Constellations, a journal from IMASE

This hybrid journal/newsletter is an electronic quarterly publication from IMASE. There have been five editions so far, focussing on Muslim perspectives on science, society and technology.

This quarter's issue features: bioethics, unemployment, usamafest, political sciences, approaches to the Quran.

Worth reading and circulating.


Imagining a Ministry of Mother Earth

The bolivians must now institutionalise, translate and hone a new environmentality.

Imagine a river, objecting to being dammed, in a court, with fish and otters and the like bearing witness to the injustice of the matter. Luckily the river will not be represented as idealised point particle, a 'resource' or curvilinear flows in a computer model.

I hope Islamic movements and shaykments have their pencils sharpened and avoid Thamudian ingratitude and perversity.

Mother Earth Rights in the Plurinational State of Bolivia

Alhamdullillah its now official. The cooliest environmental law of our times.
A different way of looking and being. Tool up lawyers.



Developmentia is quite simple to define. It is an institutional psychology that inhibits socio-political uplift, suppressing the superscession of today’s status quo with bland jargon, wrong knowledges, false technocracies and waste.


Disconsensus 2011

Fill in your form and get better services, healthcare and education say the adverts for the 2011 Census, which Lockheed Martin have won the contract to administer.

Lockheed Martin also make fighter jets, very sophisticated killing machines for the Empire.

You couldn't possibly make it up.

so there's £1000 fine to hurry along subjects to cough up their details.

and several ways of lengthening the processes and minimising the firm's profits from this adventure.