O really would like to register, but would appreciate it if the beaurocracies would have prior warning of me and prepare for my arrival with a complete understanding of whatever is meant to be going on between the department, the school , the uni, the research council and little old me.

Oh yeah, LEAVING the house might be a start on my behalf also.

Umma, Ubba and S bhaiya went and got a new telly today, the old one died on us a week or so ago, this ones funny, its got dodgy proportions and distorts the fatness of people.

I wonder if Kofi Mama is gonna show some spine one of these days.

Lest I forget the forgetable Bangla TV awards. I went expecting Cultural J. but witnessed a bit of abuse cultural museum piece media. Shame on them. I know 14 year old pregnant mothers who could arrange a more polished affair standing on their heads. I hope they improve, cos that cultural label is doing nobody any favours. The dude who won the best baddie award was the highlight of my evening though.

I really felt like dying during the proceedings though. and then again when i saw a nutty 'uncle type' lurking in the foyer. oh no and attack of fat bengali women aaaargh La hawla wa la qoowatah..

I have bluddy awful cold.

The Belum Project looks like it needs some fundraising. gosh. more on this later.

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