[New Word] Liararchy

The pyramidal structure of excuses, irresponsibility and refusal with which many an organisation greets the real world.

The National Autistic Society "doesn't have the resources" to defend abuse of the rights of its alleged beneficiaries by the uk government. #freetalha #freegary

The racist borough council argues against a mosque on the basis of pavements wearing down. Yes redbridge we remember.

The Myanmar Government says it will look into repression and massacres of Rohingyas. Your royal human rightness AS Suu Kyi, you affirmative action alibi.

And Barclays Capital, well what can we say?


Ikhwan Mubarak

Following a lot of foreign and military meddling The Ikhwan ul Muslimeen's candidate Mohammed Morsi was declared the victor (by the Army) with a 51% share of the vote, officially  just pipping Mubarak's man Shafiq. His aceptance speech is translated here.

I feel this to be a rigged election, and that the margin was wider. Rigging has been reported all over the place. Anyhoo. By creating this democratic 49% opposition notion, Rais Mursi can be automoderated.

In anycase there are reason to gain hope from this news and we pray for good affects. Much of the commentariat is expressing Islamist-worry, I will try not be be such a patronising w@nker for the rest of the post.

Its been a while since the fraternity of Political Islam had some good news. The Nurons of Iqbal, Bhashani, Shariati and Izetbegovic still move us, whilst Erdogan and those with him continue to blow a little breeze in our sails as we are depoliticised, diasporated, locked up, snitched on, burnt to cinders and fed to the dogs.

Oh Happy Days.

It is great that one section of humanity is mobilising around the political value of fraternity, in fact we are standing at the mihrab of a great brobilisation.

Allahumma protect our brothers from developmentia and assist them with decoloniality. Make them resistant to smugness, hearing, tawhesive and skilled so they might catalyse the best in people.


An Ode to Masjid Tawhid

So its stupid pakis versus royal sellouts,
A spectacle for all to see,
Superpositioned wavefronts,
Of Olympian idiocy.

The whole world is a masjid,
Our commitment's to tawhid
Yet juxtaposed, the words expose
Just how musallis like to bleed

So fork your stupid squabble
Raze the building to the ground
Urban agriculture for Leyton
To me delightful sounds.


Extradition Reform, our number one priority. Protect Talha, Babar, Richard and Gary.

Flyer for Downing Srreet demonstration on 23rd June

Syed Talha Ahsan, Babar Ahmad, Gary McKinnon and Richard O'Dwyre are due for Extradition to the USA come the 10th July unless we seriously stand up in greater numbers to make something awesome happen.

There they face a strange justice system and  indefinite pre-trial detention in facilities which are internationally recognised as torturous, and most crucially are further torn away from their support networks.

The latest on the movement to reform UK-US extradition, from what I can see, is that social momentum is being harnessed in preparation for the Downing Street Demonstration this Saturday (23rd).

Although extradition was originally intended for use against fugitives, it has become perverted, if not inverted due to extremely bad law rushed through in the immediate post 9/11 period by a Prime Minister shamefully subservient to the USA to the point of destroying the lives of his own people.

There is no more important issue for us in the UK than this, it affects all of society, nationally and globally. The matters contained in Extradition are legal, philosophical, political and downright human. We must push ourselves further to act and pressure the institutions to investigate and redress the injustice. So first the techie stuff, then the actionable items followed by Noam Chomsky's statement of support

So far, 42 MPs from across the parties have signed Early Day Motion 128 moved by Caroline Lucas of the Green Party, has yours? Keith Vaz , Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee has spoken to Talha and Babar via video link and is on the case of the Director for Public Prosecutions, who is in motion. All reports from the political establishment point the same way, that Extradition must be reformed. 

There is lots of fighting talk from powerful people on this matter, but more action is essential.  Virtually all of the current government voted against Tony Blair's subservient treaty when they were in opposition, and the London Mayor is known to sympathise with the situation and the families.  Meanwhile the US Embassy in London is lobbying UK Parliamentarians against extradition reform, on British soil.

