Transformative islah

It was ummatography in fallible human action. Ex-isocers with longitude, creating a space for intra-community dialogue, with Tariq Ramadan and Haytham Haddad the two discussants and the Greek tortoise trying his best to best them into clarity.

It was generally a light touch grounded sahaba massive type audience, evenly split between the genders with the boys on the hairier side. A very different crowd from the Oxford event where Tariq Ramadan was twinned with Hamza Yusuf.

Will add to this post later when I am not sitting in the dark, but it was an odd experience for me, meeting old acquaintances, remembering thought patterns that possibly predominate in the real community and generally being frustrated with where everyone is at. TR makes more sense in this situation. CRG even more so.

Was proud that these guys are community funded, good for their sustainability and iA the fulfillment of their desired goals.

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