Pilot, Boats and superbikes

Off to desh for pilot study in a month, lets hope some work gets done this week, may even experiment with regular mornings!

Spring has ever-so-slightly begun, went boating on some pond today, 5 of us in a piddly rowing boat inefficiently charging on various innocents. today everyone was in good humour, incredible what an effect the sun has on the brits . Being wet all over on a late cooling afternoon doing asr is not my idea of fun though.

The Royal Geographic Society, wicked map rooms, reference point for posh adventurers map archivists of gandalfian levels of know how. Its been ages since ive felt like a clueless little kid. So i guess i should go there again.

aah the reason for the post, my new super bike with ridiculously OTT front suspension.
hmm what else....

the 'pull the troops out' themed demonstration was suprisingly well attended, its really insipring to see such communities blossoming organising and cooperating. Especially on the whole political injustice being dished out under the ruse of 'special laws against terror'. One of the british citizens who were unjustly, cruely and inhumanly locked up by militant Americans in occupied cuba was rapping(?!?) about the experience, Im not a fan of rap, my tastes lean more in the direction of whiteboyness but it was great.

Gareth Pierce has been working on this end of things, she is a modern day hero for all to see and be inspired by. theres an amazing interview of her on Democracy Now. interesting life, experiences and attitude to the world. Maybe my second favourite Lawyer type, after Ralph Nader of course!

So happy that the time hasnt turned him mad. recently there was an 'islamic hiphop' evening in honour of the life and works of Malcolm X. Cultural J of quite a high level.

Met a few deshi folks at the kings college bsoc do, quite proud that they pulled off an unnaff and often amusing show .... met with a body popping crew of young college kids from green street ways. they were upset that they didnt get the music they were anticipating. i hop both them and the student group keep it up.

Prof Ward Churchill is another one of our modern day heros