Annihilation of Victorian Values

Somewhere along the line, somebody seems to dolloped victorianesque values upon my culture. I don't think they are particularly Islamic, but need to look into it more.

I am not precisely sure whats going on there, but there's this few hundred year window where we loose sovereignty.


"I've loved Muslim women, its Islam thats a problem"

You've just got to laugh at the chap, and be quite familiar with this kind of scenario by now. tinku shak .
Clearly this is not the "Begum Effect" that I am after, though there is this sad sellout fringe that uses and gets used by honky partners to this day. Ladies, please dont go there. Bros, evolve faster. Families, try something a little more righteous than locking up your daughters and letting your sons run wild.
There's something conquest-like about the engagement of shallow honkies with Muslim background people on a personal level. Our people should be aware of this. Rumsfield, Amis, Britney... while the load mouth types sell us out with their silly words, some just do it with their bodies. Of course the former is more purposefully collective and the latter personal, but there are signs there of the shape of things. Imran bhai marrying Jemima Apa was the right way around.
go on, say it 'Globalisation'.
Some of the most annoying white people ive met are those kind of people who went out with muslim girls, or expatted in arabia somewhere, and think they know something. I was stuck on a plane next to one of these people, for a very long time..... a journalist taking white flight to honky occupied Aborigina. I had to sit there listening to him thinking he was so smart namedropping and quoting randomly from the NJ Dawood translation of the Quran in the belief that it was a Muslim one, picking fights with himself and smuggly operating under the dawa-pamphlet logic that it was my obligation to clear up his dirty filthy and messy mind.
I remember him initially reflecting rather bitterly on his brown muslim ex-girlfriends rejection of him culturally and in the end personally. I figure she was using him just like he was using her. I didn't really feel sympathy for any of the characters in the scenario.
Nobody really mentions this one, but i'll get it in here anyway. Much of honky angst against the khimar.hijab.niqab jive is because the poor dears dont get a good look and perve at these groups of females. They dont like the idea that someone is inaccessible to them (charms and smarms) as it runs against the imperialistic grain of their of their false universalism. Because everyone needs you and wants you.
Conquests Without Borders.


The Curse of the Activist Kiss

aaah activists.
A species that can make the beautiful revolting on account of their lamo thickness and zealotry. That can make " 'Human' 'Rights' " smell disgusting and make anti-colonialism hegemonising and white.

"if every one in the world just did this little thing, the universe would reequilibirate and all would be well"

Commonly identified by their warped views on things and over indulgence in superficial press releases, string pulling and whisperings. They should be seperated in analysis from the real folks who do stuff and have something to offer. They should be treated kindly because one may have resemblances to their behaviours in ones pasts.


Prof Anwar Hussain doesn't miss a trick

Theres a prof from dhaka university who was recently released from jail for acting like a knob during a beautiful democratic blossoming of anarchy in dhaka last summer. The Human Rights franchise in bangladesh and others from his teacher's union (he is the general secretary) and aligned students (a minority of the total population) have been noisy about their release. The government let them go, probably because they are crap at proving things even though anyone sane, watching tv in dhaka at that time saw the prof going ape, doing a rather dated impression of the Late Mujibur Rahman doing third world charisma. It would have been cute if the scenario wasnt so dangerous.

Aaaaah, the budhijibification of bangladesh's collective intelligence. Brahminical in its self interest, yet anarchic in essential inability to reach concensus on anything practical. Magpie like in its hodgepodge swallowing of any white buzzword or fashion going... yet ostrichlike in its propensity to recognise and find deliverance from error. Overindulgent in its selflove and braggishness, yet starved of any interesting ideas.

Ya Haqq!

So the chap is out and already using his political capital to call for a witchhunt of students aligned to shibbir, for them to be called from darkness to light. Great news for atmosphere on campus NOT. How the hell can university students all born "After Bangladesh" be classed as anti-state? hmmm. maybe anti ground state (think : QM)

The good prof huf'n'puf enjoys a little more credibility now amongst regime-haters, though its hard to really tell what people think as a whole due to the lack of opinion polling. I wish he would just be a little more dignified.