There is growing disquiet also as to how the UK police handed  'evidence' over to the US without proper scrutiny from the UK's own Crown Prosecution Service. This admission from the CPS emerged only late last year after the 149 421 signatory megapetition to put Babar Ahmad on trial in the UK pricked the conscience of the nation, and Parliament. Indeed, the police officer responsible for this breach of sovereignty was the same individual who had earlier been 'interviewed under caution'  following the beating of Babar Ahmad. We hope for and invite more flows of information so that we can understand how this cruel cascade of circumstances has unfolded.

On Wednesday evening,  in a meeting room at the House of Commons,  [see #extraditioncommons] Zak Goldsmith MP  spoke of how too many people's lives have been chewed up by extradition. David Bermingham, one of the 'Natwest Three' extradited several years ago told us in his trademark no nonsense manner that having been through 5 jails in the UK and 5 in the USA, that if Babar and Talha get put on the plane after July 10th, we will never see them again. It is 5 minutes to midnight for the detainees. 

It was profound to be breathing the same air as the four campaigns, Talha and Babar's that I know of, and Gary and Richard's, that I'm coming to appreciate the mothers and lawyers of.

Postcard of the FreeTalha Campaign
This extradition scenario is not an easy one to spell out, so thankfully there is a documentary doing the rounds. [see #extraditionfilm] The freetalha campaign is touring the country screening Turab Shah's Extradition film, Brighton last weekend, Birmingham and Manchester last night, London later today, Glasgow and Nottingham next week.

The We Are Babar Ahmad has grown in every single dimension I can think of, Muslim, Church, Trade Union, Human Rightist, Literati and more. They are supporting the family campaigns as well as organising the Downing Street demonstration tomorrow (Sat 23rd June)

We need to lose any fear that might be whispering into our ears and immobilising us. Now is not a great time for trust levels for all sorts of reasons. But now is the time to build a collaborative relationship with justice itself.

I know that there are some in the community who shun and stay away from the family's of the detained, and others who stay away from such issues out of what is essentially fear. However this isolation and subordination is counter-ummahtic and counter-tawhesive

We must not make it so easy for the UK government to surrender judicial sovereignty for crimes alleged to have been committed in this country, to lock us up and post us into the arms of the USA injustice system, where pleabargaining and terrorism stitch ups are the norm and male rape is rife.


How might we do better by these vulnerable men and for the future?
  • Imagine that its you or someone you love a great deal.
  • Express solidarity with families and detainees who are going through a really testing time. Support them. Do not be scared to. FreeTalha  FreeBabarAhmad    Richard O'Dwyr's Mum's Blog   FreeGary
  • Carry this situation into conversations in households, chickenshops, masjids and workplaces.This is where most commonsense is made. Jumma is a day when we come together to one spot to worship and meet.
  • Attend the first London screening tonight  @ 7pm Zakat House. For details on other screenings click HERE
  • Write letters expressing depth of feeling and reasoning to elected officials. Demand actions, more than words. Writetothem.  Encourage them to sign EDM128.
  • Demonstrate this Saturday at Downing Street from 1pm - British Justice for British Citizens


With the sharp deterioration of protection of elementary civil rights in the US, no one should be extradited to the country on charges related to alleged terrorism.  The constitutional lawyer in the White House, after all, has just made it clear that the due process provisions of the US Constitution (and Magna Carta) can be satisfied by an internal discussion in the executive branch.  And that is hardly the only example.  Furthermore, the prisons and the incarceration system in general are an international scandal.  The shallow and evasive charges in this case strongly reinforce that conclusion.  I wish you the best success in your campaign to block extradition for Talha Ahsan.
                                        Noam Chomsky's Statement of Support


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[New Word] Brocialism

Is the need of our age, consanguineous with tawhesion, it produces human fellowship and sisterhood in between the ranks, crowding out shaytan and them whisperings.

One might feel depressed that the stregth of Brokerpitalism in some spaces, but should lower ones gaze and try ones best with the nur grenades at ones disposal.

