How to say it all without saying anything at all

sometimes i hear words and sentences coming out of peoples mouths and marvel at the pointlessness of these utterances.

its normally from transient types of sources like politicians or journalists, for whom truth was never really a virtue. if the person is on the telly i can switch off and do something else, or verbally abuse the space in fornt of me.

but what about in real life? wait for them to finish and then get out of there? slap em?

The Conservative party in the uk is going through a couple of cosmetic changes these days. Our Local Council elections are taking place in a few days. So, there's a cheesy party political broadcast with David Cameron doing his best to sell 'blue' as 'green'.... so contrived and paid for it makes me cringe. Not that these elections are at all interesting anyway.

Unless I look at the areas where the respect party stand a chance and there is actually some contestation, The Ganjes and the Pindes. Incompetant Labour councillers from Tower Hamlets are in for a rough ride. Theres a new crop of motivated people standing for the new party (as well as a bunch of SWP folks). its good for these areas, where doorstep concenrns are often the dangerous ambience of the local environment. I met some candidates who were locally known , embedded and credible. iA they will do the job well!

Whats even greater is that a few more people are being brave enough to stand as independants, in tower hamlets at least.

In bangladesh, Tata have resubmitted their industrial proposal to the Bdesh Board of Investment. The Indian corporate giant has upped its offer and included newgoodies like a 10% GOVERNMENT STAKE. who knows about these things? not i.

I reckon that a lot of govt work in desh might get done in the run up to the general election in early 2007. The opposition is looking to embarrass the government, while the goevernment is looking to show how good it is. No this isnt a virtue of democracy, its not even an upshot of the temporary leadership change system. its only a fraction of a fraction of whats needed.

Positives of this past 5 year period
  1. The institution of RAB seems to have made the streets safer.
  2. They caught the criminals who kept bombing places.
  3. I think Muslims, and organised Muslims have learn a lot, diversified, won a lot of arguments and enabled a little more virtue.
  4. the remarkable benefits of the natural gas have begun to really help matters.
  5. The govt sometimes shows a few testicles to the NGO-donor nexus.

  1. Nepotism and missappropriateion of dosh in the first family seems to worry most people i talk to, its expected though, which is really sad. Especially Given that General Zia was especially good at keeping his family away from his offices and had self control in this department.
  2. Some ministers have really let the side down (corruption, bullshiting, oncompetance).
  3. Opposition and similarly aligned media and political actors have bad mouthed desh a great deal in EU and US. its sad because all of our honour is affected this cheap tactic.

I love the system of Waqf
Hamdard Waqf in Bangladesh
Islamic Relief's Waqf Programmes

may you become stronger, deeper, wider and greater. May you countinue to translate virtue into public good on the long term.


Atunu said...


But I don't think a quote from "EVIL DEAD 2" might justify the concurrent political condition of bd... its better to leave thy alone

changebangladesh said...


you left a commnet on www.changebangladesh.blogspot.com but did not leave a way for us to reach you. Email me at info@changebangladesh.com and we will find a way for you to get involved depending on your abilities and interests.


d o t s . said...

your title reminds me of Ronan Keating

#you say it best when you say nothing at aaaaall...#

*carries on humming*

solutions for those you want to shut up in person...ear plugs! ignorance is blisssss!

Shak said...

The more people I meet, the more I realise how, well, stupid they as a collective are. The sooner you realise this fact, the less disappointed, and thus accepting of others, you'll be.