Opinion polling in bangladesh ay?

I think a method for such a thing would be very difficult to build and it would be very difficult to trust anybody to build it. In fact the very idea of a bangladeshi opinion poll seems like a bit of a cruel exam question for entrance into some kind of magicians guild.


More lessons on Rentboys.

This post is dedicated to the indomitable spirit of Dr M, whose exploration and ritual 'abusement' of Pro-regressive's in North America shall never cease to amuse and cause cringing.

As we already know, a bunch of cruel ex-HT damaged goods are making a lot of money and ego on the 'Combating Extremism' front. Its embarrassing for those who love Islam and Muslims and believe that a better future is possible. Some of these damaged goods have formed The Quilliam Foundation. I am not hyper linking to the site in case I catch something virulent. You can google them, but that might raise their web rankings. This Quilliam Foundation entity takes money from questionable sources and continues the HTinspired practice of; seeking to brainwash the bewildered, abusing mass media, pretending and failing to be either intellectual or 'real' and generally being annoying but still damaging to the good name of Muslims.

So lets have a look at the frauds, nimuk-harams (south asian for ungrateful little shits) and fasiqs operating in the Quilliam fold. Abdullah William Quilliam is seen as one of the first UK Muslims who did stuff, he was a cool person who i would have liked to have met. Allah raise his good deeds. His descendants definitely would have nothing to do with the filth that are abusing his good name. The pretenders are using the logic of "White is Right", my two readers have indicated that i'm not allowed to use a certain term that rolls easily out of my brain anymore. So i will use the title of Franz Fanon's book "Black Skin, White Mask" and leave a little for the imagination.

Its just not going to work if we do strange things like:
  • Go on about the good days of Andalucia and pretend we are them, then go revive the maliki madhab and expect south asian hanafis to jump.
  • Pick a random darling white bro from the past and fudge a genealogy from of him to us.
  • Deny our ancestral rootings.
  • Be all cliquey.
  • Jump onto a movement caravan from south asia, west asia or east asia.
  • Stop at collecting the Ummah's Greatest Hits Volume 15 and neglect creating our own thing from the Engines of Creation bestowed upon us.

Anyway, that's all a question of taste, and/or strategy for building a more beautiful millet. These chaps don't care. Every time they get a broadcast platform they do not cease from their poisoning and fake righteous indignation. They even managed to malign Mufti Ceric of Sarejevo the other night. They want everybody as rootless and flacid as them. Some of them probably just want to get laid by people with double barrelled names. (erm yes i meant that metaphorically :-P ) The problem is with these folks, and i feel sad for them, is that they've sold themselves. They will not emerge as leadership and their children might curse them, not pray for them. It's a bit like Mir Jafar, who sold out Sirajudawlah to the British Empire so many years ago.

Sometimes Allah sends humanity counter examples. Men and women for us to know evil through.

Ethical Note:
{Fasiqs are those who spread filth in the land, they are not proper people so the usual conditions of assuming you are dealing with someone with honour no longer apply... i think}

In the diseased urine coloured corner we have Ed (birthname Mahbub) Husein. Who is so ashamed of his Bangladeshi and Sylatian roots that he tries to introduce himself as Assamese in his book. He has sold a self serving picture of his sad life on the open market and stained noble people with his malignant blamestorming operation. If you want to know more about him in his own imagination read his book in a shop or library or nick it from a mate or neocon who unwisely bought it.

In the prissy pink corner we have Majid Nawaz, a rather vile character, even before his imprisonment in Egypt, during which he opted for brainwashing ahead of torture that the other brits incarcerated with him opted for. A chap who regularly lies in front of white audiences about the level of teaching he's had with scholars of Islam. A chap who would go out of his way to make his Muslim brothers feel crap if it made him feel good or benefited his credibility, he still does. A chap who is convinced that he is a descendant of a brother of Muhammad bin Qasim, the early Arab who conquered Sind for a short while. A chap who is thick enough to have deluded himself with an Arab superiority complex which he publically shows off, despite historical improbability. A chap whose racism extends to despising south asians (stupid people who fall for HTism because they don't know Arabic sources... like every lebanese taxi driver). Knowing this leads me to believe that he's the one who is using Ed. He doesn't respect Ed, but has few allies and knows how to use people.

