[New word] Brexilience

Probably useful to be thinking in terms of the household or company scale, impacts and options of forthcoming change.

Let them lose their shit, just make preparations, it will be white supremacy shaytanic capitalism of a slightly different configuration, as usual anyway


[New Word] Nirmulosterone

Did you have fun rigging your latest election tasmaha? Fancy an(other) ultranationalist high? Why not chase the green serpent with a vial of Nirmulosterone.

Destroys political pasts, presents and futures.

Credits to Jahanara Imam, Shahriar Kabir, Gita Chagol and David Bergman.


Bangladesh and the 96% Result

If an illegal government holds another rigged election to rechristen itself, does it cancel the previous rigged election out or does it just mean that the thugs and opportunists are going to leave more of us in shallow graves, destitution and traffic jams?

Three overempowered Bangladeshi females posed for the press flashing V signs and looking terribly pleased with themselves. A fourth was missing because she was too busy breastfeeding in the mother of all parliaments.

The history of rigging in Bangladesh is long and illustrious. It's playing fields and training camps are swampy, prone to erosion and 'aid' flood contamination. Civil servants spend their nights stamping vote sheets before the vote. Gundas ( thugs) are expected to put the fear of death and family destruction into their victims.

But 96% of seats takes the patishapta pittha, the coconut water and the jhaal muri.