I love Turkey, how dare they sneer down their noses

im talking about european attitudes to turkey....and probably sellout turks(a few) commenting on their own percieved inadequacies.

in a BBC report they (how conveniently) pick on some one who remarks "We are a young country, and we lack Europe's enlightenment, but the EU process will help us. Turkey is now fulfilling its destiny."

we lack europes 'enlightenment'? right? the only group of people whos culture is so deranged and destructive that they have generated devices and practices to poison and destroy this world....all for their growth. bluddy heck, i wish so many easterners werent so westoxified.

anyway, general uk media is very patronising of Turkey, turkey whos prenational legacy gave the ummah so much, whos people would be a blessing to their 'continent'

i think its a win win situation for turkey, if europes own rascism, double standards and colonial intent proves too much, given Prime minister Erdogans sincerity and plurality...then we know the character of this europe. that it is has not changed its spots. maybe then that westoxifies and antiislamic element in turkey will have less of a leg to stand upon.

If it goes forward, then i am really happy for them, cos apparently im European..

they say turkey is 'poor' and 'cruel'...... flippin intolerant government mouthpiece imperialist scuzzbuckets.

thinking about the rest of the ummah....what difference does it make if turkey is part of the european bloc? does it loosen ties with its 'sister states' in central asia.... with Prof Ihsan ogle and Erdogan doing so well (inshallah)

or are we playing the muslims card in the Pharoahs court? of course there is more value in it these days, given the Wests recent pathalocigal insecurity.

but what for the progression of Islamic ideals, thoughs, philosophies, peoples and ambitions?
one thing for sure, is that ummah members cant expect their brothers to slowdown and sacrifice these openings to bail them out.

Eurocentricity is a problem that europe, the US and decultured elites of the South and East need to be cured of. it does not need to be spread deeper into the human culture.

Sucking up like this is damaging to the dignity of that project.


Old but living mosque in kelantan province (up in the norht) no nails used in construction, totally wooden. very cute madrassa/uni student community present Posted by Hello
Kuala Lumpur Twin towers, to many Malaysians this is there pride and joy, to some a symbol of the captive mind and the captive dream or (un) DEvelopment. Posted by Hello
Traditional shadow puppet thingemy, clearly much loved and remembered by the owner of this restaurant in the twin towers Posted by Hello

Back from Malaysia

Educational as all things generally are in this world. My visit was by no means representative as the world i think conspired to shove hordes of interesting people my way. Only two Weeks though :-(

Lots of well educated people going about the business of plotting together for social justice (Friends of the Earth Malaysia...but it was the first to bear that name and in malay its got the words sahabatul Alam in the title, The Consumers Association of Penang), doing cultural J and other wot nots. Musically_ Phoenix Bangkit by M Nasir and visually through the film Puteri Gunung Ledang (the princess of Ledang mountain). Educationally and islamically through the Multiversity, The International Islamic University of Malaysia and ISTAC (may Allah protect them from screwing up or taking damage from malicious and hegemonic sources).

Technologically there are people, with resources of a kind, thinking about humanising this techie techi world of ours.

of course not every thing is rainbows, lots of bangladeshi, indonesian and southa asian exploitation going on. please malaysia sort out a love drenched policy on these matters. I understand the need for a bhumiputra policy, but this affirmative action craziness might end up being detrimental to the lifeforce of the malays.

anywway am gonna try and stick some photos up"!!



about a week in and am already feeling pressured with silly outside demands.

work deadline looming and i feel suffocated, whay are lit reviews such an excruciatingly dull experience? and why is so much of research all about massaging other peoples work to to fill 'catalogue science space'

did the edgeware road thingemy last night, spoke about turkey and the win win situation we feel wrt the europe question. good luck to them.

probably off to malaysia inshallah after 3id



O really would like to register, but would appreciate it if the beaurocracies would have prior warning of me and prepare for my arrival with a complete understanding of whatever is meant to be going on between the department, the school , the uni, the research council and little old me.