These two above love the media, official and security attention they are getting, who wouldn't ey? It is like a drug. Could so easily turn us all into prostitutes and fools. They slip up revealingly with too high a frequency for Muslims to take them seriously. Even rudeboys, pseudoseculars, non-muslim 'civilians' find them to have dirty minds... smelly brains. But they are not interested in us, it is the bewildered white folks that they are after. Joining these two we have another chap who was suspended from HT for dealing in stolen cars and another confused Bangladeshi who introduces himself as Pathan. You just can't make this stuff up.

I feel sorry for the originators of the HT movement in a way. This is despite all the hurt HTism has caused my loved ones, and the good works that Muslims have done collectively on campuses and what not in the UK. There's good people everywhere who benefit the universe and learn things, the better HT people go to the Muslim world and try to know it, and develop their ideas from multiple sources and avoid cultish behaviour. I do feel sad for the chaps who are in their 30s and 40s and still into boring people to death, maybe i see my future similar to theirs if i'm not careful?!? Deep inside of me I root for those who seek to understand and fix up the Ummah, i wish them many helping hands to finding out the truth and resembling it with their action. This would explain why i'm feeling this way about this episode.

Other movements have faced similar problems, you start sincere and competent and then all these roadies playground fools; decades down the line, in the weirdest of places, come and make a dogs dinner out of your principles and meaning. It's a lesson that we must stop hanging to other people's coat tail and chopping down trees. We must do our own gardening, plant our own cherry blossom trees and mango orchards with lots of things in mind and some flipping imagination and soul.

Look at the music of Gill Scott Heron and the filth that passes for a certain brand of music these days.

So there's the backdrop. The Instigators of this unholy mess were blown apart at the Fabian society Last Sunday. Her Royal Highness Shami Chatrabarti, the Director of Liberty did the groovy honours. She is so glorious that a band called The Dastards wrote a song about her a few years ago. After pouring doubt on the disintegrated Muslim thesis she rebukes 'Ed'. The polite version posted on the Fabian Society website is as follows,

"In a sharp exchange with Shami Chakrabarti (Director of Liberty), Ed Husain challenged 'liberal do gooders' to be more realistic about the nature of the current terrorist threat. The author The Islamist said that democrats needed to do more to develop a clearer definition of extremism and a deeper understanding of the extremist ideology underpinning it:
'There is a lack of calling a spade a spade on this issue. We need to define extremism, unless we define the beast we will not be able to uproot it', said Husein.
'It will be a long time before I start taking lessons in democracy from someone whose acquaintance with it is so recent', said Chakrabarti."
What happened is that Ed in his thickness and lack brain or willingness to grow a brain resorted to a 'you might as well be the BNP' type argument with Our Queen Shami in an animated conversation after they had spoken. As a tireless, consistent defender of civil liberties, ex Home Office employee, brave warrior princess with Deobandi and Hindu family members this didn't go down well with her, accustomed as she is with reality. The scene ended up with MP Sadiq Khan having to physically separate the two and Shami Apa, the people's queen outing Ed as an 'Evil Little Man' in the gaze of the Liberal Establishment.

Ok so its the more tory and perhaps nastier parts of the English soul that Ed & Maajid are aiming to fool. It is this level of booboo behaviour towards a lady, not Maajids terrible attempts at dance and charming the ladies, that is emblematic of this fish's malignant death throw as it awaits suffocation in the warm air of truth.

Who knows how this thing will unravel. I hope there's some redemption.

No duck billed platypii were harmed in the making of this post.


Some actions just speak for themselves

Brahminohudhie Technologies Inc.

Guaranteed to blow your mind.

An appeal for the day when the most religiously united through ritual practice can ever sort their act together to do more than be pulled by other people's strings. To the day when the level of religious ethical consideration regarding a space programme gets beyond which way the Malay has to pray from space.


