Curious Wiki entry


Somebody somewhere is playing a broken record. As a consequence wikipedia has been graced with what i am going to call 'an imprint of Jionijom'.

My favourite part is where the lady in question (cheeky political economist) is linked to Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh.

Here goes.

She is married to a Brit (Alan Roslin), who works for a company (Tata) that tried to do business with a country (bangladesh) in a field (industry) where for a while there was a politician (Moulana Nizami, transferred from the Ministry of Agriculture because he was doing well and impressing people) who is hated by many but didn't exactly help Tata's bangladesh agenda.

It is a great acheivement of conspiratorial creativity to get; the colonial yoke, the indian capitalist interest, the helpless hapless country and the secularists favourite enemy all in a few lines.Oh... and in case you cared they have three sons.

Only on the internet.

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