On Ed Husain's book

I hope i don't ever come to write or participate in the construction of such a publication.

He has clearly made some poor choices in his life, a good thousand or so of which can be found in the pages of the Islamist. He was 'extremist' in his behaviour as an 'Islamist' and now as an anti 'Islamist' hell bent on destroying whatever his foggy little mind conceives of as Islamism.

On reflection though, how does one progress Islamic thought and practice without going all unethical and opportunistic. This chap obviously felt the 'normal' channels were not working and something drastic needed to be done.

Publishing such an 'islamist kiss and tell' so publicly is the most brash and tabloidy behaviour. But when you have been hurt, when the community's ears seem shut with lead, when the neocon aligned are goading you to write something 'courageous', when you fancy a career break, when your publishers are guiding you....

oh well i think there is a whole load of excuses for my brother to go through before i get to my final point.

That was a low class move 'Ed'. Kaan dhore maaf chao.

To Muslims who feel islamically moved but fed up with the foolishness and baggage present in much Muslim organisation work... i suggest just getting along with what you are doing as best as you can. Show your quality and if folks like your moves they will adopt whats useful to them. That is of course if you have anything whatsoever to contribute and fancy doing the hard work. Don't punch outside of your weight category because you look like a fool and make matters worse.

on to Post Islamism now.


purple said...

I skim read the book. The blurb made me laugh 'I used to be an extremist' - had a sort of AA confession feel to it. As teenagers or generally as a young person, people do stupid things, take on stupid views and then later in life they sober up...that's like kind of generic and human nature so he lost me a bit there.

Reading it I thought not a great writer (sorry but it matters when you're writing a book!) It was more, "then this happened and then that happened, then, then...then.."

And a part of me felt it was the right time to make some cash, publicity for all things Islamic-extremists are there, just need participants.

Is his name really Ed?

Didn't like the description of the schools he gave, misleading particularly as my brothers went to the same school...Felt so close to home. I wonder if I know him...

Anonymous said...