Things about the election results that are interesting.

Cursory evidence from the election commission websites puts the 'None of the Above' voters at betwaan a few hundred and a few thousand for every seat where there was data. And there were a lot of seats without that data. Thus I could go for a dodgy estimate of a couple of hundred thousand throughout the whole country. Congratulations to these very special people for integrity. I want to do a spatiopolitical analysis at some stage.

The allegation of wide spread rigging from the BNP is unlikely to be believed, but the ways in which the election processes and actors have been manipulated are food for thought. If just to point it out for next time. From the behaviour of the '2nd X1' CTG, Characteristically Crafty Awaminess, Foreign Meddling, the Army kicking the crap out of Tareque, and 'on-the-day' jiggery pokery I wish I could know what was really going on.
But I wont.

The use of centralised technology for 'scientific kudos', the ID card distraction and the use of foreign observer/development tourists who know nothing of the local community for 'white power kudos' make my ears prick up.

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