O really would like to register, but would appreciate it if the beaurocracies would have prior warning of me and prepare for my arrival with a complete understanding of whatever is meant to be going on between the department, the school , the uni, the research council and little old me.

Oh yeah, LEAVING the house might be a start on my behalf also.

Umma, Ubba and S bhaiya went and got a new telly today, the old one died on us a week or so ago, this ones funny, its got dodgy proportions and distorts the fatness of people.

I wonder if Kofi Mama is gonna show some spine one of these days.

Lest I forget the forgetable Bangla TV awards. I went expecting Cultural J. but witnessed a bit of abuse cultural museum piece media. Shame on them. I know 14 year old pregnant mothers who could arrange a more polished affair standing on their heads. I hope they improve, cos that cultural label is doing nobody any favours. The dude who won the best baddie award was the highlight of my evening though.

I really felt like dying during the proceedings though. and then again when i saw a nutty 'uncle type' lurking in the foyer. oh no and attack of fat bengali women aaaargh La hawla wa la qoowatah..

I have bluddy awful cold.

The Belum Project looks like it needs some fundraising. gosh. more on this later.


incentives and bland blogs

it has been a couple of weeks, which i hope i remember in years to come.

-Don't trust people to be as open with information as you are, especially if they know you have delusional levels of ummahticity and aren't particularly creative.

-Ralph Nader is a don, US based consumer based clever dude and 3rd runner for the US presidency. I thing he should still run and people should still vote for him despite the 'tactical advantage' of voting kerry. if you dont beleive in somebody you can beleive in, then your vote is wasted.

-Judd Books (somewhere near kings cross) is the future!!

-Students are cheap and their happiness can be bought for very small amounts.

-Money industry people talk crap. Bless.

-Pakipop is rather good.

-Not all medics are foolish children.

Hoping to leave my job in a few weeks and get stuck in to the research