Are spies civilians?

Since when is any person, female or male, who works for a spying outfit to be regarded by 'the right thinking public' as a civilian?

pull the other one.


split personality

When protesting at US embassies over their continuing atrocities across the world, how do angry natives distinguish themselves from those in the visa queue?


Postcolonial Copenhagen

Where do we start? These big meetings are ways to see global politics unfold.

Neoliberal capitalism took a bite out of the Ethiopian leader's 'legitimacy' and authority to voice the climate vulnerable people's cause. A lot of decoloniser leaders flopped in the end. pfft!

G77 (developing countries) faced difficulties being heard and being taken seriously. The walkout was ridiculed by the white press. I think they should have been more forceful, theatrical and employed novel tactics. A crap agreement is worse than no aggrement.

Much of the stuff was manipulated to avoid addressing 'difficult' developing nation demands. Like ' 2 degrees rise means more than 3 degrees in Africa, that will totally screw us up'.

Obama showed how captive he is to his bog oil owned senate. He doesn't have any post colonial testicles or ovaries. US unilateral bribery and extortion play was again very visible. Is obama just an oil poodle?

The UK didn't say anything against the US interest and did the 'mediator-diplomacy' thing.

UK Energy and Climate Minister showed his true colours in his blamestorm of the Climate awkward squad, demanding reform of the UN body to avoid such inconvenience in future.

China turned things interestingly, by bringing carbon intensity (CO2 emissions divided by GDP unit) into play, because we cant all be post industrially guilt tripped into buying all western 'low carbon development technologies'. China also asserted her sovereignty by being irked at being 'monitored'.

Bangladesh Finance minister put the cat amongst the pigeons by saying that the polluting countries could open their borders to climate refugees, while the Environment minister demanded 15% of any Adaptation Fund on a per capita logic.

George Monbiot was made to look rather silly by London's Mayor Boris Johnson
' I'm sorry but I cant hate the rich in the same way you do. A zero-carbon Porshe causes you fundamental ideological problems doesnt it?'

Radiohead's Thom Yorke, 'climate roadie' really didnt make much sense.

One of the serious climate protested was arrested by the coppers, before his group's plan to mix things up a little could successfully deploy.

Banksy was inspired by events to do some grafitti.

erm... more later.... possibly, but for now here's a new word.

Climate Septic
Someone who simply doesnt care about this earth and the people living on it, and spends their efforts oozing bile at scientists over politicians; error bars over observation; and anthropogenicity over environmental justice. I hope i am not a Climate Septic.

oh. decent Naomi Klien reflects on it here.


Hit Egypt in its Touristic testicles

Joining forces with the US imperialists to build deep foundationed wall to seal the citizens of Gaza in their prison?

  • Don't visit that country (unless its for family).
  • Discourage people from visiting that phaoronic place.
  • Divest.
  • Deface all Egyptian Tourist propaganda in a distinguishable manner.
  • Point people towards deep exploration of Turkey.


[New Game] Cowboys and Iranians

Remember that game where the annihilation of the Native American civilisations is celebrated through child's play?

Well this better game is set to superscede its imperial bastard stepmother. Valuing courage, creativity and exercise, and more essentially, promoting a sense of agency when the powers are stacked up against you, this game is a game for justice.

Rather than genocide, zionism and colonisation, it celebrates giving the bully a wedgy, challenging the technological hegemony and paternity of the nuclear tipped west.

Bringin these narratives and values into everyday practice is important for developing life skills. We must inscribe the ummahtic situation and potential into our very flesh.

Try it out on the sprogs nearby. Consider it an Eid Present from me.