Only Bangladeshis could demonstrate in favour of judicial murders and feign some kind of Tahrir theatre.

There are groups of 'progressive' angry and youngish Bangladeshis running around London and Dhaka demanding the executions of accused war criminals.  It is a reprise of the Nirmul Committee's controversial public mock trials of 1992, a similar set of actants.  The social guilt of these individuals is framed by the Awami League's lobotomy of history, and their legal guilt has been contrived with the help of a rather pathetic show trial.

"We want execution of the Razakars." [Source]
The lobotomy of history sees the dawn of homo bangalee on 25th March 1971 with a radio announcement and a glorious Liberation struggle against an occupying Pakistani army. This army could harm only through collaborating volunteer partners The Razakars, who are responsible for the deaths of everybody, especially intellectuals, and rapes, genocide, and crimes against humanity. Thus for the lobotomised homo bangalee, any departure from the script makes you a pariah  and increasingly an enemy of the state. War crimes tribunals to this mindset are an existential issue, and the judicial executions of the targets are the secular liberals very own honour killing. 

The running Awami League government's tribunals to try selected accused, political enemies for crimes against #Liberation1971 were always problematic: from their targets and framing, to the abduction of prosecution-turned-defence witness Shokron Ranjan Bali, to the Skype conversation leaks in December 2012.  I wrote about theme here.

Its is quite easy to politically neutralise a generation or two with false liberation warlore. This has been successful in desh to a significant degree to get worked up about. There is something here to learn for Syria, Libya, Iraq and other cases of extremely developmented national transition. 

What can be done?

On the plane of knowledge acquisition, the seculib establishment has authored most of the thought objects in the area. These are not too difficult to personally surpass if you give it some time. Never has it been easier to know better. [See:  ReclaimBangladesh]

On the plane of islah, or socio-spiritual transformation, NGOs increasingly act as an interface between us and desh, which they shouldn't. In countries like Bangladesh, NGOs are part of the problem as they sap talent, lack intellectual/financial autonomy and depoliticise problems into little manageable problems. New and old forms of political and economic solidarity must be explored as well as more dignifying, generative ways of making sense of and being the dyeshpora.

A motanarrative is a story that possesses you so much that it gives you brain damage, like jinn possession.  I for one will refuse to play along with homo bangalee's calender of misremembrance as current level of 71ster dustbin politics need to be booted of the community, just like woman-to-man dowry and The Line System.

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