Churning over the bones of the dead

Again you churn over the bones of the dead
Exploit survivor sorrows
Whilst devouring the hopes of the living.

Its an easy sell.

Another witnesses admits perjury.
On the orders of the Wicked Women herself.
His name is nanu. Or was that nunu?

Having to respond to the White Telegrapher
You wheel him out to meet the press and deny anything is amiss.
Its like one of those crappy Hindi soaps.


Just like Reshma, that miraculous 17 day survivor of the rana plaza disaster.
Wheeled out to bury the news of the May 6th massacre.

A velatrope of images from your showreel.
To seduce the casual observer
In jeans and a t shirt.


Some petrol bombs thrown at vehicles and the drivers die.
If they were american vehicles you would apologise in a showy way.
Not hide behind durura, leaderlessness and optionlessness.

When the mountains shake and the earth herself is inspired to utter what went on upon her,
Will you still be believing your delusions?

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