Oh my Golden Rebel

Oh my Golden Rebel
you pointless twisted brat
how long will you keep walking?
now that the nation's flat.

You think you have a right to lead
because your clique is strong,
you bleed the landscape of delight
and ooze a deadly pong.

Your symbols are decripid
built on sentiments supine,
neither musalman nor hindustan
characterise your mind.

When will you stop your moaning
and vanish from the land?
We hate your face, we hate your race
we wish you were a man.

Can you not find a corner
in which to go and rot?
repent and leave forever
with all that you begot.

You venerate the rebel
romanticise the land
Pretend that you are cultured
causing discord with your hand

Intoxicate the students
Distract the pious men
Divide elites by factions
Empower wrong women

Well done you Golden Rebel
I think you have done well
please die and sink into the sand
and burn and toast in Hell.


Maqasidi Financing

purpose: to mark wise investments in His path and help us discriminate against the dodjy, technocratic 'casting your fishing nets out before the sabbath' type behaviour. It misses the point.

Maqasid al shariah, the higher objective of The Way, is a theory derived from analysis of the scriptures that tries to understand the intentions of the Lawgiver. Protection and promotion of deen, life, intellect, dignity, lineage and property form its value core.

A lot of peeps take the halal to haram spectrum and leave it at that. Its an awful shame though.... almost secular?!? Maqasidi would imply that root public interests are addressed, not just permissibilities. Hopefully this would bring on Gross Ummahtic Dignification.

Financing, as in monetary enablement. Not just for dunya return, though thats not out of the question. Sticking your money where your beleif is, into that social institution, into initiatives, products and services that hit the spot.

So stick your sukuk where the sun doesn't shine and do something morally imaginative with your dosh you fat chumps!


A technology for improving/disciplining dylinquent members of Ummahood (term coined by the Late Ismail Raji al Faruqi).

Slap because they are being silly and making a mess.
Hug because we lov'em, others who really haven't grasped the idea of brotherhood and fellowship and nasiyha wouldn't really understand why, but we do.

So folks, slap and hug, and be prepared to be slapped and hugged.
(maybe there is a Tango advert in there somewhere...)


Is this really how it [agricultural technological discovery] has to be?

My favourite caretaker advisor, CS Karim (agriculture + water resources) has fixed up something significant in the path of developing deshi agritechno mojo.
according to the daily ondokar, the World Bank are putting up 438 crore, IFAD 135 crore and the govt a piddly 48 crore. LESS THAN 10%!!!! very participatory indeed. bleurgh.
Akhtar Hameed Khan regretted the large amount of foreign finance behind the comilla project. I only hope that people of his stature and disciplinary blending continue to exist in that vital sector.... CS karim doing anything represents a good dollop of scientific capital... so maybe he'll stick around.
I really would like to be in a fly on the wall of a room where he and hussain zillur rahman just jam together. They are two interesting advisors who in default moronarchic conditions would have less right to be heard. There is a dark side to the present setup, but these folks, along with a lot of others are the silver lining.
*End of intermission*
The goal is to improve agricultural research and extention for food security. and the onus is on researchers to come up with the goods. power duas for that.
Only where does farmer end and researcher begin these days? What is it that makes farmer joynal abedin more daring and creative with his organising forces? How does one go about raising the social status of agri production diversity? and what is it that causes a good practice to be recognised, actively internalised and refined further?
Remember that extremely resourceful kid at school? the one who would play about with whatever it was and come out with the goods, again and again and again. The human Nuron antenna. For example the chap who came up with the idea of mounting a shallow diesel engine on a bunch of wheels to give us the Boot-bootie, possibly the craziest public transporter of people known to man. I hear he was from somewhere near Bogra.
Maybe there are people out there, not necessarily particularly poor, who need encouragement and seed dosh and other kinds of support thrown at them. wind blown into their sails. Not too much to blow them off course and promote them to incompetance. enough so they recognise their own value and can explore it. The World Bank blows a foul smelling wind. All i need to imagine is their staff's credentials and social identities to cry into my dal at why they are repeatedly given such power by the brown man.


