Rudro and the production of Taslima

There's a familiar song in bangla by the late Rudhro Muhammad Shahidullah (d. 1991) known as "Amar Bhitore Baire" or " Bhalo Achi Bhalo Theko". The rendering in the clip below below has really caught me, from the dude's roommate tapping on his laptop in bed in the background, to the sincerity of his voice. I remember hearing the lyrics from cousins during trips to the Bangladesh in the 90s but have only come to think of them and their situatedness very recently.

The poet was an ex husband of the now notorious writer Taslima Nasreen (TN) and some say that this poem was his suicide note to her.

Thats enough to mess anything up.

Then I got thinking about the experiences that deshi society has given TN, the montage of framed action images that have (co)produced her. I wonder where the agency lay, in her or/and in the societal ecosystem around her.

Looking back at this and similar flashpoints the socially protective-reactive line of reasoning has dominated from what i can see. Forces to compound to power of the covering of truth.

A generative-tawhesive line of flight is what i'dlike


Transparency International Bangladesh - National Household Survey 2010

So people are slightly miffed at Transparency International Bangladesh's (TIB) national household survey which fingers the judiciary as a highly corrupt sector, along with land administration, tax and customs, . You can read the breakdown in the executive summary here.

I wonder if TIB had to pay the court to find a technical fault in the plaintiff's application.

TIB has influenced knowledge-making on corruption for a long time. It considers itself a social movement yet in many ways is a case in point of the problems of NGOisation. However, whats interesting is that the findings concerning the judiciary come at a time in which the Government of Bangladesh and others would like to project the integrity of its judiciary.

A few years after the Caretaker Government adventure, its annoyingly clear that corruption is the carte blanch that apathetics use to stop giving a stuff about Bangladesh and what the World Bank uses to discipline and institute micro-surveillance on the Government of Bangladesh. 'Civil' society and the military used corruption as an important plank in their argument for the caretaker government. Quickly corruption becomes a dominating buzzword of disempowerment.

Ranking and surveying perceptions and experience with numbers within a eurocentric framework promoting 'transparency' has an audience of its own. But decolonial corruptionology must have other dimensions, sociological (eg. late Husain Alatas), embodied ethical and imaginal. I'm wondering what it might be.


like you can vote this away!

"If the ruling party is truly sincere about translating its pre-election promises into reality, it would be well-advised not to repeat the wrongs of the previous government including politicisation of different educational institutions along partisan lines and disregard for the rule of law. Otherwise, the people will call it to account come the next general elections, just as they did the previous elected government in the last parliamentary polls. "

Said the New Age, as an ngo report reports that the judiciary is quite corrupt and as the awami government show disregard for basic legal norms, drunk on empowered vengeful rage.

The press thing that the 'axe' of public voting is sufficient to keep a government in check?

Its quite pathetic really, almost as dubious as the military-sushil care taker government's reasoning behind the minus 2 formula.

What needs to happen is for there to be mass disenchantment from the clientelist political parties and new disciplined ideological formations and parties. The intellectual class, who are busy cashing in on private university teaching, consultancy and being dedicated foreign puppets have no credibility any more and need replacement.

Now step away from the NGO and put your hands in the air.


RAB and wikiLeaks

The Rapid Action Battalion was set up by the recent past BNP-led coalition government, because it was thought that the existing forces of the country were unable to deal with law and order problems. Black bandanas, black dogs, girl RAB, black jeeps, black shades. Don't mess... unless you are the state, in which case they will do your bidding.

Crossfire killings occurred in plentitude, but the people - many of them - felt some protection from some of that everyday violence that they are subjected too and have become 'entitled to' expect. Shahidul Alam, a photographic artist did an exhibition of crossfire killings, much to the establishment's chagrin.

As the caretaker governments made way for the current Awami League regime, the organisation can be seen to have become more vulnerable to war on terror distorting field.

Its a disgrace that secular fundamentalists play up the 'islamist menace' in the country ahead of the everyday violence. Every body knows that the lions share of violence is committed by the main parties. As a distraction tool, I can totally see how internal muppets of various political stripings used RAB as a card to cushy up to the state terrorists that are the UK and the US.

So as whiteous indignation follows the Guardian spin of UK coalition support of RAB i do wonder how it has been coached and trained by the bastard forces of these here colonials. RAB is an instrument of the drunken awami league government  and its users now. Just like the human rights bitches for hire we see in Bangladesh, and much of the South, being so managerial in sanctioning who can be human and who cant.