Muslim Rentboys

Its important to know who you are, and where you come from. therefore making a clean break with simplistic rendering of british Islam is unlikely to work, even though policy makers and control freaks might find it neater. every family's and individuals experience and capability to know about their fatherland differs. knowings one root is essential and personal.
we are not bangladeshis through, nor somalis, morrocans and pakistanis. not necessarily in any particularly useful way. those tired national markers lost their applicability through the passing of time and the unfolding of our own lives. But we do care, some more than others. Not a lot of inter and intra community dialogue occurs that touches on this matter, because we are driven by cheap media points scoring and misled. I hope this changes.
Coconutism is a non option. Naive islamism tries to get the common denominator but has some deculturing side effects, especially on the stupid. Nationalism by proxy maybe delaying the maturity of our general community. Most people in the fatherlands couldn't give a stuff about us. People do ask, pray and worry a bit, but elites and governments over there sold their dignity and faith down the river a long time ago. There is the vulture problem also but there are jewels too.
Collectively, there needs to be a balance in foci between; the here and now, the over there and deep Islam. Its not easy. For this to work we need more authoritative authority, not; sellouts, petrodumbos and cultural museum makers. The kind of authoritativity that we can trust for us to get the fard kifaya done (collective duties). Therefore values like trust, discernment, talent nurturing need enacting for the next few years. At the moment untrustworthiness, stupidity and mediocity seems to be asserting itself.
What we have happening in the uk, are a lot of different approaches for 'normalising' the muslim millet living upon it. Many of these come from the government's security interest, which inevitably buggers things up and regresses things. Some are more public than others, there are people who perceive themselves as Muslims spying on phonecalls, distorting human relationships, collecting data demonically, and generally stroking cats. Its pitiful.
Most recently, there are some damaged goods treacherous types, with no knowledge of their roots, who joined third rate movements like HT when they were younger and are currently promoting their rentboyness with the zeal and stupidity that characterised their 'Islamic' service days. Its very undignified. Their usefulness to the forces that want to capture and harm us will diminish with time so maybe its a matter of waiting for their few minutes to pass. We call them nimukharams, people ungrateful for their own salt. Its embarrassing.
Some don't like me calling them 'such a bunch of pakis', feeling it a racial slur, it is kinda, but its more general. The behaviour of aping white symbols of credibility, aspiring to fit into their structure and get ahead within it is dominant in the sell out classes of the Indian subcontinent. 'A bunch of pakis' always ingratiate themselves with invading power, whether its by turning their research to cover things like 'radicalisation' at the moment... by using 'Brass crescent awards' to culturally reproduce themselves or by outsourcing their higher brain and soul functions to the exploiter. When a bunch of pakis do democracy its just to painful to watch.
Its not racial. I love the pure, but this term seems to come into my head every time i see certain behaviours. Faith, Unity and Discipline are important to me too.
Whats very annoying, and chastening is how easy it is for people's own sense of self importance to destroy judgement faculties. The problem with HT is that there wasn't much Islamic development of the self going on in there. They destroyed peoples existent religious ties and imposed their own but often the personalities involved didn't get anything essentially out of it. These people used dirty tactics to spy on, disrupt and undermine their brothers, stuff which poisons the perpetrator, just like any unethical behaviour poisons. When we'd want to pray or learn, explore, probe and cooperate, they just wanted to talk politics and relay whatever they had just been spoon fed. One thing i found common to HTers was a lack of religious rooting in their family. I don't like the word 'non-practicing', the term 'skin deep' is better , though just as self absorbed and patronising :-P
Some people got into the religion through the gate manned by HT. This is better than losing it. The characters I respect are characters I'd respect irrespective of what ideology they held. People who sacrificed, were consistent and learned. Every movement contains some decent people. The self serving and devilish activities of the 'Turned from HT' cuts the branches between the new middle and young generations, creating more rootless prostitutes like themselves. They are too piglike to realise this now and I feel sorry for their children.
There are several others collectives out there, who share a dissapointment in what has passed for Political Islam, but it isn't in their character to be so mir jafaresque. The benefit of patience is that you do less damage. Besides, I think they love muslims and islam too much too be so destructive. The failure of so many Islamists to appear to have anything to offer in Muslim Fatherlands does not necessitate a capitulation of secular liberal surrender and abdication on the responsibility to pursue the moral and social imperatives of Islam. It only means that improvement work and beautification is more important.
Self funding is something that strikes me as important for the integrity of a platform or collective work. The best things cannot be bought or done by pandering to stupid ideas of what a charity is or what regeneration/development policy is. Such influences are distorting and dignity sapping. Maybe at one level professionalisation is needed to keep certain kinds of institutions stable, but lets not suffocate our wonderlust with it.
I think we're going to have to pay and make efforts for quality. Nobody else will do that for us.