Oh yeah, LEAVING the house might be a start on my behalf also.

Umma, Ubba and S bhaiya went and got a new telly today, the old one died on us a week or so ago, this ones funny, its got dodgy proportions and distorts the fatness of people.

I wonder if Kofi Mama is gonna show some spine one of these days.

Lest I forget the forgetable Bangla TV awards. I went expecting Cultural J. but witnessed a bit of abuse cultural museum piece media. Shame on them. I know 14 year old pregnant mothers who could arrange a more polished affair standing on their heads. I hope they improve, cos that cultural label is doing nobody any favours. The dude who won the best baddie award was the highlight of my evening though.

I really felt like dying during the proceedings though. and then again when i saw a nutty 'uncle type' lurking in the foyer. oh no and attack of fat bengali women aaaargh La hawla wa la qoowatah..

I have bluddy awful cold.

The Belum Project looks like it needs some fundraising. gosh. more on this later.


incentives and bland blogs

it has been a couple of weeks, which i hope i remember in years to come.

-Don't trust people to be as open with information as you are, especially if they know you have delusional levels of ummahticity and aren't particularly creative.

-Ralph Nader is a don, US based consumer based clever dude and 3rd runner for the US presidency. I thing he should still run and people should still vote for him despite the 'tactical advantage' of voting kerry. if you dont beleive in somebody you can beleive in, then your vote is wasted.

-Judd Books (somewhere near kings cross) is the future!!

-Students are cheap and their happiness can be bought for very small amounts.

-Money industry people talk crap. Bless.

-Pakipop is rather good.

-Not all medics are foolish children.

Hoping to leave my job in a few weeks and get stuck in to the research


So whats new Huh?

Well i spose i should start by being really greatful. Allah sorted it so my dreamy and ummahtic research is going to be fueled.

been dossing quite freely this week, perhaps a little to freely. need to get some discipline if i am to can this project in tim.

i hope this casual work one doesnt endup like the last 'work interlude'. the boss seems good natured, well mannered and actually interested in what i can do, which is a good sign. Only scarey thing is when people flatter you...beware

Things in Bangladesh are really kicking off now, Oppositions activists were bombed during a rally in Dhaka while protesting against getting bombed during a protest against 'tewowist phundamentawist, communal, corrupt, war cwiminal'

Many senior leaders were seriously harmed, but the Awami league Boss got home safely. The student wing of the party has gone beserk and are angrily setting fire to things averywhere. The leadership of the party hasnt wasted any time in pointing fingures and calling for the government to resign and call early elections.

Government needs to get a handle on the security situation in the country. This is humiliating for everyone.

world has gone mad, but we new that a long time ago. everyone has a stake and some political capital in violence. Lets hope this brings out the best in people and that the crimes can be dealt with in a just and swift manner.

Innalillahi wa innailayhi rajiun (Whatever comes from God, returns to him)

A vicous, atheist and rude bdeshi 'intellectual' died in his sleep earlier this week, I hope he sought forgiveness before his departure from this realm. His family were pushing the idea of his burial in a place of islamic and national prominence, Dhaka University mosque with Nazrul Islam the National Poet Thich was amusing because of his repeadet abuse of the Prophets and Islam in general through statements and writings during his life. the University said 'piss owf', but in more diplomatic and rational terms. I am sure his 'School of thinkers' will no doubt be miffed at his family's showing of residual muslim character. kinda defeats their cause, but i wonder if they saw such irony at all.

heres to depolarising Bangladeshi society!


