The Tale of the misInterpreted Dream

An understanding is travelling around the mystics of London's East as to the fundamental direction of arrogance and position making of the Quilliam Foundation.

Some years ago, he of Egyptian jail fame was languishing in the gaol of the erstwhile Pharaoh Mubarak when he saw himself in a dream leading the Prophets in prayer.

He managed to get news of the dream out to the intepreters, however it is unfortunate that the interpretation did not reach his ears, it was that 'Don't worry, tell your friend he will soon be freed from jail'.

He seems instead to have interpreted it himself to mean that he had been given permission to reform Islam to his liking.


Anonymous said...

One of my favourite entries here :)

Dreams should never be the basis of the reform of others. If anything, they are just a reflection upon the dreamer's state -- this is commonly known, and codified after Freud and Jung etc -- but there are always folk who forget this and project their fantasies onto other. They are the kinds who become tyrants if others buy into it, or just madmen if left to their own devices.

Bilnigma said...
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Anonymous said...

is the Quilliam Foundation built on similar dreams?

fugstar said...


that is to whom i am referring