The brocialist doesn't grass her employees and staff to the police for finding her behaviour objectionable, neither does the brocialist abuse dubious relationships in the counterterrorism structure to amplify the grassing and save his wife's hide.

This Ramadan Brocialism will grow as we circulate, pray, resist and feel together.

Sufi Exceptionalism

Is something, not especially the preserve of the self defining mystics, but an annoying enough trait to warrant a kick in the teeth. Its a consequence of pyrimidal thinking that you get in particularly heirarchical spaces moved by socio-political pirisms and gatekeeperisms. WarOnTerrorTimes has brought it to the fore, but we are sure its not new.

The UK millet is quite messy, and still hasnt yet shown its unity upon truth to be a defining characteristic. There is always a sufi exceptionalist ready to break any kind of rank. Sometimes they are white, sometimes they are brown.

To be fair the political weather has produced them over recent times and other kinds of developmentia and stupidity have sapped the mojo from their salafi adversaries.

This Mahdi-complex also afflicts post Islamists, the ex Islamist industry, all native informants and the odd ikhwanker here and there.

See Also


Press TV Report on MYHGate

MYHgate Part 3 Wolf(,) Whistling?

Ever think you were being played for a greatfool muppet?

In an age where the microphone, reputation management and lawfare are the preserve of the more powerful, we could do worse than listen for the silences, the cheese and the occlusions.

The writer writes well about how they are sorry for any wrong doing and harm, explaining inbetween sobs, that their opposition was heinous and drove them gaga and that they look forward to moving on. Terrible time to be going through.

The endangered volunteers remain gagged under threats from lawyers and an investigating Board interested in surviving an emergency general meeting today, one which they should have called at least a month ago to bring Number One and Number Two to account for their playground misbehaviour, backstabbing and bullying of volunteers.

The Board only jumped when Fosis intervened. I guess its a one of those trophy boards.

We probably wont hear from the signatories of the May 18th petition as lawfare and Board's adhoc policymaking have cast heavy shadows of immobilisation upon them, and they are retracting their signatures for fear and ease. We don't hear the contents of their original internal petition as its been framed by the grassing up letter and the apology.

Occlusion, misdirection, suppression and silencing.

My favourite part of the verbose 'letter of apology' is where we are asked to feel reassured that the kindhearted dialogical folk in Prevent/Channel/Implode are ok really. Followed closely by the casting of 'Noor' as passive victim and the use of 'John' as an affirmative action alibi.

Note that the hacker/sniffer who made the whistleblower website should really have studied the adab of heckling, drawn up a trouble timeline and redacted the personal detail bits, as they endanger the volunteer's cause, and lend credence to the other belligerents. Because technocrats value procedure over justice.

The board will give excuses and a sob story, empowered by the apology, what tune will the wolves whistle?

Sheep you make wolves possible, wake up your time has come.


[New Word] Arsifact

Fossil of f&%%edupness in a rapidly transforming world.

Arsehole footprint

MYH-Gate: Entirely Preventable

After the *alleged* news that the *alleged* leadership of an *alleged* youth orientated organisation was playing *alleged* extremism cards against its volunteer staff to wriggle out of *alleged* bullying charges, the organisation is in meltdown, spectators of the car-crash are pulling pieces of shrapnel out of eachothers backsides, and trustees are trying to build trust. As hardcore lawyers have been deployed by the person at the core of the intergalactic bumwave, you may take this blog as a work of speculative Su-Fi if you like,

Supernovae are of the brightest objects in the universe. This is where stars are born. 

It is *allegedly* sad that a dude who we thought was an up-and-coming political writer for a better world was caught in such an apparent, compromised position. We await his articulate explanation with hope. In recent efforts to *allegedly* stop being pissed of with him I have a fantasy where it's a jinn what-done-it bruv.

Ok, my fingers hurt. Though my maths is rusty I shall apply the following disclaimer integral for allegations, speculations and truth over the whole post and we hope that the attack drones at Mishcon de Reya get the message.

