The Quilliam Language Police

For some reason these sock puppets for secular liberal hegemonic imperialism send me their saddo press releases. A few weeks ago they let off a plea for funds. Today I get some random notice of a report that simply causes laughter. Perhaps its a the dying throw of a fish suffocating in the air, maybe its conceptual cost cutting who knows?

Basically they are telling people not to use the following terms lest they cause extremism. Its like Orwellian newspeak and thoughtcrime.
  • ‘The Islamic/Muslim World’
  • ‘Muslim countries’
  • ‘The Muslim Community’
  • ‘Islamic Law’
  • ‘Islamophobia’
Reading between the lines, this is saying,
  • You have no place in the world.
  • You have no nationhood.
  • Not even lower scales of organisation and collectivity.
  • Or body of live legal theory and practice.
  • Or cause for complaint.
Its quite an ambitious ideological stun grenade.
Oh dear, I think I just got radicalised, quite holistically.
In the meantime we await the laughter inducing antics of Dr M and Mister Moo.

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