another cataclysm.

another cataclysm.

all my love and prayers to the dead, living and the bereaved of the recent Earthquake in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. Allah make it easy on you

May the decision makers who decide whats will happen now be rational, just and far sighted.
May those with resources come forward to provide for the further impoverished.
May lessons be learnt, implemented and passed down through generations.

the disaster mangement industry is in full swing; with foreign governments using foreign aid as political capital, 'Relief and development' unaccountable organisations reminding us of their jolly, uncoordinated existence and the press seedily reminding us of 'overpopulation', 'the remoteness and danger of live in the dangerous east' and 'the scale of the human cost'.

i asked someone that i felt a little uncertain about what to contribute, my friend cut through the crap and answered me 'well poetry won't help'

muslim hands are a great bunch, not swayed by the mainstream disaster/development getup regime, who actually started most of their educationally focussed work in Pakistan anyway. I beleive that is those with ancestral links to a place that know what it needs and money to these f0lks wont lie unspent, or be politically used.