A Halal Chicken returns an angry gaze

The halal chicken took her seat
Amongst the Conference of the Birds.
"Such great accomodation,
But my complaint you haven't heard."

I demand a joint action,
For my kith and my kin,
For these Muslims are collecting,
Great barrels of sin.

At two pounds we are valued,
Beak, feathers and all,
Our flesh is devoured,
Rememberance small.

They say that it is lawful, industrial, clean,
Let's wipe them out with their own damned machines.
Our living rights are curtailed in crates and conveyers,
Optimised, efficient, cheap perverted purveyors.

Claiming diminished,
Believers come to me,
With tales of colonisation and skullduggery.

I bear witness that there is no creature as abominable as mankind.


Occupy a Browner part of Town

Unfortunately the Occupy London Stock Exchange Encampment seems to be attracting too many St Pauls Cathedral headlines. Instead of the city, the greed'n'criminality of some their in and systemic evil of the present political economy.

Got me wondering what would have occured had they decided to camp outside a masjid in London. Surprise events really do bring out the fools in our governance structures or our qualities.

If they set up in Altab Ali Park, the green scultured garden just west of East London Mosque and the London Muslim Centre, how would the people and local institutions respond?

I think they'd probably be fine, would take some convincing i guess at its a bit far from the action.

"The Muslims of Britain would like to let the world that this is one Occupation that they support."

What about Quakers?

Sights we probably wont be seeing.

OccupyKaaba. (oh, actually thats hajj right?)

sites we will be seeing

Occupy Harrods


Occupy London: Serenity at St Paul's Cathedral

Stayed over last night, clear cold and full on thinkings and voicings. very inspiring indeed.A good 100 or so tents have been pitched up outside the iconic religious space as people take encouragement from occupy wall streets efforts over the past month. Along with people in hundreds of cities on this great Earth.

If you found demonstrations impersonal and mob-like.
If you'd like to contribute to a process of ..building a global empathic civilisation.
If you enjoy heckling the footsoldiers drinking from the teat of Muther Capitali with a good sense of humour, you should join the 'work run'.
Or maybe you just want to talk to someone and connect with others who feel moved enough to show up.
Maybe dont consider yourself on the left cheek and still think there is something terribly wrong with the way things are going.

Please do try and visit /support as best you can.

Niyyat is to last through winter . #occupylondon #occupylsx


[New Word] Farticipatory

Often when people try to tick a box or gain legitimacy (and funding) they invoke the Participatory.

Some years ago i was with some water sector people in Bangladesh. Proper NGOistan.

They were feeding me some stuff on their participatory projects and i came accross an interesting pie chart.
It was a pie chart of their donors/financers. And yes, The Agents of Developmentia were well represented.

What a farce, how farticipatory.

This foul breeze exists in all climes. Im sure it isnt what Paulo Freire was on about.


Sign the Babar Ahmad Petition.

Over the next 4 weeks we will attempt to gather about 80 000 more signatories for a petition to try Babar Ahmad in the UK. He is now in his 8th year of incarceration simply because the US government wants him and won't provide any evidence its really incredible. It could be any of us or our loved ones.

It is this particular loved one.


Please do get everybody in your households and friends circle to sign this.

It creates a unity, whilst promoting justice and dispels this atmosphere of intimidation that is fogging our mind-bodies. Talha Ahsan's case is in a similar predicament and linked to the progress of this issue. Our communities really need to back up people who are victimised and dealt so cruelly with by the state.

The free babar ahmad campaign has released this video to promote the petition


[New Word] Episteamology

Its a complicated and delicate matter, accept multiple ways of contributing.

[New Word] The Sci(l)encer

A technocratic technique that uses anointed and institutionally backed knowledge production to overwhelm and generally quieten other forms of knowing that are carried and embodied by humans.

Strugglers are implored to elude the Sci[l]encer and deploy non collaborative vibes in its general direction


Dumb Fiqh

Has blocked the means,
For those who rode green submarines,
To reach the land of light and dreams.

To it we dedicate a Garden
From which to beg Ummahtic pardon
To move, transmit and then self sharpen


[New Word] The Musalmoaner

Usually hailing from a Muslim family background, the musalmoaner indulges himself or herself in a kind of faithmail whereby the possibility of their belief hinges on the capacity of their local ummah to deliver the social goods they desire. The category of musalmoaner tries to capture that alienated positionality that misrecognises belief in God, His Speech and His Messenger for a big ready-made contiguous socio-political infrastructure that submits to the musalmoaners prioritisation instantaneously.

Demonstrably intelligent in other domains, the musalmoaner becomes stuck on issues like: 'Muslims do bad things', 'Praying doesnt seem to have positive impact on Muslim behaviour, from what I can see',  'Muslims bully me' and the general theme of 'I can't be part of a culturally degenerate group, guffaw'.