Earth Day is Ecolonial Developmentia

Social and corporate media awash,
With depoliticising subcutaneous tosh,
They tell me the Earth of days just has one,
Per solar revolution, ya haqq, what clean fun!

In Zalzala, the Earthquake, we humans might learn,
The value of actions as fossil fuels burn,
See on the Day of His Judgement,  she'll speak of our deeds,
Without sponsors watching will we be on our knees?

Words make worlds and actions, contextual small,
They move in between us, burrowing through walls,
So which ones have meaning? and which ones are void,
Of gut clenching reality? which ones are just toys?

Developmentors and developmentees playing with time,
With Internships and nervous ticks they serve up moonshine,
Like "Keep Calm and Save the Earth"
That was vs in worth war 2 for what its worth.

So step away from that leaflet, that advert that graphic,
Atomic weights are what matter, make justice not traffic,
Have a go NGO, waft totemic incense,
I see who you are, I know your pair-rents.

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