The Sustainable Haddock

Yes, i saw it on a menu, yes we asked the innocent waiter what it was and yes he offered a sincerely believable explanation of fish farming practice.

I'm sure somebody somewhere felt happy that someone elsewhere felt guilty about a problem someone somewhere else actually has power over but wants to us to be the eyewash for. I'm also pretty sure that a smaller person or two somewhere else feelsthat their sustainable world is that ickle bit closer.

It sounds good to the ear though doesnt it? and its hard to argue against these pieces of art. development, empowerment, democracy, progress. they are so craftfully manicured and rendered into commonsence. Here's to the day when BS profusion is rejected and even annihilated. when meaning not noise is carried by terms. Ya arRazaak. Only you sustain and provide. Whats with these goons messing with your atribute, help us tend your trust.

On a related note, looks like big fish are back in the Kushiara River!! The creature to your right weighed in at 240 kg. Somebody paid about £700 for it at a Moulavibazari fish fair. I wonder how many guitar plectrums...


Muslim Pride and Oyster Pay-As-You-Get-Lost

So its official, any fallen princess or pop 'star' can surely rely on some sappy bro to be her rebound chump face. I don't even want to link to the trashy gutter 'news' I'm referring to. I think you know what I mean. Its like inside out antidawa.

Lets hear it for the Oyster Pay-As-You-Get-Lost system. Do NOT use it. If you do be very sure that you know where you are going all day before the day has unfolded and don't try the trains, they will screw you..unevenly. The tube-train interface is like a larger mechanical embodiment of cross connecting calls between mobile operators, staffed by stupid people unworthy of custodianship of such powerful infrastructure.


London Talking

It was thursday night recently so the telly was full of political jive. Govt miming nuclear power options with newsnight's sciencey correspondant picking holes everywhere, the launch of the Tata Nano (a itsy bitsy car not a bollywood mp3 player) with caroline lucas (green MEP) and some indian nationalist advisor to brown battling it out over environment, moral highground and linear projections of doom.

so the usual newsnight jibber jabber.

but then it came... *drum roll*

and it was on ITV

and Konnie Huq was chairing it (albeit badly, but no one took much notice of her).

It was 'London Talking'

Mayor ken, Boris the Toff and the Lib Dem chap in a three way shoot out with an audience full of party supporters from all three teams.

A few disjointed observations.

I dont mind the lib dem chap winning, he's got a fair vibe, he knows he doesnt have a chance but nevertheless improves the contest by taking part in it. I aint no Nader hater, if ken loses because of him it'll be kens own fault.

None of the others can touch ken. He knows.

It is amusing how comical the contest is turning out. Look at the contestants, the labour guy reminding us about what thatcher did to us, the tory toff guffawing and blathering like drunken man on the last tube home and the gay libdem ex policeman being all cerebral, practically engaging with the 'everyday'. You couldnt make it up.

I did love it when the lib dems and labour teamed up to hiss at the tories.

Boris is a nightmare, amusing to watch but knows nothing of london, its generational history, its people and possible even reality.

Black and Asian tories strike me as proper aspirant scumbags. Boris, or someone, had drafted a whole load of them in for the show and they were so embarrassing i wanted to eat my face. yes i love sayeeda warsi, shes got value, but this load of wannabes? jump of my cloud please.

