A vote for Tulip
Is a vote for Hasina's brutal dictatorship.
She who spoke in the capacity of that state.
Now feigns innocence and ignorance 
The Labour fake.
A vote for Tulip,
Is not a little respite from austerity,
It is a shot in the arm,
For the one party state of Bangladesh
That massacres its Officers,
Workers and Protesters,
With bullets, rubble and lies.

A vote for Tulip,
Is not a vote for parochial concern,
For Hampstead and Kilburn,
But a dodgy dossier all of its own.

There's a Brown Girl In the Ring
Tra lala la la
There's a Brown Girl In the Ring
Tra la lala lala
There's a Brown Girl In the Ring
Tra la lala la.
It looks like Labour knows they're dumb.

A vote for Tulip,
Is a vote for STOPKONY,
Asif Zardari and Chemical Ali,
Their worst qualities, all rolled into one.
Try to resist the left white liberal moronarchist drum.
With thought for those in desh at the end of the gun

A vote for Tulip
Plays Labour's BAME game
Which helps keep us lame.
Didn't Sadiq Khan's dirty tricks
During last year's Tower Hamlets theatrix
Give you your fix?

A vote for Tulip
Is a banana to Macaulay's monkeys
An apple Macaulay's donkeys
A promotion to Macaulay's flunkies,
and a five year Freedom Pass to Macaulay's junkies.

A vote for Tulip,
Is a vote for an actual Trojan Horse,
Who will say anything to get you on side,
Just a shot of Pussy Riot pride, 
'I challenged Vladimir Putin on Gay rights'


Our votes, Our words, Our song and our hearings on Tulip,
Are generative, not at all foolish.
May we raise the game
Of Action and Creation.
Fundamental transnational Chetona destabilisation.

We, the fundamentally undermined, hereby give notice, 
Of our absence and rejection,
Of this political coronation,
We affirm the value and dignity of lives in Bangladesh.
With our resistance,


B ( A) M E

B (A) M E
Reduces your coloniality
Forces me to minority
False and tricksy white supremacy
have some fucking humility

When I see your letters
In the environs of my name
I duck and run for cover
From the indignity in your frame.



Political Fact
Or not.
It is from the head
That we rot.

There is no such thing
As Original Sin,
It's the conscious spin,
With unnaccountable transnational ring,
That makes this Political Fact detestable.

A not entirely unattractive prospect
Politically, quotically, such trickery.
Female, Asian and Muslim
A White Liberal's wet dream
On Hampstead and Kilburn hallowed grounds.

The British establishment
Has always had
A soft spot for
A South Asian dynasty

A granddaughter,
That Bangladesh begot.
Chewed the bones of the 2009 Pilkhana massacre,

Six years down the long game,
The return into autocracy,
Is clearer to us.
Like watching an implosion in reverse.

The first move was the boldest one,
Mutually beneficial to both partners,
On each side of the border.

Lights camera action.
With socialist blusher,
A sepoy's revolt.
Sends dissent through the Bangladesh Rifles,
A blusher to mask
Assassination's marks.
The first powerplay of the session.

Meritocrats argue
While tonight the meritorious await death,
And the mediocre and privileged await election.


[New Word] Voetry

You my dear are so much more
Than a cross in a box
A nose counted
Normalised to zero

Commodifying you
Is so easy.
welfare nostalgia
Where the virtual should be
Imperious mistake
Excluding the worms and bees