To manipulate contacts inside the security apparatus to bring harm on innocent people blows my mind and I struggle to imagine the fields of delusion and whisperings operating around the couple at the time. To cry 'from an extremist agenda' in the current situation where Muslims are regarded as menacing and suspicious really sucks.  And for what? To help ones spouse in an employment dispute at a little have-a-go NGO?

And that's not to mention the way the data travelled through the security service organisations, with slimy due diligenceless nonchalant ease.

Sh!t, Fan, Mess. Ghusl?

One of the most powerful arguments that is deployed in the organisation's defence is that it does good work for vulnerable people who are neglected and abused. This will regularly be used to justify the organisation's continuing existence, despite the mistrust it has emitted, its misleadership and the decay curve it has been on for many years. Most will find the restore-continuity directive compelling, and I see why its a key message to convey. I'm just not so sure and its not because I like to devour young girls for breakfast, but because of the most basic observation of developmentia.

For developmentia is dressed with copious virtue and laden with well presented practical results. It is like dementia but with dubious donors.

My feeling is that despite the financial constraints it might appear to put on us, we need to fund our own work/deeds to a much greater degree, and commit acts of socio-spiritual love without such formalistic conceits as charities and NGOs et al.  Subcontracting action to G(rel)ief and Aids organisations doesn't work for the kind of Jamarchitecture I'm imagining.  For not only does it delimit, depoliticise and murder the sincerity and humanity out of us, it is administered by fools, who are becoming increasingly malicious and hooked on government service delivery dosh.

Big funding might help establish buildings, but the strings and baggage are really not worth it in the long run. In the 70s people suckled on Saudi petrobucks, and some on Iranian ones, in the 00's there has been too much taking of govt disciplinary dosh. The latest injection goes a long way to explain the situation that unfolded in the youth organisation. The sasa (uncle) generation that some find it fashionable to despise and ridicule as insensitive simpletons would never sell their children down the river.

Slap them about a bit and keep them straight? Yes, but shop them in on false pretences? Never.

What's scary is the snapshot MYHgate has given us of the world of the insecurity industry and its tentacles that extend into our very bodies. What we think we see and what we have seen are only the tip of the iceberg of what goes on and what we have to live with.

We are lucky to have these arsifacts (def: fossils of f£$%*edupness). Plenty of people aren't so stupid as to complain about hacking to police using the same computers and services that they alleged to be hacked in the first place.  As a friend of mine pointed out, there is a positive way of seeing this, as an unsurprising event that will enable something greater to rise out of the ashes of mediocrity. 

But these are thin linings. How much trust has been destroyed? How many young people have been misled? How many of us are really on the books of insecurity jobsworths? How many people have the police got to record and harm on the basis of utter BS?

The men stroking cats love to point the finger at the community for involving them in grudge matches, it gets them off the hook and reinforces the mistrust cascade.


We want peaceful coexistance in Arakan. Show us justice. We want Rule of law. Stop racism and religious persecution in Burma. "

From the Rohingya protest at the Myanmar embassy in London. Didnt realise the community here in London was so large. Next stop Bangladesh high commission I hope, for being heartless bums.. And refusing fleeing refugees safe haven.


What should not have been

The toxic odour of betrayal
Wafted along the breeze
What was becoming apparent (over recent days)
Our hearts could not believe

Developmentia organised
In pathetic technicolour.
Brittle technocratic souls
Engaging foreign power.

How fucking dare you sell them down,
That god forbidding river
I await your untold side to this
And long to be your brother.


Seven days till the MCB AGM: bovered?

As the Annual General Meeting of the Muslim Council of Britain (largest umbrella group of Muslim organisations in the UK) approaches next week, it is worth cultivating conversations so that we are better informed on the day. For there will be no campaign trail, nor will their be manifestos, nor corporate patronage. There will be the conversations that we have had, that might, or might not cascade into said proceedings.