Konnie Huq needs to figure that such facial expressions whilst reading an autocue might be ok on childrens TV, but look really silly in a political discussion context. (psst purple can you whisper a word to her afa?)

Its nice being part of a rather fabulous political unit... London. further evidence that I am in fact at the centre of the universe.


[New Word] Equiloveliness

This might seem a bit of a girl word, but i assure you that is not the case.

Sometimes in life one wishes to express the similitude of people without creating levels and hierarchies. The Muslim Qaum, as huggable and blessed that it is can tend to be rather petty when it comes to collecting stupid honours and certificates, especially certificates of education, wealth and taste.

Or maybe its just the south asian ones!

Anyway here are some examples in everyday parlance, for your education.

"Your equiloveliness,where the devil are my slippers?"

"His equiloveliness is expecting your call any time now."

"Brother X and Brother Y probably do not as yet know eachether, however they are related through equiloveliness"

My Leader

There has been a lot of talk about leadership and a lot of contesting and chest beating. I don't care much for it. Nor am i bovered with representation. If i wanted representation i would dance about naked in the streets representing myself everywhere.

I know who my leaders are and am quite lucky. Needless to say I'm sure they are quite clueless as to their identities as my leaders. Yes the 's'. I don't expect advanced guitar lessons from a hadith scholar, neither higher order wudhu tips from a fabulous cook. Thats not secularism, its just not being a gimp.

A leader solves problems, sees situations for what they really are and doesn't seek power over others. A leader uloominates and imanates nurons into the world. They exist in real life in multiple fields, but its the punter than needs to recognise their eminence in certain spheres and not get Pirified.

Seeing things for really what they are ey? So my leader is definitely not a craponomist.

My choice of leader has nothing to do with democracy, and everything to do with character, ability and collective life. Voting is cheap and tends to be staged to divide my people, misdirect them and weaken their collective strength. In some places people vote suicidally repeatedly until death. They vote for people who cannot help them.

Isn't suicide haram?



Pir Review

Pir Review is what happens when 'audience size' and 'audience cognition' is lower than the required threshold. If so the quality of ideas emerging from said group is low. A Pir you see has no Peer worthy or able to check, BS detect, refine and spot problems with this content. Sometimes this shortfall makes an awful mess.

It is common in subcultures trying to know themselves and the world differently but with limited resources and support networks of insufficient breadth and depth. Colonisation see, and other internal processes seem to have buggered a lot of systems up and inhibidet the growth of others.

Pirism has destroyed a lot of the credibility of tariqas in the east. It is also a dominant phenomena in atheistic circles in the east. Pirism proves the Orientalists thesis of the Emotional East.

Pirism inhibits the advancement of the Muslims these days. I suspect it is our faculties of discernment that require honing.

[Album] All is War + Annoying Writers

I'm listening to Aki Nawaz's album "All is War" and quite liking it. Balls of steel that bro, and a whole not of soul. Its not a question of musical taste, i just get the feeling that he's addressing me and not faking it. Its difficult these days to distinguish somebody tastelessly abusing your religious-geographic markers from someone passing you important messages.

I particularly like the words to parasites. You can purchase the albumn online here

Writers produce for money and for an audience. Seekers trawl around in the depths for answers. I think they are often two exclusive groups.

I dont think that Monica Ali, Tahmima Anam, Zia Haidar Rahman and Ed Hussain are talking to me. Its a white audience, in skin or mind, that they are talking to, it is their approval that is sought. You can see it in the shapes of their pronouncements, the scars that they bear and the foolish imprints all over their minds. Its like a red light district out there.

The rejection of these authors is important. The existance and appreciation of others with idea content is doubly important. The authors of chaff will promote themselves into incompetance, be reviewed and acclaimed. Those authors of the better category are there if I am looking for them, and moving through the ether in pursuit. Sitting on a chair is a sure fire path to being consumes by people who have the audacity to print their own self loving selves all over a lot of dead trees.

Which is probably just as well for the seekers,except for the problem of Pir Review.