Difference, Fiqhx, Election and the cult of celebrity

oooh Imam Zaid Shakir lecturing in london for Q news next week, on the ettiquettes of difference and how difference is strengthening. or as one bhaiya would say .... the importance of ikhtilaugh. geddit!??! i guess not....

ooo new work, 'fiqhx' to indicate active problem solving at the fundamental theorlogical level for practical benefit. we were discussing hajj and its many dimensions, physical, engineering, human, historical, interactive ummahtic event....... ijtihad is a bit loaded see.

now for more worldy affairs of power and the struggle for justice.. mwah hahahahah

'Democracy' is great right? there was some inspiring news last week, news that flipped-the-script and made some hopeful space for us to dream and act in.

Duas for all who seek justice and dignity, for Allah to make things easy for them and confound their enemies plots. Duas that the intangible signals of this inspire confidence, excellence and sobriety in His servants oppressed and nonoppressed throughout the world.

Duas that the 'development' 'aid' bribe game being played by the white powers is lost by those very powers and their client 'dogooders' find useful jobs in other sectors. That the Friends of Palestine stand by it and aren't turned coconut by threats. That unity and coalition are clung to by those infused with Red and Green wherever they might be.

Duas that poncy noncommitted liberals who think of themselves as really quite 'indie' but can't stomach challenging power are discreditted.

Comment on Galloway in Celebrity Big Brother?
My pal cam here and told me off for not having an entry since nuron...... YOU HAPPY NOW!

Ol George is most able to speak for himself as his statements following his eviction make clear. I dont fancy myslef as a sycophant, so i wont, but im inclined to see strange things thorugh this episode in UK public imagination

It has been funny to analyse the various shades and positions of Galloway hate going round,
  • A sudden 'fake concern' for consitutents using the really thick 'crossrail vote' argument, the whole Early Day Motion thing, the clumsy moves in Tower Hamlets to maximise political profit. New Labour are really quite awful, but its ok for them to pick shitty arguments that dont measure up to much, because the public is compliant (uncritical when it counts)and will believe them.
  • Not very well cloaked insults at 'the people who elected him' from the general public
  • Press interviews on 'brick lane' (most corrupt bit of tower hamlets life, but pleasant multi culti candy on ocassion) intended to incite moral outrage my showing cat pictures with no explanation and filming the least informed responce.
  • Surprise and righteous indignation that politicians take risks and promote themselves in the same breath as their causes,
  • Belief that a single MP party had best spend their time in the House of Commons,
  • The attitude of the corporate media, who really have it in for the chap, was selective decontextualising and rude (about all the guests)

The whole episode was rather instructive as to the pitiful state of the British public's mind and my own vulnerability to be distracted from my bluddy upgrade report. What ever happened to manners and decency? Ok, it's not exactly the most wholesome audience (8 million+! ) but from the programmes, message boards and whatever they really didnt come across in a 'good' way. Apparently 'they' were the judges, it was 'their' entertainment, they had the power and how was it used......bitching, snide remarks, very base thinking about people's intention, ...apparently thats ok if you are a consumer, free speech and all.

This series attracted a bigger audience because of Galloway, who also reached a bigger audience (though maybe not in the manner first imagined). Endemol, the company behind it must be laughing all the way to the bank. They had the majority of the control over the atmosphere and presentation of the characters in the house as well as the public chatter. Even though they were the hegemon, there were some unintended occurences, ie in the beginning George organised the whole group to subvert the cardbox box dwelling 'task'....

I like people to take risks, change doesnt come from going through the motions and processes already distracting the people, it comes by stirring up the system to make truth and contradiction clearer to people and interfering with the 'noise'.