Things that make otherwise less irrational people go nuts.

Sometimes its arabs, or its jews, maybe its kurds, it has been Bengalis, other times its shias, Sunnis or migrant workers. You know, that madness you invoke on mentioning a a demon group to a random 'angel'.

With Bangladeshis of a certain political programming it is Jamaat Islami. The programmers achieved a lot with this particular module, very clever of them because their carrier agents do not even recognise the source code. Raising such an issue generates the coded response 'Genocide Denier'. It is not just about the actions of the participants during a national disintegration and reformation process, and no, it is not about justice. It could never be so temperate. It is a mandatory part of the national mythology, without which the corrupt fools couldn't rule.

I do wish this malady would just go away and stop jacking up the people in the stepfatherland. But its got currency and is still used to guilt trip good people into being materialise arses.

I hear that some shia practices have the cursing of certain figures in early islamic history down to a 'T'. A similar culture exists with those Bangladeshis to whom certain figures in jamat are the Representatives of shaytan ar rajeem. It is the (counter) religious certainty, the yakeen, that is most disturbing, from people who were not even part of the action scenario and who have only come to know echoes... and echoes from a dodjy isnad. It is Jionijom.

The purpose of the 'Jamati Cursing Culture', is to dehumanise Muslims with a bit of Islam about them. Understand this much and the self-serving narratives spun around Bangladeshi liberation unravel. Of course its a bit much to expect already indoctrinated to change their ideological investment portfolios at the moment, but its important that buyers know whats inside before purchasing in any case. It doubly important that people build their societies of firm ground, where the cost of a large foundational lie will not cause their world to implode. It is triply important that people identify the values of these Jionists throught the behaviour of Jionijom and reject it.

There is no need to buy. It is not necessary to purchase. Your money and belief can be invested in alternative ways. THAT PORTFOLIO CONTAINS POISON DESIGNED AND INTENDED FOR SOMEONE ELSE, DROP THE CASE, WASH YOUR HANDS AND COME BACK TO THE CAR DEAR.

This is not necessarily the view of a non aligned islamic forces type. I observe it is the basis of a wider consensus, but not a particularly confident one. Such a consensus is easier to share outside, as the malevolence and poison of the portfolios in the market are clearer.

The Awami partisans, the team that built the Temple of Zion like to claim a monopoly on suffering and pain. Apparently they own it, this understanding is only due to their general shamelessness, and their is no need to ape it. They have capitalised on this well, taking advantage of bad numeracy, sentiment and drama. But, it's really quite ugly down there inside the political vernacular. Far away from the slightly more polite international PR, humiliation, loss, misguidance and bitterness intertwine to create other social shrapnel. 2 example groups are the children of the rape and the eastward mohajers (the biharis).

"an entire generation of war bastards, children of pakistani rape, are effing up our country."

"Collaborator Biharis, no we didnt abuse them or treat them like animals during our glorious struggle, whatever they got , they deserved.... oooh look i moved into one of their houses, what tasteful furniture.. hmmm lucky me... if only i had acquired their industry."

As well as social groups, religious, intellectual and emotional maturity is prevented, and important parts of policy space are affected. That is another post, possibly called The Practical Consequence of National Secularisation and Lying.


modelling the physics of rice

I'd like to know if anybody has modelled the price of rice, for say a country like bangladesh, with both deterministic and non deterministic considerations, with both game theory and maim theory embedded.

Non-deterministic process need to be understood because the world doesn't move in straight lines according to objective rules, especially when human actors with different values are involved. Maim Theory is where participants in an action theory actually have no idea of what their interests are or obey any norms because of a messed up habitus. Extreme Maim Theory describes the situation when escalation/exacerbation is the dominant modus operandi of at least one of the participants.