RAB needs to cake a decolonial route, and promote life, not death. The Guardian needs to get over and temper its 'death squad' imagery, however sexy and latin american-CIA assisted it sounds. I suppose they are listening to partial voices from Bangladesh who are happy to decontextualise, amplify extra-judicial killing and silence the great social problem of violent crime and gangsterism.

UK taxpayers getting all hoity toity about the evil crap they sponsor overseas (iraq/afghanistan anyone?!?) seems pretty rich to me.They need to recalibrate.


Merry resistance and a decolonial New Year

Is it from the meat we eat?

Chicken Cottage, please continue,
To imbue, how far I am from true.

That which is lawful and good

That's what we are ordered to eat, and earn. Quranically, repeatedly.

Like in many areas of diasporic ritual practice, we seem to have ourselves convinced of the fiqui side of things, but abandoned the ethics of it. I really want some good meat. Vegetarianism alone is insufficient, I feel it virtuous but liberal abdication. This halal market lock in system needs systematic transformation.

This book on animal welfare by Al Hafiz Al Masri, one time imam of the Woking Mosque is a gem I must get hold of fully. Originally written in 1987, the Islamic Foundation republished it in 2007.

So what of halal (c), is it sufficient?

Its not just about the method of ritual slaughter (which is where a great deal of the whiteous indignation targets it wrath), but the entire end-to-end process including: rearing, husbandry, welfare, slaughter, packing, distribution, retail, disposal and consumption. Modernisation, commodification, urbanisation, migration and economisation seems to have squeezed the spirit our of how we eat.

The Serious Sausage Company  and  Willowbrook Farm are there already. I think the Canadians got there ages ago.

Bi ism Illah, (with)in the names of Allah. Such a beautiful sanctification. Living in the bi.

Wandering around central with some lovers recently I felt angsty at having just attended an intracommunity dialogue with Tariq Ramadan and Shayk Haddad discussing what islah could be, and the ensuing social negotiation of what dinner could be. It was a disembodying experience. MachoMeatPax.

The ummahood feels disembodied and disembowelled. We have been De-ganjed and thrown into megacities where industrial farming and mechanised farming are norms avoidable only with steel and resources. We must resist this detawherance because its causing hypocrisy. Tawherence being integrity between belief and practice.

The literal truth and the the logic of our embodied practice link (un)ethical consumption to perpetuation of (in)justice to ensuing human behaviour.



Unfair trials

Won't be fair.
At all.

I hope it wont be too humiliating to the innocent.
Be they those of the accused who are innocent or the emotionally exploited.

I wonder if there is anywhere they could be held that was fair and competant and encompassing of Pakistani and Indian actors?
Maybe the Hague?or would that be surrendering unto the rules and institutional integrity of pale males?

Shahriar Kabir certainly would think so.
Though I feel he is a crazy individual who undermines his Nirmulised cause.

Sometimes I wonder if a Bangladesh in 2051 might be in a better socio-judicial position to hold trials.
However even if the country was more secure with its self-narrative there would be problems with precise evidence, people alive enough to prosecute.

List making, a very bureuocratic process of identification and prioritisation.
Indeed the Volunteers' Collaboration and the Alliance of Liberation have that in common.

An unfair war crimes trial is not in my political aqeedah.
How useful are methods when there is no trust?

Systematic near historical analysis, spatialised, accomodative of different experiences and knowledges. Triangulating isnads.  Distillation and repudiation of common manifest error. Numeracy and precision.
Forensic DNA linking of defeated armies, all is possible if there is trust.

The World Bank and the Climate Change Adaptation Fund

At the recent COP-16 climate talks in Mexico, the western powers (Europe, Japan and US) made their World Bank trustee of the Adaptation fund. Apparently a status to be reviewed in 2011. http://unfccc.int/cooperation_and_support/financial_mechanism/adaptation_fund/items/3659.php
(Not having access to  a TV wasnt a problem because democracy now! covered i the fortnight long conference quite well)

The World Bank is a profit seeking, local expertise decimating, unimaginative Bretton Woods institution that probably should have been kicked into last century. They get things very wrong with great frequency and their consultants absorb much of any proported financial benefit that proport to supply.

Much work needs to be done in exposing the bank's total inadequacy for the job. Its hard because there are more people working for the Bank, than against. Let alone for its superscession.

On the other hand leaders of many of the desperate at-risk countries are going to be running with open arms at this new apparent cash cow. Cash which has strings. Efforts need to be made so they negotiate most powerfully in their society's interests and promote their own ways of knowing instead of the ways that got us into this problem in the first place.

