Tsunami catastrophe

Time to honour the loss of 150 000+ people of Asia, and the years long struggle that our societies will face to recover from the loss. aceh has suffered incredible carnage...its hardly imaginable...heres to wedding ummah support to their recovering li velihoods for the long term.

Very scary to see imperialist forces 'helping'.

The opportunity to donate is being provided by heaps of charities, may their work be accepted in His service. And political points are being scored by imperial western governments as ever. The British people shamed our government with their real good nature and open heartedness these past couple of days.

Desh sent some ships(4 gemini boats then later....the Turag and Sangu) planes (c130) and helicopters(2 Bell212) as well as medical and engineering teams and some water purification plants. We assume that a lot goes trhough informal channels as well.

i think they went to maldives and sri lanka.. hope they perform inshAllah.

what to do?

start back at uni tmrw with added motivation i guess.