It would need a lot of reliable empirical data to run historical training type grooves on, like they do to train Climate models...would need a helluva lot of spatial info about how stuff grows. It wouldn't suit a craponomist in a Kafir Development Bank, nor a self pleasuring physicist in some Terry Pratchettesque Unseen University setup, nor their bastard spawn.

transportation (oil link)
spatial ripening fluxes
mobile communications habits(complicated feedback thing)
micro, meso and mass storage hubs
wholesale to retail relations
the proportions of the different varieties
political polarity of human participants
irrigation type (oil link)
fertiliser type (gas link)
consumer link
hype link (media-political link)
shock events
foreign flux (yes the outward pumps in chapainawabganj AND the inward 'aid' pumps)

ok, I'm scared now.


This here Giraffe

I dont write about headlining stuff, so i'll talk in code. One of the most socially advanced towns in the south west is undergoing trial and investigation at the moment, one that I hope and pray that the participants perform well in. And then in the most ummahtic restaurant one can imagine, where the entire world is represented...
No doubt the partial glaring eyes will be upon all of those thought to have played a role in a young, simple, white revert's adoption of Islam and how the idea of causing such public harm came so close to being actualised. The usual suspects will score political capital, because thats all these events mean to them, they dont actually care. Better people will try to understand what happened and make the required corrections
  • Did some f@ckwit manipulate this fellow?
  • Will idiots ever stop 'doing' 'dawah'?
  • Why is this stuff still happening?
  • Why do peopls still make money misleading government over this stuff?
  • Where are the people without axes to grind?
  • Was it just some random madness caught from the internet?
  • Was it just one of those random increasing probability events?
  • Why did he travel to a different town?
  • What happened to him in his own one?
  • Who is going to get the sharp end of the blamestorm, especially now that it has been established that he is not a person of discernment?
  • Who is responsible for this kind of thing?
  • What will be the ramifications on the revert community?
  • How is the established millat failing them, which section's aloofness and selfishness enables this?
  • If we are all responsible, what are we supposed to do?
  • Are a bunch of parochial stupid old men going to be publically humiliated for something they knew nothing about?
  • Are a group of open, more intelligent young men going to be targetted for something they knew nothing about?
  • Are the chav/racists from the town of the fellows origin going to run amock?
  • Will the madani people of the affected madina show us how its done?


"Muslim women can be superficial too"

said Shatranj, coining a genre for a very sad disappointing set of fodder material that consitutes fabricated female empoweredness.

Its like the late, old school awami leaguer of Sirajganj told me about what westerners mean when to slip democracy into your milk. He had figured this out over time.'Eyte, democracy nau, shundor shundor meyer shathe ghumau.'

Whether you are a stupid film producer, or a desi media outfit, scraping the bottom of the barrel for content to flog to your imagined demographic, you really should know that what you do is wrong. You should let that kind of material sink to the bottom of the pond. By amplifying it you may be encouraging others to think that that kind of expression is indeed on the path of cultural J.


Kaki King (again)

Makes a guitar do things you wouldn't imagine. Tours through interesting places, including Istanbul. Makes use of more electronic gadgetry than you will find on most modern aircraft. Really plays with a guitar in the childlike wonder sense of the term. Doesn't like to sing very much. Joins the Foo Fighters on stage occasionally. Audience has included Jimmy Page. Not ashamed to bust out a cover of Justin Timberlake or Neil Morrisey when the opportunity presents itself. Methinks Elrond and the elves of Rivendell would be proud of what she does as would folks in the 22nd century. Accompanied live by some other talented chap with a blowy synthesiser the noises that arise are positively otherworldly. Releasing a new album 'Dreaming of Revenge' on 30th June (UK). Yes this is post-rock.

check this.


