[New Word] Jihadporn

Misplaced, myopic and unbrotherly bandwagoning onto foreign violent struggles. In search of mojo, some can launch themselves into Ummahtic cloud cuckooland and neglect the Tawhesive Imperetive. There are many ways to embody and fly the Ummahtic Flag of Love.

[New Word] Sushilism

The ngoisation of political life and advancement in South Asia, by: yaar, millenium development goal and rights-based approach.

'Suchil Samaj' is a translation of the term 'civil society' in Bangladeshi developmentese. It is rather naff, distracting and a 'useful' fiction for some, to say the least. Yet without actual air, there will always be a vacuum.

Let's have some air.


Lumley 'Daughter of Nepal' and the Illegal Attacks continue

So the British state propaganda engine report that Joanna Lumley, an actress who took up the cause of Gurkha Benefits was mobbed by well wishers in Kathmandu and lauded by that country's rulers. Her father was a Gurkha regiment officer (used to order them around).

From a British War machine point of view it is understandable, a generation of loyal native informants and proxy forces. Because we are fair and true to our word, we have institutional integrity and value this kind of valour.

And of course the Tories succeeded in making the Government look silly, ungrateful for yet-another-colonial-legacy and weak.
  • But I thought something rather Maoist happened in Nepal?
  • Since when was it cool to serve in a colonial force and constitute that subaltern smile?
  • Does anybody else find something deeply wrong in this scenario?

I wonder if there are any Franz Fanon's amongst the group we are being trained to call Gurkha veterans.

Maybe its just part of the 'respect our boys' campaign thats running throughout the country. We must support our boys in the manner frames by British militarism, even though we know they aren't accomplishing anything, are winning us new enemies and are supressing the Afghani sociopolitical negotiation.

A better policy would to recognise that the UKs marginal political economic importance necessitates a no meddling policy in other countries. That the poison previous ruling elites injected into the world out their is best repented by vacating the space. That offensive/subversive departments in government should be down scale and machismo redirected to alternative energy and sustainable living instead.


[New Word] Think-bike

A thought arena thats altogether more genuine and democratic.
Where human effort and reflection unfolds and co-evolves between at least two people (tandem).
Think-bikes glide around the streets without big claims.
They are the sum and more of all the flaneurs out there.

which brings me onto:

The Think-bike Jam


Bangladesh Parliament directs madrassas to play personality cult

Feeling a little desh centric tonight. This is a corker.

Action advised for madrassahs not hanging PM, Mujib portraits
United News of Bangladesh . Dhaka

A parliamentary body asked the Madrassah Education Board chairman to identify and take action against the madrassahs refraining from performing national anthem, hoisting the national flag and hanging portraits of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and prime minister Sheikh Hasina.
The parliamentary standing committee on government assurances in its 3rd meeting at Sangsad Bhaban Sunday issued the directive for action against the Islamic educational institutions not complying with the new government’s executive order approved by the cabinet.
Committee president M Fazle Rabbi Miah presided over the meeting.
The meeting also reviewed the implementation of the assurances given during the 7th and 8th parliaments and the 1st session of the 9th parliament on different issues under the ministries of education, environment and forest, and power, energy and mineral resources

It is really odd that some people in authority figure it important to hang pictures of human beings in Islamic institutions. Theres something about ex colonial nationalism's foci on personality cults, narcissistic national ritual and rather naff norms that's frankly quite insidious.

We do not even represent Our Prophet's image in mosques. As if contemporary Islamic education didn't have enough failings, holes and challenges already.

I pray for a sweet nuronic rain to: clean the air, trap the dust and uloominate.


Loughton, Dresden and Urumqi

Bad news at the local, european and global scales.

What is it about a certain kind of homo essexien that causes them such nafrat against other people. In places where the millet is sparse there are specific problems. Qualitatively different from spaces in which that is not the case. Head scratchy.

The german pencil pushers debate, 'is it technically because she was muslim?' The technocrappers. As her husband rushed to save her in that court room, all the security could do was shoot to him. She was stabbed 18 times and died. That's truth to power. Heart of green birds near to His throne one prays.

And the Chinese Han(gst) in the south west of that immense country. The state trying to prevent juma? How Blearsy.

Duas and improvement.

Brotherhood is not about endless indignant rallies, nor unflinching separatistic solidarity. We know the ways and create the ways. Its more than sabr. Don't depend on mojoless organisation and nation states. Realise that there is a problem of nafrat... here, there and everywhere...


Why do Asian immigrants so happily compete to join the bourgeoisie?

Was it something they put in your milk
Or something that entered your mind
that the only way forward
was to catch up from behind?

Why did the ACA,
enter the fray
When did his feet become clay?

Accumulation of white symbolic power
Appears to be the need of the hour
Islah will have to wait for later
All hail the socioeconomic escalator.

Let's wax lyrical about how 'our kids are failing',
To the standards of Banksterism, Englishness, Key Staging.
Colonial patsy, dagger to the head,
Mishapen creation, so clearly we're dead


Tipaimukh Table tennis

Nobody in desh would like the Tipaimukh dam to be built, diverting precious water from sylhet and other districts downstream. The Indian Nation State has unilaterally built an awful lot of dams on transboundary rivers and routinely dishonours water agreements with Bangladesh. Not only do they withdraw excessively in the dry season, they release water in the monsoon season without warning. Its impacts are mean, destructive and disruptive.

The recently castrated and rather dazed opposition would to well to add its mojo in an alignment with the national interest in a conciliatory way vis-a-vis the Awami League to amplify the national mojo. You see, the Indian High Commissioner has dismissed the concerns of our water engineers and environmentalists (united on this point for once) as 'politically motivated'.

Fork you Pinak Ranjan, you and your symbolic violence can go evaporate.

Such a cooperative stance is tough though. Of course bnp mps read blogs and will follow my advice. Within the current political architecture its almost inconceivable that anything fruitful can be expected.