In Bangladesh all systems are go

ok, in Desh now for field visit been here nearly 3 weeks , got 5 in front of me ....lots of infrastructural improvements....pleasant suprises around every corner. ooh how its good to be out somewhere hopeful...

Now the real purpose here is research, have been to a couple of institutions and spoken with wise old pios dons. Am finding loads of previous work on the erosion matter, from a number of angles.....am drowing in it!!!<> I hope i can produce something worthwhile, fully baked and novel.....

worry is...that you can deposit solutions to problems and challenges till the cows come home (for qurbani 3id) but until the will (and the tanks and the helicopters and RAB for that matter) is behind the effort its just gas.

Apparently the Sirajganj/Tangail area is reknonwed for hand loomed clothes...sarees et al, of great quality.... for about half an hour i thought that would be a great industry for river eroded folks to get into. however its a bit lineage encultured and limited market wise...... maybe this 'fair trade' thing might be workable

Ummahtic conciousness is here in droves, expressed itself in lots of ways, though not always the most sophisticated mediums. Am really thankful to have got here at this time.

A minister was forced to resign a few days ago because of some dodgy Phat 4x4 car bribe accepted from soem dodgy Canadiam gas company called Niko. I hope they get a good spanking.....on the matter of corporate spankings......the Govt slapped a 1200 tax on mibile phone SIM cards. The 4 big companies, who have been robbing bagladeshis blind for years with the most expensive callcharges and quirks went nuts. I hope the Govt has the nuts to keep a firm line, no matter how much the companies blackmail them with 'ooh its enabling development look at us we are solving peverty' or 'we'll take our investment elsewhere' rubbish. chekc www.newagebd.com for more details as the plot thickens.

ooo newspaper make me crazy here, theres a deep willful of the deen, its social dimentions and the cutting edge of contemporary islamic thought in the prominent english papers here. its partly explained by the mentality of a large section of the intelligensia here. they have their reasons . perhaps the media isnt really as important as it makes out. the real medium is people and their relations and communication. folks here are really savvy.

I would post pictures, but have forgotten how, besides bandwidth is low here...they call this broadband!!!

Going to the Ganj tomorrow, thats why im posting this now, Salaams to all<2>