The common sense that must be broken is that which says that the countries on the periphery and semi-periphery do not and cannot have the social-political and technological capacity to adapt to the impacts of Climate Change.

This common sense inhibits the development of a truly multiversity of soci-technical  profusion and promotes certain pretty alienating ways of doing technology.

Outsource eyes, play,  mind and hand. Bring in the consultants, bypass local expertise. replay argument about limited local capacity.


a wikileak on bangladesh

Now that the Guardian, uk 'gatekeepers' for the drip release of the leaks has released one random  comm from Bangladesh. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/us-embassy-cables-documents/106051

here's a bit.

5. (C) The U.S. and UK could help India by pressing Bangladesh to open its economy and trade, Kumar suggested. Companies such as Tata, which have made efforts to enter the Bangladeshi manufacturing market, are reporting to Kumar that the CTG is impeding its entry into Bangladesh. Kumar said he has met with representatives of the Asian Development Bank, who have been positive regarding the potential for infrastructure projects in the region, but in terms of assisting with India-Bangladesh trade have only suggested some smaller connectivity projects.

1983 more to go.



The Jody McIntyre interview - BBCs disgrace, plain for the fair of mind to see.

This footage shows Jody McIntyre, a student with cerebal palsy being dragged from his wheelchair by police during the fees protests of last week. which had the newly tory right thinking public up in arms against the students.

The absolutely outrageous bbc presenter then accuses of thowing concret blocks at police.

Incredible how the bbc has become fox, pretty much over night


The Friends of Design: The Pilgrimage

This is the first single off their debut eponymous album. see www.fernmind.com for lyrics, tafsir, purchasing details.


Victory for coalition double-glazing salesmen " no up front cost, you'll be better off, offset your

So thats it? £9000 per year to study in the UK. Only half of the lib-dems rebelled in the end., with several foetal and ethnic minocrity tories jamming up the commons to impress their leader.

A horse reportedly threw off its policeman rider outside, horsemen were being deployed against students and pupils in the 'containment zone'. How fitratic.

Some of the protesters have crossed limits, and the bbc is appearing more and more like Fox News presenting and amplifying the student menace with slavish repetition.

Keep calm and carry on, the logic of cuts. We deserve these reductions in services of course, because of the deficit, which has nothing to do with the bankers.

Looking at the commodification thinking and cuts logic unfolding in this parliamentary (non)debate and the climate negotiations you get the sense that the future generations are being sold down several rivers.


wikileaks spin

Interesting how the usual suspects are spinning the wikileaks drip feed, and also how similarly paypal and amazon are jumping to obey the donkey's bray of US state terror.

'Clearly the Arabs are with us on any further violence we inflict on Iran'
'Clearly China's only got lowly financial interests in geopolitics'
'Isnt Israel just great?'

In the words of Ismail Patel, "You belly dancing Arab leaders"

Its like a game of American whispers. But who really cares?


Civil War amongst Muslims in uk due to prevent malarkey: hmmm

Shayk Micheal Mumisa writes in the Independent. Sectarianism hasnt really been a problem ive faced in life, but at certain levels of institutions I guess it hurts. Its sad, really sad how many organisations have taken prevent money. Its harmed them and made me feel distant from them, even if i love them.

I guess old tensions have created the conditions for opportunistic extremism pointing. The salafis have suffered injustices from the lips of 'Sufis'. A vivid example of extremism pointing was the shooting of Abdul Kahar, someone had a grudge, and decided that it would be a good idea to translate the grudge with the logic of the twisted west's war on 'terror'.

Maybe the Prevent programme and the imaginary war against terror has been purifying for the ummah. We see who dances to imperialism's tune and we discard them from our future. We also see who is brave enough to look at the issues from our own frames of reference with autonomy and oomph. History has been made.

Sectarianism hasnt been a part of my life perhaps because im Bengali and Sunni, we have little history with barelvi/deobandi fault lines, nor a particularly clear shia/sunni identity politics. Of course we have our own specifically stupid fault lines which are routinely massaged with salt by blue meanies. But religiously its not really affected me as I've grown up in a polycultural reality and aim for intra ummahtic interoperation and formal institutional evasion.

I am heartened by the growing realisation amongst the Islamically Moved of today that financial inducements from the state will not earn you any kudos or legitimacy within the ummahstructure, nor will they essentiall achieve anything.