[New Word] Jionijom

An ideology that tries to build itself on metaphors of race, jealousy and bloodletting. It isnt good at providing enduring fruit, causing the unfortunately afflicted group to sink in the ocean. This wouldnt be so bad if Jionijoms nature was not to drag everyone else nearby down with it while proudly celebrating itself.

Jionijom was probably not intended. It is the sum of bad situations, judgements and pronounciation.

Many people pity Jionists and try to help them, but it only makes them worse. Some cases just can't be helped in such ways.

Jionist commonsense has been coded with a few trademarks.

-Religion and politics have nothing to do with each other.
-Dissent, defame, destroy with indignance, but never resolve.
-Civil society is 'vibrant'.(Anything but donor induced social engineering)
-We are an independant state mr ambassador, how much aid money this time sir?
-The eternal reason for national creation is for secularism to flower.

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