Firstly, I think we need to finesse our way of looking at the Ummah and the MCB, and their ecology. Seeing things for what they are, rather than what they say on the tin can save a lot of hassle. The Ummah is a constellation of people, families, situations, relationships and ideas that operate with varying degrees of harmony. The MCB is structured more like a tree diagram, which sees itself governing, representing and being governed. The  technocratic tree diagram logic forces bureaucratic ways of being Muslim, which are hard to keep going with a straight face as nowadays, with terrorism capital and money to play for, there is a growing inducement for Muslim organisations to work that way, but better.

Its also important to respect and recognised why a lot of people do not officially affiliate to the MCB and probably never will, because of historical stuff.

Secondly, there is the problem of orientation. Which way to face? Towards white power or towards the communities? Amazingly, there are  many who hold a candle for government, even after all they have done to destroy the MCB and subvert our political wills and insert their own agendas onto our organisations. When you feel that you have a lot at stake to protect from govt violence/law, one tends to contract developmentia and (con)descend to bleadership and misleadership.

Thirdly, responsiveness and agility.  The rules of the MCB AGM are tuned to inhibit takeover from strange organisations who like to set up loads of fronts and over-influence priority setting.  These rules annoy folks from outside and inside the Mussalmass.

Case in point, two years ago at the last election, the normally sympathetic Madeline Bunting decided to write in the London Guardian how the result of the election was pre-decided, which wasn't very nice. However, her declared winner seemed to match the decision that was collectively taken over the course of the day by the risk-averse central working committee elected by the hundreds of affiliates on that day. The Tory Muslim contender (the only opposition) didn't even make it into the Central Working Committee. (probably because nobody knew/trusted him, these things take time, but i think it was because he was a tory and sounded scary)

The MCB is not a cultish love-in, its got a bit of everyone in there and its a site for cultivating an episteamology, meaning a cooperative culture of knowing. Its not like being in a well greased coherent movement with  leadership, discipline texts and tightness nor in a random group of people praying in all different direction, with no structure, brotherhood and meaning, not amorphous or crystalline, more poly crystalline.

Its like being in perpetual Coalition, which can drive you nuts. From Ismaili to Sunni, Welsh Pakistani to London Bangladeshi, African to Anglo. And some Arabs. The interesting people do interesting things, medics do the healthy thing, the press releasers do their pressing thing (bless), the leader makers to the leader maker thing, the finance people to the bismillah thing, the lovers of mosque histories do mosque histories, and the Islamic workers work in the space that's created for them for little but the sake of His Pleasure. The trick to not going mad it to realise the diverse capabilities, tastes and motivations for constituent elements of the ummahtic ecology who are in the MCB space. And its getting less London centric now too.

Clear as mud?

Let us see: growing recognition of the ecology of the Muslims here, a community-facing orientation and an agility trained into the MCB.

In terms of content:
  • Access to quality Islamic instruction for all
  • Legal and political backup for endangered (Talha, Babar et al)
  • Reform of 'halal' industries
  • Tawhesion
  • Deimperialisation
  • Deconsumerisation
In terms of leadership, I think leadership is (l)earnt from doing awesome things, translating high ideals into social goods, daring to face down and defeat an adversary, and crucially being able to take the lead as well as be compelled by firefighting situations. Anyone touching PVE funds can join the back of the queue and get out of our faces. We should be creating the conditions, the playground, and community integrity in which such qualities can be raised. At present, yes-men go far in the ummahstructure.

On the 3rd July we celebrate, learn and appreciate Algeria's Independance. Will the august Council share the good news?


Guys, they got Ramadhan.

Allah is truly amazing in the anti - examples he has sent forth to us, so we might learn what not to be and strive for integrity. Today I would like to share the bad news that the professionationalist , britentious, mourgeouisie complex have found it in themselves to hold a Ramadan Festival: Olympics Special this year. I consider this yeast for reflection and alterity. Another world is possible.

In a move that probably resembles a sign of the end of times, a month of piety, revelation and spiritual athleticism has been corporately branded in association with the London 2012 Olympics. I have reported the matter to the Official Protesters of the London 2012 Games, SpaceHijackers.