Symbolic powers

So the amir of jamaat e islami has been put in jail, accused of corruption. Before departing he indicated that his party was in safe hands without him. Afterwards, his party declared a 4 day fast. Later the awami league seem to open up to the idea of going to polls without their own leader, 'they will let the grass roots decide', and organise a 6 hour hunger strike. Thats some transfer of political technology.

Its like several months ago, when the BNP would ape the awami leagues moves, but just a bit more retardedly. To cast it ritually, AL wali Motia Choudhury would say "samiAllahu liman hamida", and BNP wali Selima Hussain would say "rabbana wa lakal hamd".

A fast is an act of worship directed as God, supererogatory worship is common in Muslim societies, once you've covered the mandatory ones. But this is also politically messed up. Major niyyat purity issues batman. However the symbolic power of it was enough for the awami league to launch what looks like a secularised, purely human attention seeking copycat attack. I wonder if the 6 hour strike will be followed by self congratulatory secular feasting.

The daily Ondokar (darkness) chimes in with a very gloaty hurrah for the leader's incarceration. They are very interested is saying what history is or isnt. As well as the usual stuff and the mandatory lack of finger-on-the-trigger detail, they add a spurned BNP minister's accusation that the leader was a patron of a contemporary terrorist organisation. At a time when the security agenda is being vigorously pursued from within and without. Classy.

Usefully, the Ondokar points out that jamaat rules read that after 6 months of a leader's absence the amir post becomes vacant. Well its mid may now and elections are at the end of the year.... hmmm. Consider this with the symbolic baggage above...

Resolution of the 71 baggage issue, fairly or unfairly, with all the facts to hand is unlikely to be allowed because of its symbolic power. Bangladeshis who believe the standard few variants of the national mythology do not want to know anything new, or complete their view. Major political parties, and desacralising forces capitalise on the symbolism all of the time.

In this scenario, Jamaat could do something creative, or something conservative. It is hard for such old organisations to move towards the former but leaving the political field might be an interesting experiment. I wonder how long it would take the remaining political groups to mobilise around the symbolic value of the deen. They can't really compete now, but if Ji didnt exist any more i do wonder what would happen, how long would it take for the gaping hole to be felt.... would there actually be one?

I hope this organisation reforms, or/and a better organisation forms, building on whats good in previous ones, but also drawing on Abul Hashem's rendering so long ago of Khilafatur Rabbani. Linking with all those talented people that awami drunk deshis wrote out of history and tainted with their jahil, poisoned tongues. Taking and deciphering lessons from contemporary Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey, Muslim countries of positive integer value.


Another day, another prostitute, this time with medical training

"all you spooks should buy my book!"

"I went to uni and studied medicine in the late 80s, the bros there were rather dumb and now I'm an expert on suicide bombers."

mumbles.. something strange about secularism... and that "their daddy's didn't love them"... oo and of course yasmin alibhai brown classic "they all had scientific training"

"I have an extremism test for youngsters, come try it... lets put it into clinical testing whoopee."

another joker has landed, oilcome russel razzaque, I was wondering whether it was possible to be thicker than maajid  and ted husain.


Sabr (صْبِرْ) [SunniSisters]

Function: Noun used to describe a virtue

Etymology: From the root ṣ-b-r, meaning to bind or restrain

Date: Eternal

1. Resignation of the ego to the will of God in times of calamity
2. Steadfastness in the face of challenges

Yes we Muslims do sabr quite well, in fact its pretty much all we do. I think the Big Tyrants are lucky that we do so much of it because if you look at the facts, any other such spiritually contiguous social group would be going totally ape under the same unjust predicaments. So here is to sabr. Doing sabr doesn't mean you go into stasis though. Humility and submission to Him suggest improvement, leaving what is wrong and moving to what is better.

