The Ganj is Green, Long live the Ganj!

What better way to nip nascent ummahtic mojo in the bud than to fund all sorts of anti-intellectual, de-politicizing civil society shizzle with flirty funds designed to formalise the informal and pour concrete over the fluid?
Constellationary Muslims embedded in London’s patchwork must think about the social architecture they are building every time they invest themselves in collective works. With PVE (Preventing Violent Extremism), ethno green wash, intercultural mosaic building, bismillah financing, charity quacking and social inclusion technospeak intervening from outside, it is easy to be sucked into the charade, mime islah (reform), feel good and bleed on.
Not that our internal reproductive pistons are tuned well at present. The social structures we inherit at political, sectarian and subcultural levels need to adjust to easy recognition, communication and creolisation. Yet the stage has not been cleared. On it reside some pretty established acts: failed yet flaying political parties from the decolonising world, sectarian willy waving, imamadolatry and subcultural in-breeding chafe and blister the joints.
If you want to hear just how badly tuned the Locomotive Ummah is, push the ‘insulting publication’ button, or the Eid one. Bring up and question that places real demand on the collective social intellect. Would you like a practical example? Perhaps you’d like to witness a badly staged election production featuring: the window dressing required for the charity commission, a scandalously sheepish audience with the angel of death playing Hope?
I’m just saying this because it is important to recognise certain qualities correctly and cast a critical eye upon those things to which we award respect. This is our social DNA. When labels are misrecognised, joint movement and action become impossible. We are not independent wiberal atoms.

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