Dude, thats just unreal.

This entry is dedicated to those 'Slims who seem bound by conscience to rebel against the Cool. For your information I AM NOT A FRESHIE.

One of the interesting things i find about habitually warbling on the web is that its pretty much not written with any particular 'field of cultural production' in mind. Or so i thought.

Okay there is the logging of real events that one walks through, some that one doesn't have any idea of and the interaction/playing/baiting with others that one wouldn't ever dream of engaging with in real life. There's also the apprehension of how nasty people are deep down inside of themselves and that the human race is probably doomed.

But on the other hand there are creating people who produce stuff, music, cartoon characters, ideas, resistance and new forms of humour. People who are real, not vying for entry into the Word of Scum (media) living, emitting signals and generally having a laugh.

But folks web 2 was crap, it ain't no vanguard for the 'modern muslim' and its definitely lost its innocence. It promotes vanity, crudeness, superficiality and the taking of positions on matters that are really stupid/pointless/distracting. And thats not just Facebook, I'm talking about myself here. If anything, we need to encourage clarity and real learning (physical books and scholars) not dissentary, blogslip, synchronous political bloghogging and the apemanship of white backslapping paradigms in contexts that just make things worse.

Brass Crescent my brown illiberal unfreely spoken arse, you wanna feel the steel of my Damascan Blade?

Leave me alone bros, do your own thing, show your love in a less naff way and please don't abuse the word 'Ijtihad'. In having done so, you Manjificate yourself.

Please step away from the computer screen and go bugger up capitalism or something. You know, that mutilating beast you may or may not suckle on during working hours.

This post is also dedicated to the inability of some 'Slims to behave with grace in the knowledge that there is any kind of 'credit' to play for. Whether its a degree, an A-level, a professional qualification, other fake and contrived social honours, 'chairmanship', ' 'human rights' bitchin', a stupid award or an election. It is enough to make me, the King, cry into my green tea and cake.

Will you stop being such a bunch of Pakis? I mean ever? is it possible to even hope for such a day to come?

Allahumma ansuril ikhwana almuslimina fi kulli makan fi kulli zaman fi kulli internet!


Shak said...

I get the sentiment, but there's nothing wrong with being graceful in the meantime. Congratulations on your nomination, bre.

Unless of course this rebellious attitude is just part of the act to get more votes... You crafty devil you.

[Goes to vote for Fug's Blog]

asikha said...

..follows shak in the queue.

asikha said...

and oh, dude, you should be on grumphy old men