Shapla Chottor calling Bangladesh: The disgrace behind the Awami League's obstinacy

A telephone call from an eyewitness to government brutality in Dhaka on 6th May

This call furnishes us with a lot of information about what happened that terrible night in Dhaka, information that journalists, human rights industrialists and officials are hiding, dismissing and ridiculing. It is vivid because there is no visual to distract the listener to what the gentleman is saying.

It and much more was available from 6th May 2013 for all to see, the BBC team led by Sabir Mustafa, New Age's David Bergman and the Aljazeera people, Shamim Choudhury, Jonah Hull and now Maher Sattar. They are all careerists and we do not know how far their journalism interacts with intelligence services.

What we have seen is the failure of journalism and the rise of new forms of knowing not without their own problems. Now that the democracy party is in town, folks might peek here and there to try to understand why this illegitimate government is scared

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