The search for WMD off green street!

Last friday, a 4 AM dawn raid by 250 coppers resulted in one man getting shot (not fatally). he was then arrested along with his brother, and the ever fickle media discourse swiftly shifted from the troubles of the deputy prime minister to the lates nutty '9/11 blues' .Apparently this was a potentially dangerous situation that warranted an eir exclusion zone, but no evacuation of neighbouring properties!! The invasion occured in the London Borough of Newham, a strong kinda suburban multicultural community. Went to green street (asian shopping area) for a peekaboo that night and have seldom seen the place so quite... (kebabish was deserted). The kids in the area know it was a load of pants and many spoke bravely at the cameras pointing at them, showing they have more sense than most, as well as an emerging community solidarity.

The police issued a statement covering their arses, and the media and publics speculated over the little info they had. The right wing telegraph, the scum of the world and times were characteristically blood thirsty, with tales extending to reports of 'sources' saying that the younger bro, shot the older one. channel 4 has been quite sober. The News today in bangladesh even used 'al quaida suspects' as a headline. everyone is making money from the war on terror.

If people read rubbish, i guess they become rubbish.

I hope that these folks, when they are found innocent, find it easy to get jobs, grow from the experience and that their families are ok. I wish people would understand the longterm effects of these things, peoples lives are ruined..... the cloud of suspicion never goes away.

The police/spooks/govt will find nothing(99.99999% certain), and will have discreditted themselves. They insist that they were acting on Spooky direction, which in turn is allegedly informed by a detained descriptions from an informant. The weakness of this method is that anybody with a grudge or agenda can use this time of trial as an opportunity to be nasty.

Sound familiar ey? The 'blame it on the informant' routine seems to be acceptable these days. Whether its a war on iraq, the insane murder of the Brazilian man on the Tube, or this latest trick.

Anti terror fetished institutional types prefer to listen to and accept the information they have been telling themselves to prepare for. That way they have a function, can avoid the real issues and just show the immigrants who is boss for once.

How on earth does such BS, that keeps leading to these ricin and manchester stadium plots that never were..... sustain and reproduce itself? What kind of heartless creatures work in these 'security' fields? When will the people strongly reject the security agenda, and these 'experts' be put on the dole where they belong..... in a place where they cannot harm the rest of us with their insame 'logic', mandarin prattleing and colonialist attitude?

Good things to come out of this?

I know that the Muslim community is wisening up and becoming bolder, and large parts of other ones in the rest of the country too. The solidarity for the victims is greater than a few years ago.