Imagine that you have settled in your job as the Agriculture minister in a not yet fully blossoming country, where the lions share of the people are pretty reliant on their soily toil. You are doing quite well, nobody messes with you in your department, because although a large amount of them have been fashioned to hate your guts, they know you mean business and there can be no hanky panky. Your prestige in your party, and outside to an extent, is enhanced because you are where you are not because of your family, nor because of the redrawing of national borders. You understand that masses of people have an irreconcilable view of you, yet you laboured on. You say you do not seek to lead your party, but they keep electing you to do so. Some might suggest that is quite a weird situation.

You are from a minor party and are part of a coalition government. Even though your raw numbers are low, your organizational fealty and social technique are of such a level that they are easily distinguishable from the froth. However they are not all textbook Islamic workers, you know that. When their blood boils over you are the only one who can cool them down. You also have the problem of a lot of nutter lefties are drifting in your ideological direction. Its a mixed bag of fish really, some say that 'they have read interesting books', others say they are damaged goods.

Though your peeps have many good qualities and I love a few of them to bits, they are not world class in the same way that some of your fellow traveller's are in Indonesia, Turkey and Malaysia... even Iran... and even in the maghreb. Your country has been through hard times and shot itself in the head more than a few. However you still run on a 1930s vintage engine from an All India context. An engine that a lot of bona fide Ulama became exasperated with and decided to sack at the earliest of stages. That newer models haven't emerged... well I think some of that responsibility lies in your hands. Some of it doesn't of course, we saw how when some people had had enough and wanted to do their own thing, their groups became splinters of splinters or splinters. And there were no mutant ninja turtles to gel things together. The turtles tend to get stuck and neutered in Tabligh, bless.

A lot of the people in your party were wary of the compromises you high ups made in being part of a government where many of the characters are questionable. To be honest, there are a lot of questions about you, but that is another conversation altogether. However, for the youngies, one of the justifications was that there would be fewer dead bodies. That was true temporarily at least from the years 2001-2006. The years 2009 to 2019 however are yet to be written legibly for us. It will certainly be a time for sabr, self correction and self purification. I for one see that here will a lot of trial (fitna), unfairness and naudhubillah ... bodies. They will be of young men who wanted to serve Islam and the coroners will judge them to have suffered Death By Democracy. You see the people of your country will vote for your most avowed political enemy, the ones who score the highest value points by being that way. They will unleash their dogs with little restraint. In every institution and at every scale and in every sector. You saw how they danced on the bodies of young men in the anarchy before January 11th 2008 and we know the pattern. Whether these future casualties find themselves in the hearts of green birds near His Throne we cannot know. So let's not assume it right?

In those years when you had a little power, your political enemies went around the world accusing you of being a terrorist party in an international regime where such accusation has the connotation that it does. However I reckon that more than a few of the international observers and fiddlers held you in greater esteem, and took you more seriously than the other party heads, who are caught in a multi-decadal catfight that is really really shameful. Many of your people have adopted all the worst qualities of human democracies around the world, the bitchiness, the dog-in-the-mangery and what not. Suffice to say that it is a trait that has to be planned for if you play The Game.

I digress. So you are sitting their with your job in Agriculture winning the confidence of those subordinate to you, possibly showing them the qualities of a real minister, a post now filled by the amazing CS Karim, and along comes a reshuffle. You are moved to INDUSTRY. Some suggest this is because you were doing too well at your job, others suggest that your qualities were needed elsewhere. I have less interest in industry, sorry, its just that every time I hear of a Bangladeshi Industrialist, usually through meeting his son, I feel mournful. The new portfolio was guaranteed to place a whole new caboodle of difficulties in the way, plenty of vested interests in a sector riddled with the worst people in the world. Full of people whose understanding of fair trade and industry has been nurtured nepotistic, and sadistic.

So there is a political change of wind and you are now arrested under the GATCO case. You were on the purchase committee or something, which isn't a crime in of itself. But maybe if you had done a Musa vs Firaun performance at the time... just for fun this particular dirt would never have got to you. Many rejoice your incarceration because of their view and their experience of what happened in 1971. Fewer people wonder what you are going to do. You see, so devoid of any political imagination they are, and so accustomed to copying, replicating and never using their own 'upstairs' that they actually look to you for inspiration. You remember don't you? the same people who would stab you all over would come to you for counsel, for blessings, for advice on what to do, for religious wisdom. Messed up.

