Please don't beat me black and blue

I heard it through the ganjvine,
a gentle man, quite trim and fine
didnt have the best of times,
in an airport of that land of mine.

Bizarre prestige imcompatibility,
Sylatian stallion versus military,
Red passport versus authority,
The event unfolded painfully.

How dare you lay your hands on him,
Did he really pull your grenade pin?
Dont piss away our hopes for you,
Dont get wound up for its not you

Who drove the hordes away from desh,
Every governmental change or ulta pesh,
To other lands to rebuild their lives,
While they spoiled themselves and spoiled their wives.

If you're the future then please behave,
Adab, Shomman are all we crave,
Neither of us should be enslaved,
to the other, isnt that what we've prayed?

If I should irk or get you wrong,
Put out the fire and dont be long,
Tell my murrabis they'll make me true
but please don't beat me black and blue.


Turkish Malaysian seminar on 'Islam and Freedom'

Turkish writer and thinker Mustafa Akyol speaks to Malaysian Students in Ireland, there is some co-learning going on. Thank you to whoever took the decision to organise and youtube this vital and unique content. There are five parts to the programme. I am just putting the first up and you can navigate through the others as you like.

C'est tres ummatique.

Go Musti! Go Musti! Go Musti!

thoughts on this country, kooky stories from desh and habitus.

This country used to be able to take over sh!t
Then it used to be able to make sh!t
Now all it can do is talk sh!t
- on seeing a very dissapointing, characterless and spanking new jaguar, (probably built around a ford mondeo)

In bangladesh, General Saab is trying to promote potato eating in a rice habituated society at a time of bumper potato harvest and messed up rice prices. For some unfortunate reason he deems the newspaper editors appropriate intercessors between him and the people and feeds them...
The menu included potato soup, French fries, potato corn curry, potato kopta
curry, potato roller gravy, potato with spinach, potato malai curry, potato
navaratna, potato pudina and potato pulse. Besides, rice, ruhi fish and fresh
salad were served.

Another story has a daft GMG Airlines (best private airline, no best airline company period in desh) hostess freaking out at a 'mentally disturbed' man cutting an apple with a knife on a plane from Dhaka to KL, causing it to be grounded. What molly coddled flight attendant schooling did she go to? I mean, I suppose quelling needless panic and counter escalation is not one of the modules.

But grounding the flight? Pilot saab get a grip, the dude had a blade (which he shouldn't have) but I'm sure some sane person on the aircraft could easily have detooled him, and cut/peeled his apple with a plastic spoon or something. Even in the midst of the Dhaka Uni riots this summer i always saw a few toweringly sensible people, enveloped in a cloud of cool, solving public problems and oozing safety generally. That nobody in the cabin could sort it out and the pilot had to make an emergency landing in Thailand reminds me of the sad national political picture. I wonder what the repercussions of this humiliating surrender to fear will be on Bangladesh on Air.

Now airports are going to be even more of a hassle and some metal detectorwallah at an airport in bangladesh might get 'reassigned'. I think part of the solution is for less dainty little stewardesses and more strong men in GMG cabin staff. I knew those lovely blue and orange saris were going to get them into trouble.

Someone somewhere will milk this event for a 'security' agenda, but i tell them 'we don't do airborne violence, we are bangladeshis, we are a lot more grounded'. However, I'm more interested in another lesson from this incident, about people behaving 'strangely' and being labelled as crazies.

So he (the dude with the knife) was mentally disturbed?

A little while back there was a story about a murrabi (elder) from Wales who ate a swan for iftari (bless). His defence counsel pleaded mental instability. But something is not quite right here, something else is going on. People do some funny/strange/cute/scary things, but it might not be because they are nutjobs. It probably has something to do with habitus, a sociological idea used to describe "a set of acquired patterns of thought, practice and taste".


Are journalists the scum of the earth?

spreading waswasas and mischief in the land.
messing with the symbolic field.
poisoning relations.
robbing their brothers of their dignity.
misleading the people.
carving out undue status for themselves with commonsensical self serving arguments.
harrassing the innocent.
invading privacy.
imagining they have a right to speak about what they do not know.

Some years back people were encouraging muslim believers to go into the media and .. erm... 'represent' or something. I think its a mistake and a corrupting profession to be in. The 'Muslim' media is infantile and the 'Mainstream' is just crass and evil. I feel that efforts are better channeled into organic social relations and wisdom attainment. The kind of nuronic realisation that cannot be adulterated by the noisy, superficial and malicious.

Finally, the 'freedom of speech' element can make me laugh. Journalists hold this dearly above everything else, especially the more immature ones. This is despite no earth shattering concept ever being created by members of said profession. Perhaps the oldest profession in the world. We are asked to beleive that it is only because of this freedom of speech ethic that 'speech' is 'allowed', that folks did not come up with objectionable lyrics pre-White Power, that it is a sacred blessing and civilisational development is contingent upon it.

An Ode to a Tory

Bhaiya, I really do love you
but this freaks me out
how you hang with these meanies
In a trough full of snout.

We could be warriors we could,
You, me and our minions,
How on earth did they get you?
Lacrosse fields of St Trinians?

When folks say 'we're tories really',
If causes me pain,
Is it too hard to imagine
Bhashani with a brain?