Day 3 of WSF 2011 Dakar

More on Climate Change responses, Migrant rights, Rio +20, the integration of development and military agencies (eg. AFRICOM and USAID) commodification and social movements vs political parties.

A blossoming of book launches from hagiographies of Samir Amin to Nepali development reports on vulnerability in south asia. 

Met a Navvao uncleji with 'Fighting Terrorism since 1492' on his T shirt, who spoke movingly about Mother Earth, his community's analysis fo the white settler, what some of us would call fitra.

A surprising amount of people are using the WSF as a field work opportunity. Social Movement porn?  Did my own interview today :-), of one of the student volunteers. didnt seem to be aware that anything was wrong. bless.

Tomorrow we move to convergences. Look forward to knowing what they are and where they are exactly.


As the arrmies of the west become more integrated with unDevelopment charades,  do unDevelopment workers become military targets and hence lose the halo they hold highly above their own heads?

How will Islamic countries respond to Mother Earth approach of Bolivia? Are we simply envirornamental about these things?

Why do people say 'Science says' so much?

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