Whats slightly more messed up is your press release on the 14th of this month, before your arrest tonight. Out of 13 recommendations why was the first one the release of the Two Begums? I mean come oooon. At the first round of talks with the election commission, before the Shahriar Kabir Liberation/Civil war episode 360, your high ups had something interesting to say about electoral reform.

but "There is a conspiracy to make the country a dominion."

What did you mean? Whats new? Bangladesh is already a multi-vassal state with as many hands up its arses as there are NGOs in its thriving development industry, consultants in its planning industry, academics in its budhijibbilessness industry and stupid schools in its educational industry. How could it really get any worse, or any more amorphous than the quaternary sediments in my tea would suggest? I think I'm going to go check my working out again.

Finally, the declaration of a four day Nafil Fast is a refreshing change from the mayhem than the less religiously inclined parties always promise as they throw their toys out of their pram. It is a little naff though, not sure why, i have the feeling its something fundamental.

A dignified and dynamic sabr to us all, more than a little fikr and a monsoon deluge full of rahma.


Mr Moo and the silent majority

Mister moo does it again.

"...These silent Muslims are lucky to be given so much government support and regular media exposure. Other silent groups exist too, but clearly monks, mime artists and people who sulk need to lobby harder if they are to attract attention.
Back in the silent Muslim field, the scene had now changed a little. A government spokesperson had arrived and was throwing wads of cash at the Muslims, but the money was just bouncing off them and falling on the ground. Some bearded chap in a suit was silently going around gathering it up..."

If only all muslims would use their media tuppence to take the piss out of the man. I challenge a bro to pull Paxmans pants down (discursively), to make Andrew Neil cry and to make Jeremy Vine wet his own self laughing. Even the old days, when times weren't so grim Al Muhajirun and the lads would at least have an element of humour about them, one could never be sure if they were or were not taking themselves seriously.

It is quite easy to cause an awkward laughter, where the better mannered but sharp tools in the box are conflicted between dark humour and politically corrective contraception. But that belly laugh, which flattens the fields of lies that define the whole media enterprise... I am waiting for that.


Ummahtic Update

Lots of developments, I don't know where to start.

RMW arranging a Shayk Habib Ali Jifri and Maulana Hasan Ali featured event on the life and dawa of Shah Jalal and his successors (us) @ the LMC?

Kuwaiti Amir plonking $100 million into a fund to help the developing countries with the prices through a Decent Living Fund?

King Abdullah 2 of Jordan's barnstorming speech at the WIEF? finger on the pulse or what ?!?

His wife, Queen Rania's contribution to the TIME 100 'influential' list, a feature on an Iraqi seamstress?

This guy
and the slightly coupled phenomena of spontaneous organisation of random stand-up open mike nights?

Mufti Mustafa Ceric of Sarejevo (generally) and his nuancing interpretation of ummahtul wassata, as an integrative community. An active idea, not a passive acted upon integrated bungle?

Or the young writer who's upcoming novel will blast away the cobwebs and crud with a hefty chunk of deeni spirit?

The outpouring of unconditional solidarity from individual briton's, and asians, and others to the afflicted in myanmar?

The good achievements of the Late Tan Sri Nasimuddin Amin, an interesting Malaysian Industrialist?

Hearing that there are 1 million Muslims in Cambodia!

As imran jk would put it, Thank Allah it's Jumma

oo and one final gem. Somebody made the observation that Hizbut Tahrir and the so-called Quilliam Foundation are two sides of the same reversible jacket. Wheras HT thinks that making the Shariah use the state is the mission, the Quilliams take the opposite view, of letting the british government define Shariah and do whatever the hell they like to it.