The revolting organisation leading this charge of neoliberal Islam is the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB), or as we know know it, the

They are partnered by the City Circle and the CEDAR network, which is a pan European version of City Circle. These are both SMEs, Small to Medium-sized Entwerprises who most likely realise the truth of the matter deep inside themselves and are playing along for PR reasons.  City Circle has historically made ummahtic contributions but now runs on fumes and tokenism.

ISB is not an SME, it behaves more like a corporate entity, possesses a hierarchichal bro-ocracy and has roots. It has wider membership, structure and youth wings and a rather vanilla lifestyle magazine called emel. It is a perfect government target to capture, produce and discipline Muslims. When is messes up and misleads, it infects multitudes. Now, there are going to be hundreds of sincere people committed to this extreme consumerisation of Ramadhan, camoflaged with layers of happy clappy shit.

Many of us have friends who were nurtured by the ISB system which had and iA still has virtues. Some of us have friends who gave them the finger and moved onto greener pastures as the organisation lost all backbone, testicles and ovaries. There is no need for holy cows or ummahtic protectionism as we are no longer talking about the organisational culture cultivated by people like late Ustadh Khurram Murad. The Remainders at the helm have a collective post 9/11 decay curve that shows all the hallmarks of terminal illness. Take for example their airbrushing out of historical founder Maulana Moududi to appear palateable to power.  Allahumma grant them Shifa in honeyed sarcofagi.

The Remainders have decided upon a rather graceless and undignified route of influence seeking and social climbing. As is the modus operandi for this kind of metrosexually inadequate Misslamic disorganisation, they hide behind white convert females. I mean its hard to imagine how to give them the bollocking they deserve for this without the triple-point-silencer striking preemptively causing auto-sheepishness. Slap'n'Hug, my favoured method of brotherly reform doesn't work in a space where whiteness is a structurally reinforced virtue and you cant really hug people like this because of mahramity issues.

Songs will be sung about the Olympian shamelessness and lack of irony of this Ramadan Festival 'Inspired by 2012' tat; then appended to Royal Borough's, the GLA's and LOCOCK's utter superficiality.

There are so many levels at which these Olympics and Ramadhan are incoherent and listing them all will take days. Don't shoot, I'm harmless. How startlingly Eurocentric that a universal world event is even happening at a time when a quarter of our human family is fasting? Isn't it strange that more decolonial countries aren't boycotting our nation's human rights abuses, international terror, rendering, sex tourism and the scary militarisation of London?

I pity and lampoon the Ramadan Festival, but it is a classic ISB move to pull. As someone put it today, "its boring people being boring". Many of the ideas that they have appropriated were good ones, not owned by anyone but demonstrated locally by alternative non cultish movements to embody the spirit of Ramadhan over the past few years. The Islamic Society of Kittens has sold Ramadhan and undermined efforts to unsell it by adopting intentionally decommodifying methods of free flowing, nonbranded unconditional ummah love, commodifying and packaging them in the service of crapital, big society and organisational politics.  Who's bumwave is it anyway?

The irritation of the Quilliam Foundation is widely recognised in the UK Millet, but as an SME they don't really have much influence on us directly, they talk to white power. Corporate ISB moving further towards the darkness should be more of a worry. Their minions are becoming more deeply embedded in government and establishment, briefing against alternatives options and entrenching Isoc mentalities. This has been a problem in the Ummah as long as their have been Pakis. We need to establish routes out of this life of gigalohood, it cant be good rizk to be a native informant.

Non institutional forms of being Muslim must be grown into this reality. The whole world is a masjid. We live in constellations not hierarchical tree diagrams. This movement failed and is now selling its real estate and infrastructure.

This sorry story is a blessing, because as I mentioned right at the start, it provides something to grip upon and throttle. May we take lessons from Adbuster's Tactical Briefings, try new methods and remember the goal.

Jumma Mubarak.