Cancun Climate negotiations

The 16th Conference Of the Parties (COP-16) will unfolde over the next two weeks and give us an idea of the changes in tactics, power and possibly thinking amongst actors and actresses on climate change issues.

You can follow the bureautics here if you like.

I'm concerned about how new financing methods for adaptation would enable/disable decolonial technological transformation. I'm interested in how knowledge will advance through multiversal investigation on the big social, physical, philosophical and political aspects of all that in Climate Change.


Support the protesting students.

Support the protests of a generation denied the fruits of their parents labour. they are their mother,s labour, they who grew near to maturity with a target of university, and the target moved.

Apparently there are better things to spend GDP on than education. My freind got kettled with what was essentially a bunch of school kids. NS write up is here

"No plan B" say the worthless VCs.
What are you, a bunch of CEO's? You aren't, because if your were you'd show some testicles.

"If they got jobs they wouldnt need to worry" says a greying man in a car.

"Oh well they are dumbing everything down in the name of access, we cant afford that. Only people like me should have the means to go to university. "e are self made meritocrats", say those who most resemble me.
  • Fight this trend in the most tenacious and creative ways.
  • Educate pre uni kids in the alternative uni paths in other countries (ireland, asia, europe)
Future protesters would do well to find ways of demonstrating that cant be subverted by kettling. Better internal communication, self organising (of course :-P ). Kettling pretty much ruined the flow and interconnection of the G20 protests in 2008. Now its back.

but the people kettled are the future nonetheless


City of Fear

A dispatches documentary which aired on Channel 4 last night.

Its a view of the bereaved victims of suicide bombings in Islamabad in recent years, including one ar the Islamic University. Shows the english speaking police meeting and talking to cameras which felt unusual, but it is Islamabad, the admin capital.

Anybody remember Karachi cops?

Such a documentary would not have been aired in Pakistan, but was tailored for the UK audience. Struck me how the scale of the problem is so different in Pak. I'm used to hearing twisted BS in the UK and secularist opportunist idiocy in Desh amplifying and blamestorming. Lots of heat and no light.

The UK, and the west in general simply use the violent threat as a legitimation tool, ploughing large amounts of resources into a peripheral physical threat. However, cities of Pakistan, mosques, universities, international 'development' institutions etc. face these threats continually.

This reality really puts whiteously indignant complaints about Pakistan and TWAT into perspective.

The situation and experience frames the fanatic problem differently. Duas to folks figuring out what is going on, avoiding the self serving logics churned out by the extremism policy industry and its clients.

And acting to complete a vision of a country that promised so much more.


Panorama by John Ware - British Schools, Muslim Rules

The development of autonomous and awesome Islamic educational facility is important. Translating a dream into an institutional reality is difficult though. Confounding factors for UK experimentation and consolidation include some important internal, external and boundary issues. Last night's Panorama/Policy Exchange Report/Govism gives a good picture of the external posture.

It was like riding a poorly conceived rollercoaster through a car crash.

The concept appeared to be to string together wierd exceptions to 'prove' a general rule and propel idiotic Policy Exchangism into policy and public conciousness to justify a new Due Diligence Unit in the Department for Education, castrate/frustrate Islamic institutional possibilities and assert a peculiar idea of 'narrative of british patriotism' into educational reproduction.

In late 2010 how much rehashed, soap operatic footage can you broadcast on Panorama and maintain journalistic credibility? Some of the stuff John Ware cut and pasted together was 8 years old!  I am not a particular fan of Shayk Haytham Haddad, but the randomly edited snippet shown of him from the internet, used to denigrate a primary school in ilford (he spoke at one of their fundraising dinners) was really telling. The method known as 'guilt-by-interpolating-levels-of interdependancy-that-dont-stand-up-to-scrutiny-but-prey-on-peoples-ability-to-forget-and-be-superficial'.

This particular specimen 'recruits' a young saudi to go 'under cover' to find some books for his brother. In another act of credibility raising, he drives to Liecester, parks outside an institution, pervily captures lots of footage of young niqabis and goes on the internet to check a fatwa website. jeepers.

How can you talk segregation and fail to mention the power differentials. Why do so many Muslim parents feel that white british institutions are so exclusivist and unresponsive? Is it a mistaken perception?

BTW. Who goes to saudi run supplementary schools anyway?

Internally i feel its sad at how idealistic and intellectually able folks end up bogged down in administration and conservative forces when they start working in Islamic Schools.


Imam Razi and Akhlaqi Londoni

Went to an introduction to tafsir course in the weekend. One of the scholars that came up was Imam Razi, a Persian Muffassir. His arabic text is here if that helps.

Anyway, a translation of his works on ethics has been scanned and posted up on that wonderful repository Muslim Philosophy. I am looking forward to going through it, a friend just returned Aklaqi Nasiri, which was amazing.