Honumanutarian Bullsh!t

So international ... sorry white agencies are bitching about myanmar not letting them in to help the people.

so tens of thousands of people have passed on and many times more are having hard times... and all you can do is moan about not being given whiteboy angel treatment by a regime that your compatriots have spent a great deal of time villifying.

Disaster diplomacy my arse!

And brown sahibs are waxing characteristically stupidly about how democracy means that your people get releif and dont die, extrapolating some liberal commonsense from amartya sen and snorting on the angel dust of 'free' and 'open' society.

Aljazeera doesnt want to mention WHY the Myanmarese authorities dont trust western agencies know so much about their irrawardy delta. Maybe Aljazeera are too thick to realise this, after all they are. erm. doopi doopi doo. come on show some third worldist spine and convey the message. dont be scared of being labelled 'apologist for brutal regime'.

Malaysia sent in their peace corps MERCY, they'll know what to do.

Why dont Myanmar let more aid run in there from next door bangladesh? As a bengali muslim id like to beleive that the 'aid' is ours, but it isnt, its 'international aid lolly releif'. Its western political capital targetted at you when you are most hurt and in despair. We are drunk on that sh!t.


up your dukes old chap, let a hindustani manslave teach you a lesson.

There is no reason to let the beating keep you from your roots and the country that presently contains a lot of them. However, Tariq bin Ziad did burn his boats when he reached Al Andalus and created new roots, from which shoots, buds and blossoms.

That Our guy did not have his safety assured by the BD high commissioner and so couldn't be by his father's side for his last days is awful. However i have never been impressed by the Bdeshi diploclass and wouldn't even ask such a question. Bhai you could have just gone. 

That gruesome event stings for a number of reasons, stigmas and neuroses that can be adapted with our own hands. They cannot be changed with words and petitions and human rights bitching. The media can make money out it though.

Challenging the Bangladesh Air Force to an annual boxing tournament would achieve more than appealing to institutions and societies on the basis of an alien language of fake universalised virtue. I think the boxing tournament is a good thing to do, because our team might beat them. Not that i am offering my fistycuffs, but how else do you make martial forces respect than by challenging them in a field they actually recognise? In the 60s we had pilots and dogfighters of great repute. These chaps at the moment are untested, are far removed from that generation and belong to the weakest regional military of a country effemenised by foreign help.

I see no kudos there.

Those 4-5 air people did not wake up in the morning hoping to beat our bro. Something happened and escalated and there nonangelic side asserted itself. Why else would they treat someone like an enemy MiG29 invading their airspace? That he helped raise so much money that will house and enable cyclone victims recover and built more solid livelihoods is not a factor that occured to these people. They don't know us. They have some foggy idea of a prejudice nurtured in a negative environment. Thats not knowledge.

And the diplo-beaurocratic-political classes. They are not for us either, too busy playing funny games with themselves in the path of fake parochial kudos. Perhaps sometimes we remind them of how they should have turned out, maybe we remind them of the older values nurtured by their murrabis? Maybe we can remind them of wrong turnings taken over the years. 

The Wite british establishment has more influence over them than any of us. 'deradicalisation' is the game in town and there is a 'conditioned fear' of us becoming radically troublesome for desh, which probably means somebody is making economic or political capital.


Signs that a Muslim Guy wants to get M@$$!£d and cultural J

i found this video quite amusing. I hope you do too.

Maniac Muslim sometimes approaches the levels of Imran jk (creator of "Thank Allah it's Jumma" and "Who wants to be an MSA President?") in the field of Cultural J through internet multimedia and similar jive. They both have very different personalities and it comes through in their product. I think JK cares less for preaching at his audience and has developed more subtletly and grace. The maniac is new to film and developed from an amusing set of articles embedded in that rather inbred of environments, the muslim students organisation. Check his website for genius ideas like the online nikah. The JK is more of a standup/ muso type and his general demeanour reminds me of an old friend of mine.

