(arse)Holbrooke asks Moni for troops in Afghanistan, the bloody cheek!

The US Occupation forces of Afghanistan have requested troops from Bangladesh to cover their arses while the US leaves.

The foreign minister promises more talks, the oppositions advise against and the Taliban issue a warning (dunno if its really them, or just some US 'intelligence' website picked up by the Daily Star).

The hand it over to 'Islamic Countries' withdrawal strategy narks me off for a number of reasons.

The invasion of Afghanistan was wrong and hasnt been apologised for. The regressive part of the West has done what it does best, messed things up in a vain attempt to reproduce itself in every nation. Human rights is a bloody two faced lie of an excuse and occupation is NOT an appropriate means to prosecute a transnational criminal investigation.

Will this Bangladesh government try to curry favour with the US by collaborating with them in some heinous way? I hope not, because it cannot generate any essential value.

I read the end bit of the Daily Star article where partisan hack Shahriar Kabir talks of tying up loose ends from the Afghan jihad in Bangladesh. Then I imagine between the lines. Secular social forces from Bangladesh do not presently welcome open collaboration from allies overseas to prosecute their common agendas, it loses them local credibility, their preference is other means, including:
  • developmentia,
  • intelligence support,
  • assassination, and
  • defamation.


Anatomy of a Rudeboy

Fried chicken, football and (degenerate) hip hop do not a rudeboy make.
However they are easily identifyable features of:
  • eating
  • tribal idling, and
  • cultural sub-literacy

De rudeboyification is a challenge of our times. lest our communities be defined by Ch(av)asians, innit girls as well as Brown Sahebs.

Imagining a Quit Afghanistan Movement

Having rained down hot metal and 'rights-based approaches' on the people of Afghanistan, the occupying powers mull over how to blunder onwards. Uncounted occupees have been killed, and a few occupiers too, their obituaries and causes well documented, qualified and quantified for the nationalism industry back home.

I wonder how the political initiative could be seized from these dinosaurs. And momentum built to draw an indelible, jagged decolonial line through the arrogant ideas, personalities and institutions through the Empire's Millenium Destruction Goals.


Acounting for the reproduction and amplification of bias, and proportioning responsibility in the courts of the irresponsible

Now find me a method amidst this great madness
To calibrate our misgoverned and exploited senses,
Lay seige to immoral established defenses,
By dispensing justice through progressive tenses


Against the NGOisation of Ummahtic Mojo

Its inspiring and heart warming that social engagement is on the increase. However, I feel so is development delusionalism amongst our people. I probably share it.

Just like we do not need to prove ourselves not to be paedophiles and register on naff 'mentoring schemes' to be effective brothers and sisters to our youth, we do not need to create development industry NGOs to affect transformation in our societies, at home and abroad.

We can construct alternative, superior arrangements for Islah. We are.

Some reasons to seek alternative means to development industry NGOs.
  • They depoliticise people and problems, stifling the development of powerful, internally fueled socially valued positive change.
  • Subverting the development of an effective state with their sticky plaster/intravenous drip approach they legitimise hegemonic homogenising secular liberal ideology through an NGOised class of people. Without foreign funds they wouldnt have the ability to do operate.
  • They most often appeal to values drawn from imperial global frameworks and the unjust status quo, not necessarily local history, dignity and aspiration.
  • Are essentially distractions from whats real and lend their adherents a dangerous sense of righteousness and practicality.
  • Erode the basic human skill of social discernment, the ability to identify whats wrong and respond with heart, tongue and hand, without need for an intermediary.
  • Create power complexes which are in turn unjust, unearned and uncontestable.
  • Have played a critical role in the establishment of a multibillion dollar industry that perpetuates the problems it publically seeks to address.
  • Work contained in corporatised, managed projects is often inflexible to local reality, "Plough your field with this lollipop brother".

Some reasons to not be so harsh on NGOs and their people
  • It is difficult to imagine how to act collectively outside them.
  • They provide facility girls with opportunities they might not otherwise have.
  • 'They do a lot of good work'.
  • They employ a lot of people, including graduates, who otherwise might be un(der) employed.
  • Many do good work and its important to be able to tell.
  • Getting involved with the state is LONG.
  • We may not have the symbolic power, trust and connections to pursue alternative means.
  • They are drenched in an intoxicating vocabulary of virtue.
  • Large ambitions of decolonisation, autonomy and systemic supersession are not always shared by people who unpretentiously want to 'do good'.