely to unfold in towns and cities all over the place.

To find out more, and instigate/participate the FastingnotFeasting campaign lives on http://www.fastingnotfeasting.org.uk and  tweets from @fastnotfeast.

Thursday 26th
LONDON - George Green, Wanstead
MANCHESTER - Picadilly Gardens

Friday 27th
LONDON - Lincoln's Inn Fields


[New Word] Ramadamentia

An Ummahtic condition brought on by misled, misplaced notions of piety. Consumerism unshackled. Ya Haqq.

The instinctual option may be to let things lie as you see the flurry of developmentia issue forth from noble sentiments. On the contrary, the spirit of Ramadhan is to be calmer, clearer and more courteous in speech and manner when displacing falsehoods and lies.


Amnesty and the Affirmative Action Alibi

Was the image i saw entering their barracks in east london, and the image that I left with. Enlightened hijaban amazed at the awesomeness of a corporate NGO providing  developmentia decoration.

The screening of In the Land of Freedom (check) followed the cases of the Angola 3, prisoners wrongly messed around by the US injustice system, specifically the state of Louisiana. One third of the 'team' was present for the QnA. Thats before the other 2 are still inside the jail, thanks to the A grade wanker attorney general.

In the QnA, the chair dodged the question from the floor about what Amnesty might do for Talha and Babar. It was asked by Talha's brother.

Robert King, the star of the evening, who lost 31 years to US  injustice, 29 in solitary confinement, gave his solidarity and voice. But strangely, the startled technocrat human rights worker thought it wasnt the right forum.

US jail conditions
Solitary confinement
UK citizen s about to be extradited with anticipated pretrial deetantion in Supermax facilities.

Also found out about a supermax facility/torture camp called pelican bay, built in the 90s on the back of tough crime talk in the 80s. And the perverse prison bed filling market economy.

There was something ghastly about a Black Panther being reduced the Amnesty showboating.


Blowing Raspberries or Whistles?

Disgruntled employee,
With ability of speech,
Highlights error to,
Honumanitarian chiefs.

Caricature assassinations
Technocratic excuse
More PR offensives
Tongues wagging loose.

Bumkiss your good brother
Without him you're sunk
Bumkiss your good brother
You'll soon turn him drunk

If you pull down his pants
To point out a wart
Be sure that its there, it's
Not perverted blood sport.



Seems like the Algerians are doing it on the 5th!

Neat article on Algerian Independence  in French life that includes the experiences of the black feet (settlers) who had to return to France, and the indigenous French-loyal Algerians who fled to France or got killed in a surge of triumphalist nationalism.

The Algeria 1830-1962 celebration exhibition sounds like the kind of stuff the govt would pull here, and the right wing, empire rhyme sounds familiar.


Ummahtic Disclaimer: To append to all your sincere communications

Dear Ummah,

Live and breathe the principles. Don't be scared that someone will grass you up to anti terror police, take away your government funding or tarnish your employment prospects.


The Ummah


Algerian Independence Day

Skeptical of so-called revolutions not delivering full spectral results in 28 days with no money back guarantee? Tired of have-a-go NGOs pulling your chain, manipulating the imagery of grief, begging you to like them? Frankley unimpressed by the sorry excuses for political leaders and parties unhabiting your ancestral Moronarchies?

Fancy engaging with a few particules of inspiration?

Well, 3rd July marks the solar anniversary of Algerian Independence from French rule. It is 50 years since that 1962 culmination of decades of organised struggle against a vicious, genocidal and merciless colonial force. I pray for the acceptance of the strugglers and hope that there is learning in our transnational decolonial movement.

This historic moment is under appreciated generally. For some filmic context, I recommend viewing Gillo Pontecorvo's film The Battle of Algiers which was made to reconstruct the early years of the war from 1954 to 1957.

Though independence as of 3rd July was announced by the colonial abuser, it was forced by a variety of different political means; from bullet to ballot. Not fucking Twitter.

The Young Algeria provided an umbrella for many anticolonial movements of the time, which was one of hope and possibility to many of our parent's and grandparent's generation.

How contemporary Algeria has subsequently unfolded should not detract from the importance of understanding its significance.

So screw other independences about now, 3rd July is for
  • Kicking Empire in the head
  • Connecting with and critically appraising the relevance of related concepts and tactics
  • Asking decolonial questions of the past and present future, 
  • Establishing afro-asian congress,
  • Rigorously engaging with settlers
  • Wondering how to distrupt destructive secularist-islamicist axial disintegration
  • Demanding France apologise and undertake restorative measures.


[New Word] Urinosphere

Hugging the surface of the earth at its more unseemly locations, this foul envelope repels nur and happiness.

Key attractors.
Boys, metro systems, brussels, pay as you go toilets, beer, gondhoness

[New Word] Flopulence

One reknown for showing up on the condition that nothing better unfolds.

[New Word] Balconeer

One who spends time on verandahs of higher kinds, peering down on life below.