Will June be the End of May?

Mainstream electoral politics is getting interesting in the UK these days, scary at times, with small willy terrorism and big willy counter terrorism ensuring that security politics will play themselves out over the next few week. The dynamism is not just confined to the Muslim kooky sideshows for once, through there are plenty of those, from Salma Yaqoob vs Naz Shah in Bradford West to Ajmal Masroor vs Rushanara Ali in Bethnal Green by Bro and even George Galloway vs Afzal Khan for Manchester Gorton.

Although there are great signs of political maturation and movement, just looking at MEND's rather useful tabulation of Muslim populations per constituency, there are plenty of very Muslim peopled constituencies with really whitewing Labour MPs.

No, the excitement is the growing political horizon of hope articulated by Corbynjaan's manifesto [pdf], encouraging poll (game) evidence and a terrible Conservative campaign which just gets worse the more Theresa May opens her mouth, thinks or has her photograph taken. It is almost as if the establishment had already thrown all of its stash of petrol bombs at Corbyn before the General Election was called.

A Labour government headed by Corbyn would face the risk of anti Corbyn, anti Left and anti Muslim elements stabbing him in the back and the front, sodding all the consequence just for their narrow interest. Prime Minister Corbyn would be a  blessing for so many people struggling every day. Imagine, just over two years ago...

A May continuity  and landslide would be a nightmare, Prevent on steroids, superficiality in general, oppression of the poor, sick and elderly. It is incredible to think that this person studied geography.