I once had an ambition to commission/produce an Akhlaqi Londoni, a substantial and systematic socio-spiritual tome of practical ethics in the here and now. Its like noah's ark out there. Creative, generative guidelines for principled dealings with Allah, people and the world. Its what Tariq Ramadan calls for quite repeatedly but its difficult to embody. Embodiment in practice is how we've proceeded traditionally. I wonder if anyone out there is doing it and writing it.

I wonder how the contents page would read.


Moronarchy in the Desh

Hasina Wajed, the PM, kicked Khaleda Zia, the ex-PM, out of the cantonment house and has planned to distribute surrounding plots to the families of those killed by the BDR Mutineers.

Its one of those things that makes you want to eat your own face.

The opposition is pretty weak right now, this might put some emotional energy back into them, what with the evictee's tears and the general indignity of it all. But its not exactly government toppling, let alond government supersceding.

which leads me on to the need for further and active withdrawal of social support for the three main parties in bangladesh and concentration of alternate political strategies.



Is the realm of learning and action focussed on evolving sacred built environments. Sacred environments in secular hegemonies, hostile and depleted, unabluted. Environments where the institutional dream is pinned in a corner by officialdom and our own present limits.

Masjidology is at the confluence of the religious, social and physical. It is not defined in architecture. Everyday and practical matters of shoe storage, wudhutech, parking and zoning are part of this great activity. And the bonds between people are more important than the bricks and mortar or the external beauty of the structure.

The body is after all a husk.

Masjid, a place of prostration, where human pride is pressed upon the ground in humility. The whole world is a masjid.

Markaz, madrassa, imambara, musafirkhana, khanqah, maktab, and new others we havent experienced yet. Masjidology is sensitive to institutional diversity and creativity.


mock climate change trial by bangladeshi development industry

The Daily Darkness Reports:

Another climate change contrivance
Some pornographic technocratic theatrix

Complete with sustainable livelihood cabal
And carefully handpicked subaltern ganj pals

Awami beholden unimportant british mp
Token affirmative action alabi api

Appeal to whitey internationalist imagination
Sucking the teat of mother disinvention.

Behold this disgrace and gherao these poor fools
Misleading gatekeepers essentially mules.


Stabbing for Justice in Iraq

I do honestly wonder when it was that Anwar al Awlaki transformed from public islamic scholar into 'preacher of hate' and 'AQs spiritual leader in yemen'. Following the train of whiteous indignation doesn't really help. I want to know what flipped his switch or is this a category error. You see he is not in my cross hairs, my hairs do not meet in a cross. Yet I am cross.

One cannot take imperial labelling at face value, either. I pity the jury that has to made head or tail of these matters. Their every judgement will probably be unjust and wrong. I think some of the answers to these questions will be found in the heads of white people interpreting 4 lions and in the closed environments of jury deliberations of certain criminal cases.

Which is why the case of the Stephen Timms MP stabber is interesting. As well as being a sad and pathetic waste of talent, it defies the gender/discipline/race characterisation of the 'al kaida inspired'. That is assuming that listening to al awlaki on youtube is 'self radicalising'.

Where does her responsibility start and end? Anwar al awlaki is held responsibly for this specific act as a youtube video was viewed.

Roshanara C is going to spend a lot of time in jail. British MPs who aided and abetted the destruction of iraq will spend no jail time. They are shielded from accountability and justice by moronic force fields that I cant quite fathom.

Arguments, if you could call them arguments, of 'We didnt know it would end up like this' bleed into arguments of 'Saddam was worse' and 'How is this helping iraq?'

Meanwhile, theres an interesting Turkish film out in a couple of days.


Bengal famine 1943: Churchill's role

Churchill's Secret War by Madhusree Mukerjee (2010)

Is a tome that I am anxious to get my hands on, concerning Churchill's role in the colonially produced atrocity that killed off an estimated three million Bengali people during the 2nd world war. There also the not so small matter of the role of Churchill, the power holder and the rascist mediating the political negotiations for post british India and Pakistan. In the post book analysis, and british counter attack, some interesting questions are raised over the actual benefit of Churchill's existence.

The Famine and other matters lead me to beleive that the British ego and people have been fed a valourised picture of Britain's actions and significance in World War 2.

Here are some resources:

Outlook India article

Independent (London) Review
Hindu (India) Review
Max Hasting's Review in Sunday Times
BBC India Coverage

Dharti ke lal, film by Khwaja Ahmed Abbas (1946)
Ashani Sanket, film by Satyajit Ray (1973)

Making the hidden story of the East India Company visible.

If you are deshi, interested in history and serious engagement with the present and possible futures of our communities, you may have heard of the activities of The Brick Lane Circle over the past years (if not decades). Its a tawhesive (unifying) platform attracting academics, activists and people of pretty much all ideological, ethnic and generational hues to qualitatively deepen eachother's perspectives on issues relating to Bangladesh and Bangladeshi people in the UK.

It is a precious and autonomous institutional resource which would be nice to see translated elsewhere.

Recently BLC's Battle of Plassey Young People's Project published a neat book of essays by young deshis in the UK. a new website building on this resource is based here.