Did I get anything done today?

ate at a place called satu the other night, thai join, very empty and hidden in vvankerbankerland. good company, nice place and highly innapropriate music.

then got the lurgee, forgot how tiring sneezing could be,

started looking to apply myself to sorting out the Deshi flood situation, fired of some emails in my great impotence...then got distracted by the world outside and applied for a job!!!

most annoying thing in the world is putting your heart and soul into interestingly answering the inane questions on the dodgy online applications.....only to have the session time out.
sick joke. im not laughing

project-in-looking-out-the-window looks like its going through the process, references gone, not yet arrived.

i really want to go to this conference in malaysia in september. HOW IS THAT GONNA HAPPEN.

recipe for happiness - that gorgeous turkish bread and chocolate spread


who needs titles. this blog business isnt about discipline

Spoke to an interesting man yesterday, who might give me a job, or at least an interesting conversation, i had a dodgy experience with a small time enetrepreneur lately,I recommend thoroughly checking people out and not being too eager in the first place.

Dreamt that my project got funding last night, I wasnt too happy about it for some reason, which is strange... I guess thats one thing to learn for the future, 'never get yourself trapped in a lack-of-funding situation'.

also seems to be the season for mates telling prospectives to...'shoo off'.

to the tune of the song in Joseph and his technicoloured dreamcoat/

i dreamt that on the tube one day, at bill collecting time
your committee of tired old farts all turned and bowed to mine

could it be that I was born to set the goonies free?
Love(bleugh!!!), success and travel grants but not a pee aitch dee!

oh well.

recipe for happiness - white bread toasted, with honey and chopped strawberries.

Umma got some pleasant news from Desh today, inshAllah things will proceed swimmingly.

Newlyweds from the north coming tomorrow, need to tidy the house....suddenly that a paper called 'Controls on facies distribution and stratigraphic preservation in the Ganges–Brahmaputra delta sequence' looks like it needs reading.


Opening + the Old Man and the Mynah Bird

Well this is a start, who knows who will end up reading my personalised vanity product?

This is definately going to build 'writing' skills.

I dont traditionally write, when i do this is what happens..... its coded enough for nobody to understand it really

A story about an old man and a mynah bird

This is really about a mate of mine. He is becoming rather worried about hings lately, and I think this will give him a good laugh.

In a big city there lived an old man, he wasn’t really that old and he wasn’t all that masculine, but if you sat with him in a room, you would understand. Well, this old man had a mynah bird, you know the kind that spoke when spoken to, and generally did what it was told to, without worrying too much about revolting against the cruel system that held her captive in a big city. She was happy with her life, if a little busy. He was happy too, and loved to wander the streets and wonder about things.

The old man sat on a park bench and started feeding the ducks with the little food he had, he wasn’t rich, but he made full use of what he had. It was on a duck feeding expedition that the mynah bird and the old man came across each other. Spring was letting itself be known to both of them. The mynah bird had noticed how sadly misguided many of the duckfeeders were in their duckfeeding ways. She would often chastise the duckfeeders and try to tell them what would be better for duckkind, but it was hard. Now the old man was an interesting and noble soul, and held a similar duckfeeding stance to the mynah bird and so they got along together swimmingly.

Their months together were fruitful for ducks and duckfeeders and duckfeeder intermediaries. Autumn started to burn the life out of the park and the mynah bird rejected the old mans kind offer of a house for the winter, stocked with all the cakes a bird could eat. She was drawn to join her flock of mynah birds on a pigeon spotting project, which was a stable profession that was societaly respected and pretty cushy really, though it did take up a lot of her time. The old man was far more interested in building the most exquisite clocks in the land, and he took to it like a man possessed.

Now years passed and neither the old man, nor the dear mynah bird spent much time thinking about each other, until the mynah bird swooped back onto the old mans shoulder. This messed up the old mans rhythm and turned him into a different person, slightly more obsessed than before, but with something else, something birdy. He wanted to build clocks, she was a qualified pigeon spotter with a tiring schedule.

The old man thought long and hard about his renewed relationship with the mynah bird, they were different from before. And this mynah bird was less talkative. ‘Why don’t you talk to me Mynah Bird?’ the old man asked himself, ‘How comes I have to do everything?’ This was not good for his mental health and was killing his ambition and even the some of the best parts of his nature.

This continued for months and months, much to the amusement and fear of some of the people who loved the old man. Then one day he decided to proverbially ‘Sod it’.

The End