[New Word] Epistemystique

def: Our strange ways of knowing.

The term is used to understand eachother's different acquired filters and antennae of coming to know.

Think about it in an intra-ummahtic setting, around Maulid / MiladunNabi. I want textual evidence/ I don't need it, it's a beneficial innovation/ It's an established embodied practice/ Birthdays are stupid, even for the Beloved.

Or in an encounter with a newspaper reporter, where you want to say what's going through your head, but he only wants to fit you into a cartoon.Or with dream seeing or the more experiential Sufis.

Its a mystique, because it does not declare itself and considers itself inherent a lot of the time and beyond renovation. Whether in a court of law, a combat scenario, academic peer-review or any other consensus, established wisdom and produced common senses regularly commit epistemicide in their disregard of  knowledge that they choose not to fathom

We the bearers of song should get our heads around Epistemystique, not simply as a pretentious marketing tool but for feeling and being.

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