Both come from north america, sorry Occupied north america and i love their product much more than Ummahfilms, who is even more preachy than who I think does violence to the word Ummah. I have dreamed out loud about the Islamic Car in the past but we must develop some taste and stop messing with sacred terms as marketting fodder.

there is a great deal of product out there, and people peddle it. the best stuff doesnt need government money to enable it, or large production values. The UK Millat is less productive, it would seem, than those in Canadia and the US. Whether is it charismatic black and brown and white speakers or homogenous MSA variants of cultural J or the Taqwacore, i reckon we have received more than we have given.

What we Muslim 'BrAsians' seem to produce, and reproduce, is a taste for the mediocre. The folks in amreeka are also guilty in parts but my problem is here. Nurturing is most important of course. But I want to rant about the Wrong Reception, and the power of 'da people' to mess up the field of cultural production with their deculturalised silliness.

We the migrated millats are like the creatures of Hazrat Nuhs (pbuh) boat, from all over the place. We are kinda amorphous at the moment but becoming more crystaline with time. Care must be taken to avoid simplistic castration of creative performance and expression by opting for a monocrystalline structure ahead of a polycrystalline set up. This goes to the beloved TJs and Salafis who all have an idea of the superman, and the adorable Ikhwanis and Jamatis who have there own blueprints for the ideal islamic worker in the modern age. (Pfft!)

If fame and recognition can make people drunk and dumb. Fame in closed environments, away from a good old kick in the shins, leads to people getting drunk and blinded on ribena. Its important not to succumb to flattery and people who are manipulators. Im talking fi-sabilil-quality-product here. It can warp our minds and rob our dignity. Recently I met somebody operating in efnic media who had created a facebook group for their 'friends'. Hello?!?!? All I can plead is that we make ourselves resistent to the smoke blown up our arses and refrain from blowing smoke up the arses of others.

Fans must learn to accord their fanaticism sparingly and with the best discretion and discernment. If this fails, and say for example a bunch of hijabis who know nothing and are stupid come to define what is 'cool', all is lost and we must slash our wrists.

Discernment in the millat.

"Nasheeds are crap. well at least the english ones. they are just nursury rhymes, you used to listen to hip hop then got 'practicing' didnt you?"

"No bro, that guy just talked ring. you didnt understand what he was saying and why, but it just sounded good to you.... no please don't invite him again next year.. puurlease"


aaaargh Boris!

mayor livingstone was mr london for me, now he has been disempowered by that ever-wise technique of temporary leadership change evolved in the west. Why?

'Its cos dose clumsy ishlamishts buggered themselves.'
'BNP second preference votes'
'Pragmato marxists being anti ken because he was interesting and broadminded'
'Socialist workers splitting from respect galloway and pursueing the left list thing, effectively removing talented campaigners from the ken side'
'London drivers fed up with congestion charging'
'Establishment dissaprocal of Uncle Hugo Chavez's visit here'
'Tory campaign getting out their suburban vote, Labour vote prefering not to turn up.'
'The Evening Standard playing extremely dirty with information and the london electorate'

well its over now.

so london has somehow figured that livingstone was surplass to their requirements and that johnson will be better. the BNP (british) gained a seat in the greater london assembly, and the horizon of possibility has changed somewhat.

Or maybe it hasnt? Politicians and media do sculpt a lot of things, this is one of the reasons why they are the scum of the earth. I am me independant of who sits on a chair. gloomy times ahead though.

As of a few days ago, I feel less welcome in The Bollock (the GLA building that sits just on the south west corner of tower bridge). I feel that the no.25 bus will no longer be.... bendy. Generally we need to buckle down and just get on with things... mentally prepared for the rise of the blue tories.

In some ways its better, tories will pretty much always hate us, look down and denigrate... but at least they are less obviously two faced about it.

Tory London Mayor... am as yet unable to get my head around this.